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NB  This chapter contains some views that are different to the status quo and which some may claim to find offensive.  Our aim is to educate and give the reader food for thought.  Peace.


"Life is our cause."

All I Want (1971) song by Joni Mitchell,

Written by Joni Mitchell


Society is a synchronistic energy matrix laden with Attack (evil).


We capitalize the word Society because the society on our planet is only one example of a human (Homo sapiens, super ape) society.  Modern Society acts as one.  Even the rogue nation of 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 (DPRK or North Korea) has basically the same moral and social day-to-day system.


There is no greater blindness than for those that don't want to see.  As it's so much easier to follow than to lead, even to solely lead oneself, then there's no necessity to look, only to take the hand of one's local Society and blindly follow.


Group behavior rules the world.


It's a ghost world.  Environmental energy (including heap of Attack) rules.  It dictates peoples thoughts, their communication, their actions.  It provides a solid base but it's very reluctant to change.  It's historic when often what's required or at least desired is novelty.  Possibly the most idiotic and dangerous, anti-evolutionary phrase is "we've always done it this way."


"Hell is other people." Français (French) existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) couldn't have been more right.  Even if he's been taken out of context.  There is no other 'Hell' than Society.  Everything else is natural.  Nature is deadly harsh but it's never cruel.  It never tortures.  The worst possible situation is deep within Society, never able to escape to your own privacy.  Like dormitories and Societal noise; nothing hurts more, mobile prison cells barely bigger than coffins, slavery and their chains of bondage.


Animals form groups for protection, strength in numbers.


"Out here simple survival is the main occupation.  So first thing you join others, form a group.  The group is your shelter, your strength."

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) movie,

Written by Du Lu Wang, Hui-Ling Wang, James Schamus and Kuo Jung Tsai


People are part nature, DNA, and part nurture, experience.  People's base personality, the way in which they interact with others, is predominantly defined by their childhood parental relationships.  Of course people can, especially with the aid of psychotherapy, learn to change themselves.  We can analyze our history, understand our history, in doing so understand ourselves in the present, gain some closure and move on.  We don't have to be slaves to our history, but denying and repressing it isn't the way to realizing this goal.


You could let external (Society) control you because it wants to or you can deny it that right.


You have the legal ability to change your local Society.  You can move to another country.  You can change your nationality.  Be governed by new laws, new Social morality.  You can stick with the country nearest to you and try and change things.  Get into politics, into government or political lobbying.  You can change something, maybe.  But how many things do you think you're going to be allowed to change and by how much?  You have another choice.  Which is to separate yourself from mainstream Society.  Rebel; drop out.  Leave them to their thing and be separate.  How are you going to be able to afford it?  See chapter Circle Game.  Affording things is relative.  Yet some income helps immeasurably.  You'll need to play, at least sometimes, the entrepreneur.  You could sell some of your homegrown harvest.  You could self-publish a book about something you know about or something you can dream about.  It's important, think about it for a while then for a while more then more later.  After all that you'll still need to actually do it.  But it all beats being Society's slave.  Five days a week, almost every week, every month, every year, every decade for all of your prime of life.  It beats subjugating yourself to their System, to a boss with a boss with a boss and so on.  Doing what you're told.  At best being your own boss supporting a corrupt and corrupting, immoral, collapsing Society.  Do you agree with all their laws?  Do you feel empowered to change even one you disagree with?  Ever broken any, ever?  Broken a speed limit?  Tried a toke of cannabis?  Thieved candy as a kid?  Do you feel you should be punished?  Would that help you?  Your views could stay your views while what changes is simply your interaction with Society.  Would that help them?  Maybe.  Maybe you were caught and punished.  Maybe this helped them subjugate you further.  Brainwashing is far more effective with force and violence used to reinforce it.


Human Society is way, way off track.  That's not to say it isn't progressing some very positive aspects.  Of course it is.  The Digital / Information Age, the Space Age, biotech, the fourth industrial revolution and more.  Society is getting more skilled at harnessing computers, digital processing machines.  It's advancing the science of robotics, artificial intelligence, driverless cars and far more.  But it's lost in the woods when it chooses unnatural solutions and habits over traditional, natural ones (especially when the natural shall suffice).  For decades chemicals have invaded all levels of the food chain.  Now agritech is poisoning the planet with carcinogenic Roundup Ready (RR) genetically modified organism (GMO) technology and then some.  Genetically modified plants and even animals now exist in the wild on our planet and are naturally, obviously creeping their way into the food chain and subsequently into human bodies.  Manufactured plastic microbeads are in human bodies having crept in from the cosmetics industry.  Worn down plastic as microbeads is in the fish eaten as food then becoming part of human bodies.  People shampoo their natural oils from their hair only to replace them with ones from bottles.  Multimedia religion (see chapter Multimedia Religion) is heavily depended upon to great detriment.  Most people don't make music anymore, they rarely tell stories and choose to inertly sit and watch TV or play virtuality war games with their group over cooperative, non-violent, positive playing with each other.  A rerun of Seinfeld or a Pokémon Go session trumps partners lovingly massaging each other or talking F2F intimately, maybe naked, smelling, tasting and touching each other.  A (sinful) greed leads Big Tobacco to sell carcinogenic cigarettes to a weak populace.  Alcohol likewise.


Society is indisputably an ultra-dominant hierarchy which enslaves the populace for the benefit of the wealthy few.  See chapter Financial Iniquity.  To do so it must be anti-education, anti-advancement.  It's not long since popular slavery ended and is still practiced even in First World prisons and Third World sweatshops today.  See chapter No Slavery.  It uses brainwashing to perpetuate its practices.  It instills a deep seated pædofication with the populace the dependent, incapable children and itself the dominant adult.  It teaches that one must be dependent on Society for food rather than how to grow a subsistence farm home which would provide food for ever for freeSee chapter Farming.  It teaches to require Society for housing, monthly leeching of extortionate rents from gullible tenants, rather than how to build a free(-ish) home for lifeSee chapter Free Land.  Human Society is way, way off track.


