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"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955),

Deutsch (German)-American, Nobel laureate, physicist


We have a strong belief in science.


To paraphrase the Scarface (1983) movie (written by Oliver Stone) 'we want what's coming to us; the world and everything in it.'



We use the SI units (Système Internationale d'Unités or the International System of Units) which are:

• seconds (s) for time

• grams (g) for mass

• meters (m) for distance

• kelvins (K) for temperature

• amperes (amp) for electrical current

• moles (mol) for an amount of

  substance molecules

• candelas (cd) for light


Energy As Matter

Look at Einstein's famous equation:


e is energy

m is mass (like weight)

c is the speed of light (in a vacuum)

Energy is mass times the speed of light squared.  c, the speed of light, is constant.  This means that energy is directly proportional to mass.  Mass is energy.  All matter is simply energy.


"Concerning matter, we have all been wrong.  What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955),

Deutsch (German)-American, Nobel laureate, physicist[64]


Homo Sapiens (Humans)


Science tells us that we're ultra-evolved, highly intelligent, super apes, the result of 3½ billion years of evolution on our home planet Gaia (Earth).  It formed 4½ billion years ago.  It's a living, rock based, ecosystem biosphere.  Upon its surface of rock and water basic molecules formed.  An electrical storm provided the energy for this primordial ooze to form into complex molecules; amino acids.  From these amino acids basic amoeba lifeforms mutated into existence.  This start of life on our planet started around 3½ billion years ago.  All life now in existence on Gaia is a direct, mutated descendant of this.  Including you.  So in effect you, your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, the firmware code that made everything that you started as, plus everything you've added to it), is 3½ billion years old.  We can dig it!

We're capable of complex, creative thought, complex, creative communication and complex, creative tool making and usage.


We're around breakfast time in the Digital Age, the Information Age and the Space Age.



Phytoscience is the science of making things from plants.  Like soaps, detergents and plastics.  It's possible to replace out all the unnatural chemicals, and enzymes, in your cleansing & cosmetics, your clothes washing and your dish washing.


Age and Time

We count age from conception not from birth as Society does.  So you can add ¾ of a year to your age (+ 3½ billion years).


Time can be rounded like any other number.  10:30 is 11:00 to the nearest hour.  21 years and 6 months is nearer 22 than 21.  We decimalize time and synchronize with global computing time.  This counts the seconds (or rather milliseconds) since the start of 1970.  Leave behind the old focus on the numbers 12 and 60.  Stop using their archaic time system of minutes, hours, weeks and months.  They're not based on scientific time (which is only counted in seconds) nor natural, Gaian time like days, moons and years are.  They're simply weird, old, Societal habits.  Six hours is a quarter day, 27.3 days a moon, three months near enough a quarter year, an hour is 3.6ks (kiloseconds or thousand seconds), etc..


Time travel may eventually be possible but you can't erase the now.  Even if the past be forgotten it doesn't erase it from having happened.  Even if no proof outside of oneself remains for events that happened they still did.



We believe in evolution.  That the orangey-pink (Caucasian) man evolved from the brown (Negro) man.  Which evolved from the lower ape.  Which evolved from the amphibian.  Which evolved from the fish and before...  While Negroid fast-twitch muscle concentration was evolving out more calmer and civilized traits were naturally evolving in.




Numbers are raw.  Not Western scripted, not decimal, not binary, not hexadecimal.  Visualize the amount like dots on a domino or 3D.



We love scientific discovery especially when used for our good.  New discoveries are just that, discoveries, and not creations or inventions.  Anyone (on any planet) could just as easily discover them.  They are practical solutions to problems and not art.


Death and Longevity

We don't believe in death.  Only in higher levels of torture.  For if reality ended Attack would lose its tormentee; you.  Attack requires reality to exist.  It'd lose its purpose, its game would stop, its existence would be nullified.  We see death as nonexistent because of Attack being an integral part of reality.  This is a valid view.  As such it means that we could've created Attack to convince us of the delusion of invincibility.  See chapter Suicide for more on death.


