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Level: Medium


Yes is allowing influx of energy.


No is denying energy permission to invade.  It is retreating within, without communication.  Though often one has to say 'no', the principle is actually no response, neutrality.


"'No' is the saddest experience you'll ever know,

Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know."

One (1968) song by Harry Nilsson,

Written by Harry Nilsson


Every action, an interaction with external (especially focused when it's an interaction with Society), must have both yes & no components and a fine balance between them.


Be aware of the words you say, of the tone of your voice, of your body language, of your reaction speed relative to the norm and to theirs.  Say yes & no with it all.


You use 'this' and 'that' to point out your yes & no handshaking.  Also to point out external's yes & no communication because they also, however subconscious it is, need to define their limits.


Don't give people exactly what they want, because it's too much of a yes, not enough handshaking is involved.  Although don't portray yourself in a bad light, like by under tipping.  "Are you going to the shops?" "I'm leaving now. Do you want something?" Not "Yes."  "Have you got any eyeliner with you?" "Blue."  Not "Yep."  "Can I borrow this album?" "Give me a blank CD and I'll do a copy for you." Not "No, I've just bought it."


Stick to your word.  If you say "yes" or "no" then mean what you say.  Even if you only say it to yourself in your head.  If you decide against something then don't do it.  In this way energy learns to trust you.  It's difficult because Attack likes to break you, make you change your mind, and also to rock you between different possibilities to erode confidence in your decisions.  Yet time will tell, don't let the Attack phase you.  Beware, you must stay reactive, open to the situation changing, and not foolishly try to keep your word under different circumstances.


"Well, do you think you can pry yourself away and join me for a swim?  I know it's late being 10 o'clock and all but we are reasonably young."

"Well, I guess your proposal was only mildly insulting, so maybe I'll consider it...  Give me a minute."

Cruel Intentions (1999) movie,

Written by Roger Kumble