Human Society is also ultra-unevolved.  Domination and aggression are pandemic and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.  Submissive adherence to traditional religion pushes against modern scientific advances (like the science of evolution).  Travel outside of First World megopoli and you'll see it all around you.  It's easy to label backward societies in terms of human history, like modern day ناریا (Iran) could be '7th century'.  The problem is 21st century Society is also ages away from world peace, from ending hunger, ending domestic violence or even the interest in the sport of boxing.  Human Society is also ultra-unevolved.


"I couldn't spend my life with someone who played football, it's pretty much that simple.  I mean I don't hate the game.  I admire that amount of skill it involves and like everyone else I was in awe of the way he played it but football in many ways is the opposite of [the physical therapy work] I do.  You're rewarded the more you punish your opponent.  It's too much about violence and I don't want violence in my life.  It's not a thing many people can understand but..."

Audrey Dunn,

Unbreakable (2000) movie,

Written by M. Night Shyamalan


"It's really OK that after almost every play somebody requires medical attention?"

C. J. Cregg,

White House Press Secretary,

The West Wing (1999-2006) TV show,

Season 4, Episode 4, "The Red Mass",

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin, Story by Eli Attie


First you need to realize that you're different.  Different from the herd.  Of a different group.  You, your selves & you.  Then anyone else who can reach the same conclusion.  Next start to gradually distance yourself from the main Societal group/s.  See chapters Distantia (Distance) and Internus (Internalization) for more info.  Consider coming to live & learn with us at the Church of Terra Sanctuaria (see appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria: Meditation Retreat Commune).  Wherever you find your distantia, keep it sacred.  Grow it as your facultas (power) of funds grows.  Increase your distance while keeping your internalization and novelty.  Set your goal to have reached the fair distance of your new countryside ranch.  This should cost less than a few tens of thousands of dollars; affordable eventually if you put your mind to it, in other words.  Experience life as it was always meant to be; an everlasting, true pleasure.  More and more, gradually.  Enjoy...


Leaving Society's language, their habits, their belief system takes years of dedicated practice.  You must leave it behind if you are to find your own inner selves.


Almost all Societal interaction can be classified as game playing.  A 'game' is a behavioral sequence defined by it's nine characteristics:

• Roles,

• Rules,

• Rituals,

• Goals,

• Strategies,

• Values,

• Language,

• Characteristic space-time locations,

• Characteristic patterns of movement.

There are only a few types of social experience which are non-game; spontaneous play, physiological reflexes and transcendent enlightenment.[10]


It's so easy not to piss anyone off, especially if you ignore them all and are out of sight.  It's living with yourself knowing that you're not helping, teaching, that's difficult.


Helping others is worthwhile and honorable, of course, but is it the most you can do?  Why just help when you can teach others to help?  Or teach others to teach others to help?


We believe everyone has an implicit Societal responsibility.  We are all one peoples.  However small a sect one considers oneself to be a member of.  We're all trapped here, for the now, on our little homeworld.  We're all near one of the couple of hundred main Societal groups; countries.  Each country is governed by laws.  No country is perfect.  Meaning that they all could be improved.  They all interact, at varying levels.  It's a symbiotic, chaotic mesh.  Like the infamous butterfly, of Chaos Theory's Butterfly Effect, that flaps its wings in Venezuela starting a chain reaction which escalates to a hurricane hitting Texas.  All global Societies depend on each other, at varying levels.  To strive to do good in your own Society is to strive to make our shared planet a better place for us all.  We all need people to burst through the delusion that they're powerless and start to empower themselves.  We need people to seek Social and moral justice.  We don't mean modern Marxist SJWs, we mean traditional justice within Society.  We need people to stand up for their rights.  We need people to change immoral, outdated laws, to develop new economic theories and practicalities, and in chemistry, physics, computing, biotech, agritech, philosophy, psychology, the arts and more.


Everyone knows it always boils down to a single person.  It took only a single leader to make the final decision to nuke 日本 (Nippon or Japan) in WWII.  It took only every single pilot to ensure the bombs made the journey.  It took only a single soldier to drop each bomb.  It had taken only a single psychopath to start the war.  One person with the strength to rally others.


To have the awareness of one's own strength (which we all have) is to remind oneself of this implicit responsibility.  To empower one to use their strength to act out their responsibility.  No one can truly deny their strength.  Nor their responsibility.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead (1901-1978),

American anthropologist


Changing the world for the better is a righteous task.  It can take decades to even work out how to start going about it.  Changing the world starts by changing yourself.  To do that you need to separate from Society to find yourself, to see Society from without so as not to be taken in by their Emperor's New Clothes self-delusions.


You must learn to be aware of and accept that Society contains its Attacks.  Remember that everyone is Attacked, you're not alone.  But that they're so brainwashed and unaware that they probably don't realize most of it.


Be extremely wary of your parents.  Attack uses them to pass their Attacks hereditarily on to you.  They think they're almighty.  They think they made you.  This is their claim on your existence; that you owe everything, everything, everything to them.  You know better than this Attack delusion.  You make yourself.  You've always made yourself.  You use &/ used them to help you deal with Society's Attacks.  You create your reality and always have done.  You created them.  You may owe them care if they care or cared for you.  If all they did was house and feed you then this shows only as much care as one freely gives to a pet.  You've already provided company for them, security in numbers, an emergency contact, etc..  You probably owe them funds because they probably funded you.  This debt is balanced, as everything, with historic experience.  If they mentally, physically or sexually abused you then reparations for this can be viewed financially, taking from your debt.  They agreed to house you but it wasn't necessary.  You would have survived in a government organized foster home or adopted.  They agreed to feed you on pain of legal repercussion.  This financial debt is of a definite amount.  It can be calculated and it can be repaid.


You're not a child of your own group, your family, you're a child of Society.  Society protects you as it should but it also forces its education upon you.  It brainwashes you into working for it to keep the class hierarchy existing to keep the wealthy in their wealth.  See chapter Financial Iniquity.