We have faith that Society shall discover functional longevity science within our lifetime.  Google management, the late Tim Leary and many powerful C21 people are also into this.  In 2018 Elysium was selling their Basis longevity pill which worked at a cellular level to reverse aging.  These days accepting that you'll eventually die is unnecessary.  Just say no to Attack predicting your imminent doom.  So whatever our age we're all in our infancy of an infinite future.  Removing our prime limit changes the possibilities of one's planning.  Gone is the attack of rushing.  We can afford to have much greater patience.  If we're wrong we'll have plans we'll never get to finish.  If we're right we're prepared and if we hadn't we be at a loss.  Dr. Timothy Leary (1920-1996) last century talked of Society progressing SMI2LE, space migration, intelligence increase and life extension.



By the mid-2010s there had already been human cases of superbug infections that didn't respond to any of the current antibiotics.  They were totally antibiotic resistant.  People were dying from traditionally curable infections like tuberculosis (TB) and sepsis.  If this Attack isn't resolved people in the know say it'll become more of a threat than cancer.  In 2016 superbug infections were killing more than 23,000 Americans each year.


"If we do nothing about this [superbug rise] is potentially the end of modern medicine as we know it."

UK Prime Minister Cameron (1966-),

At the G7 Summit 2016


Electricity and Pollution

Nuclear power is very safe when done properly.  Power stations should be placed nowhere near fault lines vulnerable to earthquakes nor shore lines vulnerable to tsunamis.


Solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and wind power installations are excellent supplemental electricity generators and are ecologically safe.


Coal power plants release an extremely high amount of pollution into the atmosphere.  These should be phased out as soon as possible.


Electric cars are thankfully becoming very powerful alternatives to the traditional ones with petrochemical engines.  Although with the developing world's demand for cars increasing and electric car technology currently being outside of their economic reach there's still far to go with stopping this Societal dependence on fossil fuels the atmospheric polluter.  Self-drive cars are soon-ish to become the First World norm, being the nominated driver for drinkers and reducing car accidents everywhere they're used.  Flying cars able to carry ½ton are due by 2020.[65]


Petrochemically powered freight tankers generate much of the atmospheric pollution.


Stem Cells

We're against stem cell research as this requires the utilization of human embryos.  Tiny human lifeforms (unborn babies) each with a soul yet without a voice.  A natural physical process has started that could mean, in the right environment, that they end up being capable of reading these very words just like you.  And taken out of a nurturing environment would naturally perish just like you.  There's the argument that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few but that's easily trumped by the fact that method always matters.  We'd be for scientific study utilizing stem cells if they could be gotten from another source such as discarded placentæ.


Computers and the Internet

Use computers, digital processing machines, to make your life easier.  Not just more socially active.  The possibilities are endless.  A typed diary, an audio journal, a video diary, a spreadsheet for your budgeting, a word processed letter of complaint, a log of your food & calorie intake for your diet, a sketch of a view, a piece of music.  Often these days these sorts of tasks are handled by apps.  Automated and easy-use.  But they don't have to be.  A virtual Dictaphone, a text editor, a word processor can be used manually.


The big issue with the digital age is that nature is too easily forgotten and stepped over in favor of quicker results.  A digital drum machine app is easy and quick to download (yet trickier to code the app) but a drum is more difficult to buy, it takes far longer to be delivered and it requires care and storage space.  Yet it's the physical drum that has the full, true, beautiful sound.  Every natural frequency still contained within its sound; zero loss, zero generalization, as a digital drum must have (within a digital system).  The digital is restricted to a frequency range, even with excellent speakers, say to 20-48,000Hz.  The digital is restricted to, at best, 224 (24 bit, 17 million) levels of digital sound reproduction whereas the acoustic production is far more unlimited.  The digital sound is ultra-processed.  It's gone through ADC (analog to digital conversion) and DAC, or human limited synthesis, multiple levels of software &/ firmware processing, circuit board tracks, wires, plugs and sockets, cables, amplification, more cables and finally to classic, conical, plastic & paper & rubber speakers usually at a fixed location in your environment.  The acoustic drum just makes its sound.  It requires minimal talent to use a quantized sequencer or tracker to make digital drumming.  It requires a learned skill with rhythm to make a physical drum make a nice drum sound and entrancing pattern.


Society is changing.  Lifestyles are changing.  Wikipedia is both good & bad.  Amateur educators, on Wikipedia, have flourished with a donationware model while a professional encyclopædia, Microsoft's Encarta, died out because their audience had moved to the free Wikipedia.  Almost all of Wikipedia is accurate yet there's the possibility of inaccuracy and especially bias which is a new, atrocious vibe and (basically) doesn't exist with professional encyclopædias.


