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Nicotiana tabacum is the plant which provides its tobacco leaves for smoking.  It contains nicotine which is an addictive, stimulant drug.


The first leading preventable cause of death in America is tobacco.  The second is poor diet and physical inactivity (see chapters Eating & Drinking, Vegan Diet and Exercise).  The third is alcohol (see chapter Alcohol).[92]


Don't smoke.  It kills you.  It blocks your lungs from getting nature's beautiful, freshly polluted air in them.  Smoking is a form of self-harm.  You know that it's bad for you.


Ask anybody who's quit and they'll tell you they made the right decision.


You'll be hindering yourself from becoming fit if you smoke, it's that simple.  Smoking includes the inhalation of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, like carbon monoxide and the chemicals Big Tobacco add to their Cancer Sticks to keep them alight let alone the tobacco itself.  It gives you a cough.  It's such a weak buzz and it's so easy to quit compared with other meds.  You're extremely hurting yourself for a pitiful high.  Get a grip!


Smoking costs a lot.  Count it up over a week.  Then times that by 52 weeks in every year.  Notice how cigarette filters are skin colored to blend in with your hand.  These Big Tobacco barons are getting very wealthy off of your weak will.  You can stop giving away your cash together with your health.  You can quit smoking with just a bit of will power and a small change in lifestyle.  Try it and see how much better you feel.


Smoking makes your fingers and teeth yellow and it makes you, your clothes and your environment smell.  Try chewing sugar-free gum instead.  You could even try nicotine gum and continue to get the (tiny) smoking high.


If you smoke change your life by quitting.  If you can't quit then at least move over to e-cigs.


Smoking kills an estimated six million (6,000,000) people each year while the tobacco industry was estimated to be worth around $0.8 trillion in 2016.[93]