Society finds it preferable and easier to fit people into stereotypical pigeonholes.  It labels them.  They then stop being a chaotic unknown and can be predicted.  It stops them having to look at them and instead they see only their image of them.  This is an ultra-narrow minded and blinkered view which denies the subject individuality and severely impedes their right to change, to growth.  Whether the label be lazy, immoral, criminal, insane, fat, stupid or any of the multitude of other possibilities available.


By asking of external you empower external.  Don't over empower external.  Don't give Attack the opportunity to hit you.  Not one time more than you absolutely need.  Don't give it the opportunity to turn you down for a loan, for a date, for a positive HIV test result, etc..  You'd be willingly opening yourself up to Attack.  You can stop it.  Don't give it the power.  Like for Freddy from the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, disempower external by turning your back on it, ignoring it.  The 易經 (Yi Jing) teaches only that upon which you consciously focus your energies shall continue to exist with you in your reality.  It may seem difficult to make the world disappear by closing your eyes but it's possible; you do it every nightIt's a control of your beliefs.  Build up your powers in this regard gradually.  Don't expect to have ultimate control immediately.


Most people are so insecure, obediently slothful and small minded that they choose to simply uptake Societal beliefs without any challenge to their validity or morality.


Don't subjugate yourself to a loveless marriage or serial-monogamous string of marriages just to acquire shelter and security.  Don't confuse willed love with current attachment.


Start your own society.  We say that you have the right to create your own free state, make your own laws, on your own land and import and create your own citizenry.  However it's almost definitely best if your laws don't contravene the laws of the surrounding state.


The Gaian (Earth) human population in 2016 was 7⅓ billion people.

19% lived in 中国 (Zhonghua or China)

on 9.6M sq km

17% lived in भारत (Bharat or India)

on 3.2M sq km

4.5% lived in the USA on 9.6M sq km

3.5% lived in Indonesia on 1.9M sq km

2.8% lived in Brasil (Brazil) on 8.5M sq km

2.8% lived in ناتسکاپ (Pakistan)

on 0.9M sq km

2.5% lived in Nigeria on 0.9M sq km

2.3% lived in বাংলাদেশ (Banladesa or

Bangladesh) on 0.1½M sq km

1.9% lived in Россия (Rossia or Russia)

on 17.1M sq km

1.7% lived in 日本 (Nippon or Japan)

on 0.4M sq km


Gaia's (Earth's) and especially Society's resources are being stretched by this large a human population.  The following three quotes are not necessarily views that we share.  They're included to show Social attitudes.


"The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident."

David Rockefeller (1915-),

American banker and philanthropist


"A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."

Ted Turner (1938-),

Founder of CNN,

American broadcasting entrepreneur and sportsperson,


"The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control.  The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births."

John P. Holdren,

Senior Science Advisor

to President Obama


It's your right to choose your society.  To mix with those you choose to and not others.  Those of your own race, ethnicity, religion, culture and creed, who look like you, speak like you, have DNA like you, or in other words are like you.  This isn't easy at school especially public school nor at most jobs (during the working ~40 of the 168-hour week) but it is possible.


Megopoli are home to all races, all ethnicities, all religions, all cultures and all creeds.  If other peoples are respected by Society then that's still irrelevant to you.  If they aren't your peoples then you don't need to pretend that they are just because you're forced to be close to them.  You don't even need to respect them, although it's almost definitely best not to share your negative opinions with their subject.


There's nothing inherently wrong with other cultures.  All cultures have wisdom that one can learn from.  They're different.  Difference is natural.  We value other cultures.  One can learn and benefit from other cultures without wanting to integrate.


The vibe of each country is very different and unique.


As much as possible avoid interaction with lower class people.  They're generally far less intelligent, far more closed minded, far more obedient to the status quo and far more aggressive and violent.  As they are on what is around the lowest rung of the social ladder they naturally harbor resentment, aggression and sometimes hatred toward the middle and upper classes.  Keep your interactions with them ordered, simple, short, polite and tip them like ≥10%.


So many people are treated as imperfect by Society.  Minorities of all kinds, the weak, the disabled, the sick, the poor, the less intelligent.


All lives matter.  Blue, green, Afro-American, Northern-Euro-American, Southern-Euro-American, Muslim, Pусский (Russkiy or Russian), 中文(Zhongwen or Chinese), enemy, criminal, terrorist, revolutionary and everyone else, ever allowing for self-defense.  Also every animal, ever allowing for self-protection like swatting a mosquito.  Also every plant, ever allowing for self-preservation killing only what is a necessary food and materials supply.  All life matters.


Children are raised by Society yet barely get any voice at all in government.


It's common practice within Society to place the masculine on the right and the feminine on the left.


The NCIS (2003-) TV show about navy cops in season 1 and 2 directly link belief in a conspiracy theory to mental illness.  The season 2 episode called 'Conspiracy Theory' is set in a mental hospital.  It stems from an adamantly fascist mindset which labels any belief in anything outside the gen pop mainstream as insane.  The show isn't always this openly bigoted yet sometimes this shows through.  It's also been disparaging of Spontaneous Human Combustion, crop circles and psychics.


"Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to a man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims."

Ayn Rand (1905-1982),

Pусский (Russkiy or Russian)-American author


Because of the danger it can pose.  That a system is as bad as its worst.  Society is effectively your worst enemy.  We're all constantly in a state of cold war against it.  The governmental legal system are 'sleepers' ready to awaken and terrorize you should the situation arise.  Because a corrupt cop, a lying ex-GF, a vindictive informant and others can use Society as the ultimate weapon against yourself.  Societally offered liberties become revocable privileges.  If imprisoned, for instance falsely or unjustly like for growing a banned plant, Society revokes your right to freedom of movement, your right to work, your right to study, your right to access the Internet, your right not to be a slave, your right to free association, your right not to be searched without probable cause, your right to privacy, it controls your food, your medication, your possessions, your location, your lighting, your heating, your ventilation, your clothing, etc..  Despite this constant danger that's been there since day one (in the womb) it's not commonly perceived.  We strongly recommend imprisonment should you ever get the chance to legally choose to experience it for a full day.  Awareness is the way.  Some experiences, especially psychedelic, are life changers, game changers.  Imprisonment is another.


