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Free yourself from strict adherence to any schedule by leaving your wristwatch at home in a drawer.  Don't wear a wristwatch.


Wristwatches are intimately bound to the wearer.  The never ending, repetitive cycle of the 60s and 12s of ancient Society.


Wear it out when needed for instance on the occasional traveling day with planes to catch.


The pocket watch in your cellphone is enough for when you really need to know the time.


Generally everyone, everywhere on the planet arranges their lives via the same clock.  They do things like wake up, start work, go to lunch and start watching TV at exactly the same times as everyone else; on the hour and half hour.  Give yourself some distantia (distance) to this by offsetting your schedule by a few minutes.  Let Society rush then do your thing say 3~5 minutes later.  Set your alarm for 06:03 for instance.


Leave Society's timekeeping and calendar behind.  Keep seconds as it's the scientific unit of time.  Leave, as much as possible, their minutes and hours, using kiloseconds (~17 minutes) and fractions of days instead.  Leave their seven named days; their weeks with their weekends.  Each day is new and progressed, not just a repeat of what happened seven days ago, nor eight nor nine.  Use moons and fractional years to measure time instead of their 12 months.  Leave their named holidays.  Surely you can celebrate having warmth in a cold winter but not their Christian, ritual Christmas.  Leave their arbitrary choice of the year's end & restart days and don't celebrate their New Year's Eve with them.  Anyone with high school Latin or chemistry can see the 'ninth' month September is based on 'sept' or seven.  October, 'oct' or eight, follows then November, 'no' or nine, then December, 'dec' or ten.  These are two months out of count.  This is an example of the strange history that goes into the Society we see around us every day.


Celebrate your conception day, when your life started, not your birthday and proudly add nine months to your age.


Consider setting your phone's clock to Zulu (+0) time.  Use a world clock widget to see your local time and a selection of the current times around our shared planet.  This gives you a global view.


It's all about the now.  There can never be a more important time than the moment.  For if you don't survive it you have no future.