The internet, or net for short, is a global system of connecting computers over large distances.  Each internet connected device is given a unique (Internet Protocol or IP) address, often only temporarily, which enables it to communicate with other internet connected computing devices.  The Domain Name System (DNS) uses a directory to automatically redirect domains, like or, to their IP address.  This lets people only need to remember and type in, for example, rather than, which is far easier.  Having an IP address means that one's country can be easily detected and internet access can be traced back to a physical location, for instance for law enforcement purposes.  The Worldwide Web, or web for short, released in the early '90s, is the community of hypertext linked multimedia documents, generally congregated into websites, available on the net.  Devices are considered online when connected to the net.  People are considered online when they have access to the web.


By 2016 almost half the world's population was online.  4-in-5 in the First World, 2-in-5 in the Second World and less than 15% in the Third World.[66]



Worldwide, scientists are creating chimeras of human & animal hybrids.  In 2012 the UK carried out scientific experiments on more genetically modified (GM) animals than on natural DNA animals.


Outer Space and Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences (ETIs)

"I told all the stars above,

I'm gonna shower you with my love,

I won't demand you,

I'll try to understand you,

My love is as free as a dove."

Sharp Cutting wings (Song To A Poet) (1980) song by Lucinda Williams,

Written by Lucinda Williams


We believe space migration is going to be achievable in our prolonged lifetime.  There are 40 billion M-class (similar to Gaia) planets are in our Milky Way galaxy alone.[67]  That's five for each human alive today =).  There's always the chance that humans get help from a more advanced civilization from outer space.  As much as wormholes appear to be an understandable dream any help could involve space travel science.  This interstellar travel would be necessary for free-roaming planetary migration rather than biodome living.


If an extra-terrestrial species (extra-terrestrial intelligences or ETIs) should develop or acquire the means for interplanetary, interstellar or intergalactic space travel then they must be a very advanced species in terms of Gaia's history.  This would allow them a non-dominator nature that means that they would be neutral or peaceful to Gaia.


A realization that a peaceful co-existence, a non-dominator attitude, is the sole way to a peaceful environment for all is the inevitable outcome of any civilization.


Any view to the contrary shows the alienation and paranoia of the individual as in the case of the afflicted, disempowered physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking (1942-2018).  However if forced to choose, you're better off with Gaians (Earthlings).  As separate as you may ever get from Society you'll always be a member, implicitly.  Although an omniversal citizen you're foremost an Gaian.  If you've to choose sides realize 'better the devil you know'.


"[ETIs] are likely to include civilizations that are the equivalent of hundreds or thousands of years more advanced than human Society."

NASA ETI panelist Dr. Carl Sagan (1934-1996)


The Fermi Paradox, that ETI contact should've been made by now, is easy to explain.  Interacting with Society, as primitive as it is, is an unwanted experience.  Space faring ETIs are intelligent lifeforms of a different magnitude to Society.  Star Trek's Prime Directive is that species without an advanced level of technology, faster-than-light travel, are to be left alone to develop at their own pace without contact being made.  It's understandable that contact hasn't been made.


SETI@home[68] is the grid computing SETI project based at UC Berkeley.  It searches radio telescope data for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the omniverse.  Anyone can freely join in and donate some spare computer processing cycles.  There are other BOINC[69] projects you can help like the hi-res mapping of our shared Milky Way galaxy and the curing of disease.


Envisioning this ETI existence daily is an extremely important inspiration.  For every aspect of our lives and our Society.  It is hope.  It could be our future.  How do you want yours to be?  Our multimedia religion sci-fi includes utopias without money, death, illness and more wonders.  There are civilizations which consist of pure logic lifeforms, created artificial intelligences.  There are civilizations which comprise both naturally evolved, biological lifeforms plus AIs, as Gaian Society is starting to be.


Industrial (Technological) Revolutions


The first industrial revolution was steam powered machines.

The second was mass production.

The third was information technology, computers, the Digital Age.

The fourth is now, with AI & advanced robotics.


"[This fourth industrial revolution] will bring ever faster cycles of innovation, posing huge challenges to companies, workers, governments and societies alike."

Reuters news, 2016