That's the crime, the torture, of the American Dream; real life can never win in comparison.  Especially as programmed by Hollywood.  Modellic looks, uncontemplative, untroubled lives.  The life saving action &/ item appears just when you need it most, just in the nick of time.  This is all a bedtime story for children to lull them into slumber.  It's about as far away from reality as you could possibly get.


The previous few generations of people have been given the labels:

Label                               Year of Birth

Greatest Generation              -1945

Baby Boomers                1946-1964

Generation X                  1965-1984

Millennials                       1982-2004

Generation Z                   2005-2024

The label for Generation Y, 1975-2005, is a falsity.[11]


Society is grouped into three rough categories; the First, Second and Third Worlds, in decreasing order of wealth and development.  Of course life is more complex than seeing 'development' on a linear scale.  However it is a useful measure.  One could see the failings of Society such as serial or spree killings and disintegrated families more prevalent in more developed countries.  If you're from the First World then the other worlds will seem exceedingly backwards.  Most unbelievably so.  Even in the Second World people using horses to get around.  People using amateurishly baked bricks in their buildings, corrugated metal roofing held in place with rocks, sometimes also for walling.  With legal and political regimes supposedly clueless to modern developments such as a constitution with modern day, decent human rights.  Some have yet to learn boundaries.  That separation helps, e.g. with sanity.  They shout, beep and spit.  For example, literacy for women in Afghanistan 15 years and older is under 13%[12]; that's only 1-in-8 that can read & write let alone do elementary school math or rocket science.  They're Society yet not C21.  If you really want to stand in a figurative river to get a better view you'll get one but you'll pay the price for it.  The Third World is a place with an extremely rough vibe; rough, tough and dangerous.  Comforts are lacking by default although most can be bought.  In general it's far, far more sensible, especially safer, never, ever to leave the First World.  Avoid all monarchies, avoid leaving the First World, stay within decent laws & libertiesEven on a two week vacation.


There's a very insidious, despicable vibe that pushes city folk to accept all that a city accepts, which is seen as the status quo.  Aspects like profanity, homosexuality, casual sex, abortion, recreational drug use, alcohol use at least bordering on abuse, and violence.


"People are strange,

When you're a stranger."

People Are Strange (1967) song

by The Doors

Written by Jim Morrison

and Robby Krieger


Society has always had its outsiders.  It's always feared them.  For the easiest to fear is the unknown and the further estranged then the more unknown.


The mythological nosferatu or vampire and its global relatives are the quintessential Societal outsider fear figure.  It's a complex conglomeration of outsider traits such as:

Fear of the light which can be seen as fear of being outside during the day interacting with Society,

Fear of the crucifix and holy water, or a separatism to the main Western Societal religion & spiritual beliefs and morals of Christianity,

Casting no reflection or a dislike to the Attacked objects of Society like Attacked mirrors; such as old ones or other people's which obviously cast Attacked reflections,

A penchant for sleeping in their own coffin or bed or a dislike to sleeping in the ultra-Attacked beds of others,

• Frighteningly killing people without weapons by a classic vulnerability of animals, biting the carotid artery in one's neck,

Invulnerability or the scientific fact that Societally common infectious dis-eases cannot be nearly as easily caught by people who separate themselves from Society's masses, plus being away from the violent crime of Society that can shorten one's lifespan,

Enchantingly charming or in other words wealthy, evoking a 7DS envy & wrath reaction from the lower classes.

According to the myth they can be killed, as anyone even in ancient times, by a wooden stake through the heart, being set alight or beheaded.  It's also said that they can turn into other classic figures of fear, the common and dangerous Western wild animals of the wolf; a killer wild dog, and bat (also carrying the fatal rabies disease).  There are legends to support the mythology such as the Transylvanian (near България (Bulgaria)) wealthy land owner Vlad Dracula the Impaler who was said to have bathed in the blood of local virgins, and scientific facts such as the porphyria disease.


America is a continent the northern of its three parts is split into three countries yet only one of which self-righteously calls itself America.  There's nothing particularly 'great' about Great Britain, it's simply a pompous name they call themselves.


Society also communicates via emotion.  Happiness with its smiles, sadness with its tears and far more.  If you're around Society expect to feel emotional vibes.  To feel happy if you're aware that good fortune is approaching, etc..  This atmospheric energy can get reflected off of you or it can infiltrate you.  You can end up crying with the sad energies and smiling with the happy even if this is not your internal vibe.


Society provides excellent examples of what is possible for yourself.  What is possible to be, to have, to do.  What to strive to achieve and what to avoid.  Whether this example be taken from body builders, billionaires, brainiacs, happy families, the homeless, drug addicts, single mothers, prisoners, monks and nuns, supreme court justices or any others of the billions available.


Evident, like on social media, is that most of Society, even 'liberal' subcultures generally adhere to partisan, cliquey morality and ideology.  If you have, say, vegetarianism in common with someone, you can get along and have something in common to talk about.  Yet life is complex, not single issue.  As soon as you make a comment which implies a differing belief they can label you, say, 'Islamophobic' and they instantly become partisan.  (They've stereotyped you.)  You are, they are not.  You now oppose one another.  Generally an insurmountable wall is erected.  They're either not interested any more in you and certainly not in an adult discussion between differing viewpoints from which both parties could benefit.  That or they try to force you to take on their beliefs often using intimidation and aggressive language.  Thinking for oneself, aside from one's groups, is a very rare skill.  Like a Pro-Life Democrat or pro-tax Republican.


Society is raised within age segregation at school.


