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Tranquillus is peace.

Being at peace, calm, tranquil, one can hear oneselves clearer and be less attacked from external.

Be stable by yourselves, self-contained.  Focus on your meditative awareness.

Be at as low an energy level as possible.

Be aware of Attacks from sounds, smells, your possessions, your environment, your mindset, your group and more.

You can't be aggressive.  A peaceful attitude is a necessity.  To be at peace one's vibe must be of peace.  We exist in synchronicity.  Bear no ill will towards Society.  Some say you get back what you give out times three.

There must be a valid reason for any action.  Vengeance is generally pointless.  One has no reason to act in retrospect.  If attacking removes an aggressor that may harm one in the future then it's worthwhile but to attack for historic reasons alone is pointless and against your survival.

Being generally peaceful is different from being a pacifist.

Can you imagine doing nothing for an hour?  Where would your mind go?  How about for a whole day?  A week, a month, a year?  It's said that the bored are the boring.  You'd retreat inwards.  You'd retreat to yourselves and to your memories.  How better to find yourselves and understand your life to date?

To quote from Scorsese's (Ext) Kundun (Ext) movie written by Melissa Mathison (Ext) (who also wrote E.T. (Ext) and was once married to Harrison Ford (Ext)) about the Dalai Lama (Ext) of Tibetan Buddhism, "First one understands that he causes most of his own suffering needlessly.  Second he looks for the reasons for this in his own life.  To look is to have confidence in one's own ability to end the suffering.  Finally a wish arises to find a path to peace.  For all beings desire happiness.  All wish to find their purer selves."

It's possible to get above language.  A mental space where you don't need your mental chatter, without words sounded out in your head.  Words have an immense power that's difficult to appreciate until one can be without them.  As mentioned elsewhere in this book, psychedelic plants can help with a brief enlightenment in this area.

"Well there's so many sinking,
Now you gotta keep thinking,
You can make it through,
These waves."