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Work is fun.  Working for oneself can be very rewarding.


Creating a painting, writing song lyrics, building a table, washing your clothes, making bread dough, writing a story, etc..


Be aware of your progress via the work you've done recently.  Be aware of the troubles experienced along the way and all the effort needed to make your achievements.  You had to put the work in to achieve the results; it's earned.


That which you work for is more valuable to you than that which is available more freely because you have more invested in it.  Of course if something proves too unnecessarily difficult then it breaks the enjoyable work for a fun reward process.  Taking from both the work and any success.


We all have a little genius in us.  As they say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Put in the work to see your genius manifest.


When working you can often use the positive energy from working on one thing to slingshot into working on another.  Thereby getting a good start; often a difficult Attack to cut through.




Workaholism is tempting yet to be avoided.  Enjoy a good session of R'n'R every day.


"Feed your head."

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane (1967) song,

Written by Grace Slick


If you've been working on your business then playing by yourself makes a nice change.  Play with words; do an anagram, draw a picture, write a poem, listen and dance to your own music, sculpt, design your dream house and more...  Playing with your group is also very important.  Talking; telling stories, sharing your recent experiences and older memories, massaging, being sexual, playing Pictionary or Boggle, etc., making music together, jamming.


Avoid Multimedia Religion as much as possible.  Though re-watching a classic movie can be useful and enjoyable.