There is always gender segregation.  From the start Society separates and differentiates the genders.  This is an understandable aspect yet unfortunately taken to negative extremes.  Blue for boys, pink for girls.  Boys play with boys and girls with girls.  Boys play boys' games and girls play girls'.  Coming of age 18 year olds in America going off to college, away from the controlling influence of parents and other adults, instead of cozying up with the opposite gender to start a family do instead segregate themselves by gender in fraternities and sororities and strictly reinforce the BDSM system of Society.  Often as adults men go to the bar for a beer, or bowling with their male buddies while women sew, discuss books, etc., with theirs.  Modern Society tries to allow for the exceptions.  For the women that want to kill the enemy on the frontline of the battlefield and the men who want to be the househusbands staying at home and looking after the kids while the wife is at work.  This segregation is a difficult environment to work around.  Communication is kept very limited.


Society pushes stereotypical gender roles.  This is a good, natural, parental aspect.  Masculine vs. feminine.  Strong vs. weak, then more complexly.  Reproductively males transmit (their seed) while females receive.  Male bodies are generally stronger, do more physical work and so die younger.  Both genders have very similarly sized brains.


Show us a Society that can withstand an evil mastermind (not just a suicide bomber or suicidal spree shooter) and we'll show you a three dollar bill in the bill of a duck that dances to Bach.


Society has a parable called The Emperor's New Clothes.  This tells the tale of an emperor who meets a sly tailor.  He convinces the emperor that he can provide the very latest fabric to him.  He shows this imaginary fabric to the emperor.  The emperor although obviously not seeing that which doesn't exist doesn't want to appear stupid or challenging so he goes along with the tailor and pays for an imaginary suit to be made from this imaginarily excellent fabric.  He wears his new clothes out on parade.  Everyone not wanting to upset the status quo nor the emperor plays along and applauds the emperor on parade.  Everyone that is apart from a young boy.  He sees straight through the delusion and shouts out that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.  The bubble is burst.  The moral of this parable is that Society and its members will play along with the status quo often even in ridiculous situations just to play along and not rock the boat.  These days we see this everywhere from the criminalization of cannabis to legalized abortions to high heels, neckties and beyond...


Wake up!  Use every available, figurative pin to burst Society's delusional bubbles.  You may even consider it your duty, or at least fun, to try bursting the bubbles of others but beware that this is communication, therefore best avoided, and likely to be met with extreme resistance and disdain.  Society is very resistant to change and generally doesn't like it.


This is a slave planet.


This is a slave planet.


This is a slave planet.  The ruling elite like it.  They enjoy their easy lives.  Wealth living; having enough money that they never need work a day in their lives again.  The American Dream.


Reject their premise.  The issue isn't having money.  It's about realizing that you don't need it.  Nowhere near as much as they say you do.  A few thousand dollars per person per year to top up the food you grow and keep you in enough hi-tech gear.  (Say $25K saved and invested in a share fund gaining you 10% per year, less inflation at 2% and capital gains tax at 15%, still earns you $1.7K per year ad infinitum.  $35K earns you $2.4K or $200 per month.  Easily enough for computers, lightbulbs, home improvement supplies, art supplies, etc..)  You've no need to travel so you rarely use your car.  All your family lives at home with you.  You educate at home, eat at home, r'n'r at home.  Walk in your gardens, dance to your own music in your own dancehall, entertain your group with your own stories.  Wash in water from your part of the stream or your well, eat your homegrown food.  It's paradise on Gaia (Earth).  Life as it was always meant to be.  Your C21 knowledge can make this a reality.  (See appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria: Meditation Retreat Commune.)


"I believe in the future,

We shall suffer no more.

Maybe not in my lifetime,

But in yours I feel sure."

The Cool, Cool River (1990) song

by Paul Simon,

Written by Paul Simon


Imagine a utopian future where people work for the joy of working and not for financial recompense.  Salary isn't needed anyway for we'll all live in a world without lack of physical commodities like housing, transport, food, medical care, AV equipment, multivitamins, spring water, freshly squeezed juice, etc..  This goal is not communism but it is a world without iniquity.  The current fourth industrial revolution is definitively working towards this.  Where the intelligent and the creative work fun jobs and the less intelligent and unimaginative still cannot yet are catered for, satisfied and not second class citizens going needy.  Think Star Trek.  Jobs get lost to robots and apps but Society maintains output, increases its efficiency and for extremely less cost.  So it can afford to care for the jobless.


18 is an extremely troubled age.  It's known that the most stressful events to deal with in life are large life changes especially changing location (moving home), job and family / group.  At, or around, 18 one has to do all these things at once.  If one doesn't go to college one has to start work, if they haven't yet, and so get embroiled in the BDSM slave planet, wealth iniquity system of Society.  Selling their life for what's rightfully theirs anyway; land and food, so they play their tiny part in a slave planet system which keeps them squashed down to keep the ultra-wealthy in their wealth.  Even if one goes to college one still changes location and family / group.  Often choosing to deeply subjugate themselves continuing the BDSM system of fraternities and sororities.  Men become even more the pawns of Society as draftable cannon fodder.  For reaching this milestone they get a symbolic vote for the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right.  The institution of Society continues nonetheless.  They're still not allowed to buy booze.  18 is an extremely troubled age.  In contrast one (almost) never again gains the immense amount of freedoms gained at 18.  The freedom of adulthood.  The freedom to live wherever you choose.  The freedom to love whomever you choose.  The status quo ending of an era of K12 schooling.  One's future awaiting one with anticipation and a heap of open doors.  A whole planet to explore, education, a vocation, a family, freedom, fun, fun and more unhindered fun.  We say drop out of Society.  It's easy when you know how.  (Learn how by reading this book).  It's the only way to be free, to get to realize your true potential, to be creative, polymathic and in control of one's own life, one's own future.  To continue to evolve, to constantly increase one's pleasurable experience of life and not solely fall into a Societal rut as a mute, impotent slave.


"If you're distracted by fear of those around you it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above."

FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder,

The X-Files (1993-) TV Show,

Season 2, Episode 3, "Blood",

Written by James Wong and Glen Morgan


As they say, "It's a dog eat dog world." It is in that it's ultra-group playing, feral, untrustworthy, BDSM and ultra-violent.


The West has evolved past imperialism.  Once the British Empire spanned ¾ of the planet.  Once having gained independence most countries still stayed tightly bonded in a group called the British Commonwealth, comprising of 2.4 billion people, where they recognize the UK's monarch as their head.  The USA fought them off and stayed separate.  Australia has been considering full independence for awhile.  Almost all the others still agree to some subjugation.  The imperialism of the Soviet Union (CCCP or USSR (Россия (Rossia or Russia))) fell in late-C20.  Hopefully one day these modern, Western-implemented, evolved values will be learnt by 中国 (Zhonghua or China) and even the Muslim world.


We need to address the fundamental Societal issues which undermine the security of a country.  Poverty, which is a Social disease and easily eradicated in arable areas of Gaia (Earth) by simply providing land for a shelter and subsistence farming (a small home farm that feeds one's family).  In infertile areas people naturally die out.  Another Societal issue, Low Social status, only exists within Society, therein lies the easy solution; to retreat to one's countryside home.  No inferiority, no BDSM envy & wrath.


The peoples (the cultures including the religions) of all countries need to evolve past (hate breeding) iniquity and to institute comprehensive civil rights for all their citizens.  This may take awhile.


"What we call human nature is in actuality human habit."

Jewel Kilcher (1974-),

American musician


There's a group called Society.  It's only one example of a society.  You were born into it.  It will never let you leave.  It believes it controls you.  It believes it has the right.  You play along.  You enjoy its multimedia religion; you watch its TV and movies, you listen to its music.  You worship its stars.  You agree to be programmed by it.  It tells you that you need it.  Wise up.  Every baby step away you can get helps you immensely.  Try not immersing yourselves in its scents; use unfragranced soap and avoid perfume / aftershave.  Try not intaking into yourselves its factory produced foods & drinks; from exact same tasting bottled pasta sauce to an exact same tasting can of Coke, to an almost exact same tasting McDonald's burger.


It can be a struggle to dissociate oneself from the omnipresent existential pain and eternal torment of Society.  To allow Society its Attacks without being overly drawn into helpfully communicating with them or the polar opposite; putting them out of their misery.




The population of the USA in 2015, of 320 million people, was 59% Europan-American, 18% Hispanic, 13-16% Afro-American, 6-8% Asian-American and 3% Jewish-American.

1-in-5 didn't speak English at home.

More than 1-in-10 weren't born in the USA.

A quarter were aged under 18.

51% were female.

1-in-5 lived in the countryside.

Almost 1-in-10 had a disability.

More than 1-in-10 didn't have health insurance.

More than 1-in-7 lived in poverty.

1-in-20 aged 15+ couldn't read & write.

More than 4-in-5 graduated high school.

Almost 3-in-10 graduated college.

4-in-5 people of working age were in work.

(The remainder were in education, unemployed, unemployable due to incapacitation or prisoner slave laborers.)

They commuted for 50-minutes a day.

They earned less than $30,000 gross per year.

American men lived to around 76 years old.

American women lived to around 81 years old.[13]


The USA was founded by Western Europans who invaded and enacted imperial dominance over the native inhabitants (Native Americans, historically called American Indians), with their far superior weaponry and upon whom they performed genocide.


It is the leading country on the planet in most respects but nothing's that simple.  It plays the father role (to adults) and in some places it plays it way too strictly; banning the sale of alcohol to adults under 21 and seizing your home if you grow certain plants.  Certainly it can be improved.  There's neither the free healthcare nor the free college education as there are in Europa and criminal sentencing is extremely steep in comparison.  However it's civil rights are exemplary.  It's quality of life, the items and services available are possibly the world's best.  It's huge and there's every climate zone to choose from.


The authority (school) and peer pressured, daily Pledge of Allegiance is clearly brainwashing programming.  It programs citizens to be submissive ("under") to "God", the (when capitalized) name for the Christian god thereby excluding all other religious beliefs including leaving atheists and agnostics in a quandary.  This pushes, forces, Societal religious views on their citizens.


The peoples (the cultures including the religions) of all countries need to evolve past (hate breeding) iniquity and to institute comprehensive civil rights for all their citizens.  This may take awhile.


The USA is an extremely violent country by First World standards.  President John F. Kennedy's (JFK's) coup d'etat government conspiracy in 1963 is solely one example.


"A Congressional Investigation from 1976-1979 found a "probable conspiracy" in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and recommended the Justice Department investigate further.  As of 1991, the Justice Department has done nothing."

JFK (1991) movie,

Based on DA Jim Garrison's

and Jim Marrs' factual history books

and scriptwritten by Vietnam War veteran Oliver Stone

and Zachary Sklar


The government commissioned Warren Report appears to have been part of the conspiratorial cover-up with the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the US (SCotUS), Earl Warren, an accomplice.  This coup appears to have been perpetrated solely for the reason of stopping the president's upsetting the established military industrial complex and attempting to curb its income.  He moved power from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency; spies) to the military.  He attempted to stop short the Vietnam War which ended up with $220 billion ($220,000,000,000) spent with the military industrial complex.  The war cost 58,000 US lives, mostly draftees; people forced to fight to the death by the US government.  The US death toll was only 3% of the war's casualties.  Two million (2,000,000) Asians were killed.


Other prominent political and social figures have also suffered assassination on US soil such as JFK's brother Senator Bobby Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald (the patsy in the JFK coup), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (peaceful civil rights activist), Malcolm X (religious leader), John Lennon (peacenik musician), President Abraham Lincoln and the attempted assassinations of President Ronald Regan and Larry Flynt (publisher of the Hustler porn magazine).




It's your right to choose your society.  To mix with those you choose to and not others.  Those of your own race, ethnicity, religion, culture and creed, who look like you, speak like you, have DNA like you, or in other words are like you.  This isn't easy at school especially public school nor at most jobs (during the working ~40 of the 168-hour week) but it is possible.


Megopoli are home to all races, all ethnicities, all religions, all cultures and all creeds.  If other peoples are respected by Society then that's still irrelevant to you.  If they aren't your peoples then you don't need to pretend that they are just because you're forced to be close to them.  You don't even need to respect them, although it's almost definitely best not to share your negative opinions with their subject.


"Eugenics; noun.  A science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed"

Merriam-Webster dictionary


We recommend the science of eugenics; breeding within your own ethnicity.  It's a 'dirty word', not PC, tainted by history yet it's the common global standardMost people procreate within their own ethnic group.  (In fact even most serial killers kill within their own ethnic group.)  From President Obama to Brad Pitt to Ice Cube to Bill Gates.


Only 8% of the world's population are Caucasians.  Only 4% for each gender.   Using the 2016 population count of 7⅓ billion that makes only 300 million Caucasians of each gender on Gaia (Earth).  This includes super-Saharan Africans, Arabs, Türks and other ethnicities.


"The color of your hair."

"Oh no!"

"Judy, please.  It can't matter to you."

"If... if I let you change me will that do it?  If I do what you tell me?  Will you love me?"

"Yes.  Yes."

"Fine, alright then, I'll do it.  I don't care anymore about me."

Scotty and Judy,

Vertigo (1958) movie,

Written by Alec Coppel, Samuel A. Taylor, Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac and Maxwell Anderson


5% (1-in-20) of Whites are natural blondes.  That makes 15 million blonde, White women plus 15 million blond, White men.  Around 1-in-3 White, adult women dye their hair a shade of blonde.[14]  Mostly they don't dye their eyebrows and as such leave a tell-tale sign of their deception.  This means that only around 1-in-7 blondes are actually authentic, natural blondes.  The other six 'blondes' get their looks from a bottle.  Society programs them to believe they need to.  These people, including those who surgically alter their appearance, are suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).  This is very sad.  The genetic mutation that created blonde hair in Europa happened in approximately 9,000 BC (around the time of the previous ice age.)  This is the same time period when blue eyes evolved.  Apparently all blue eyed people share the same, single common ancestor from this time.


Only 17% of Americans born in the '00s had blue eyes, which made up a quarter of European-Americans.[15]  Dilated pupils are a sign of happiness and are therefore considered attractive.  They are easier to see on lighter eyes making them more sexually appealing.  Of course these days eye color can be faked using colored contact lenses.  Blonde hair and blue eyes are frequently seen together because they're genetically linked, both being genetic traits from the same chromosome, #15.[16]  Assuming then that possibly ½ rather than ¼ are blue eyed blondes.  This now makes only perhaps 7 million blue eyed, blonde women on our shared planet (plus likewise the same amount of men).  This makes this beautiful genetic combination, this phenotype, of a potential eugenic mate extremely rare, only 0.1% per gender of the global population or less than 1-in-1,000 per gender.  The blonde hair, blue eyed, pale skinned phenotype is rare like a diamond.  So it's no wonder that people outside this phenotype are attracted to it.  But their selfish greed is a fatal attraction.  By compromising the phenotype they are actively progressing it's extinction.  It is a social psychopathology that is pushing, even if solely through indifference and sloth (not ignorance because they know), the extinction of the minority; blue eyed people and blondes, by the majority; with darker eyes and hair.  This is a subconscious genocide, there is only subliminal not conscious intent, yet it is a genocide.


There is a White genocide being perpetrated.  There is a 'no borders' ideology which is destroying the ethnic makeup of traditionally White cultures.  This is happening in Europa and also the New World of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Miscegenation is being promoted more and more in the mainstream media.  The government TV of Canada even released a music video about how Whites are dying out to a new 'beige power' miscegenational gene pool.  Racial and ethnic diversity is being pushed in these White countries.  It is not being pushed in other countries.  There is no racial diversity encouragement in 中国  (Zhonghua or China), 日本 (Nippon or Japan), भारत (Bharat or India) or Niger, for example.  Angela Merkel, as the leader of Deutschland (Germany), let in one million migrants in a single year.  There's not a single non-White country whose native inhabitants are forecast to become the minority.  日本 is made up of 98½% native inhabitants and only 1½% foreigners.  The desire to keep Europan countries' ethnic makeup predominantly that of their history is a clear to see, valid aim.


The Great Replacement is real.  It's a term coined by Français (French) author Renaud Camus.  The populations of Western Europe and the traditionally White New World countries are being replaced with a population from other ethnicities.  It's happened before.  The Caribbean islands' native populations were overwhelmed by Negro slave migrants who now are the population.  The capital of the UK, London, England, is already majority not White English.  The capital of the USA, Washington, D.C., is majority Negro.  The most popular baby name in England since 2013, Nederland (Holland) since 2016 and Bruxelles (Brussels), the EU's capital city, since 2001 has been Mohammed (in its various spellings).  In Österreich (Austria) in 2017 it was the third most popular baby name.  In America Whites are already a minority of the under-20s.[17]  It's estimated that at this rate within two generations most of Europa will be majority Muslim.[18]  This is not a conspiracy theory, this is reality.


"We are sleepwalking into an oblivion."

Tommy Robinson,

Fighting Islamization With Tommy Robinson podcast,

By Brittany Pettibone,

October 26, 2017


In April 2018, 38,000 illegal immigrants were arrested attempting to cross the US' southwestern border.[19]  During the same month an additional 13,000 illegal immigrants were arrested crossing at official ports of entry without permission.[20]  That makes 51,000 arrests of new illegal immigrants in one month alone.  Around three quarters of these are given "catch and release" where they're released into the US on their own recognizance and expected to voluntarily show up for their court date.[21]  Obviously, not many do.


"If you can cross the border illegally without any consequence, why not?"

Brandon Judd,

President of the National Border Patrol Council


In 2017 only 30% of Mexicanos (Mexicans) said they have a favorable view of the US and only a tiny 5% had confidence in the US president to do the right thing regarding world affairs.  Again only 5% approved of PotUS' proposal to build a wall on the border between the US and Méjico (Mexico).[22]


Latin America (the Caribbean, Central and South America) was responsible for a third of the world's homicides despite only having 8% of its population.  Their homicide rate was 21.5 per 100,000 people, which was more than three times the global average.  El Salvador, Jamaica, Venezuela and Honduras had homicide rates more than double to almost triple this.  The region's homicide rate is expected to reach 35 per 100,000 by 2030.  17 of the top 20 homicidal countries were in this region, the world's most murderous in 2017.  According to 2016 figures, 43 of the top 50 homicidal cities were in this region.  South America has the highest level of reported physical assaults and violent robberies in the world.[23]


"Genocide; noun.

The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group."

Merriam-Webster dictionary


Genocide is also defined by the United Nations in their resolution 96 from December 1946.  Genocide requires planning and intent.  We do believe that the beautiful White ethnicity composed of recessive traits is seriously endangered and should be protectedWe recommend using eugenics to ensure this modern ethnicity survives.  Recessive traits are genetic characteristics that are outweighed by other traits.  For example if you carry the genes for both blue and brown eyes (like if your paternal grandparents were both blue eyed and your maternal were both brown eyed) you will have brown eyes, the same goes for darker hair colors and skin tones.


Pale skin is a recessive trait.

Blue eyes are a recessive trait.

Blonde hair is a recessive trait.

These are endangered phenotypes.  If Society isn't extremely careful and protective of these phenotypes they shall become extinct very, very soon.  The Nordic (north Europan) and other Caucasian peoples need to take responsibility and procreate within their own phenotype (this is eugenics). 


A pair of blondes can only create blondes, blue eyed people and pale skin people likewise.  If mating with any other phenotype then this cannot be assured.  Choosing a mate that looks like you is the only way to ensuring that your children look like you.  Seeing someone in external who looks like you helps remove barriers to intimacy.  You can see more of yourself in them and so relate to them better.  You then also have kids that look like you and as such can better relate to them also.  From 中国 (Zhonghua or China) to Méjico (Mexico) to Italia (Italy) to Kenya to ناریا (Iran) to Brasil (Brazil) people make families with people who look like them and so have kids who look like them.  Their kids have the same color skin as the parents, the same color eyes and the same color hair.  It's absolutely the norm.  It happens all over the world.  Why would Whites want any less for themselves?  Use eugenics.  Breed within your own phenotype.  The beautiful recessive traits of the White phenotype are being bred out.


Source: Wikipedia: Total fertility rate.


White Society isn't protecting its own future anywhere near enough.  Whites aren't breeding enough.

Firstly, they aren't breeding enough to survive; their death rate is more than their birth rate.  Whites are not meeting their replacement fertility rate.  This is the total fertility rate where enough births happen to sustain population levels.  Enough children must be born and survive to an age where they've conceived enough children to cover the people that die, plus the people that chose not to have children (including most homosexuals, a rate of 1½~6% for exclusively homosexual (Kinsey 6) to 20% for homosexual attraction of Western populations, most of whom are college educated city folk), plus the people that conceive less children than to meet the replacement fertility rate.[24]

Secondly, as a question of numerical superiority they're not breeding as much as minorities.

Thirdly, as many minority phenotypical traits are dominant, they aren't breeding within their own phenotype enough.  Their kids therefore become of mixed phenotype with the predominant characteristics of minorities.


"I think people are going to have to regard, to some degree, the notion of having kids as almost a social duty, within reason I mean.  If you can and you're so inclined, you should.  Otherwise civilization will just die, literally."

Elon Musk,

American entrepreneur


It's right, not wrong, not 7DS (pride) vanity, to love your own phenotype.  Be confident and proud of your appearance, of who you are, all 3½ billion years of you.


There's another anti-pale-Caucasian issue in the US.  It is Affirmative Action; a practice whereby some groups are given undue bias over others.  This is an unjust ideology that is, in the case of Affirmative Black Action, actively disadvantaging 62% of the population (pale Caucasians) in guilt (guilt is fear of retribution) of the actions, over 150 years ago, of only 1½% of the then White population.  The Political Correctness brainwashing has made this the status quo for the pale Caucasian majority (four times as many as any other American ethnicity) to accept this bias as just.  We're anti-Affirmative Action as it's discrimination.  There's an old saying "two wrongs don't make a right."  There should be no admission requirements for college.  Desiring to study should be enough to enable one's access.  Affirmative Action for job promotions is totally unjust as promotions must be fairly earned.  An 'anti' bias is still a bias.


Most Deutch (Germans) supported their c. 1940 invasion of Europa.  If all historic wrongs are to be addressed we suggest giving the United States back to its native inhabitants, the Native Americans.  Plus historically aggressive nations such as Deutschland (Germany) and 日本 (Nippon or Japan) could still be liable for their past actions against humanity.


Multicultural diversity in White countries is only the fault of themselves.  They are the ones in political power and are the ones that permit immigration.


One cannot blame immigrants for legally migrating.  One cannot blame immigrants for Whites not breeding enough to survive.  One cannot blame immigrants for intra-ethnic breeding nor for (consensual) inter-ethnic breeding any more than one can blame the native in the couplet.  One can, however, blame immigrants for bringing their terrorist (religious), Muslim ideology and crime wave with them.


It's necessary, not today as such but perhaps even yesterday wouldn't have been soon enough, for White people to realize these factors in their world now.  Then to extrapolate them to their logical conclusion which is the permanent extinction of the beautiful White phenotype.


There is an ideology that the White ethnicity is superior to all others.  This ideology is called White supremacismDespite fears to the contrary, the word supremacy does not indicate the desire to dominate others.


We are non-violent, White supremacists.  We are totally against dominance and imperialism of any kind.  We could be more discerning and also say, for example, that we're educational supremacists viewing A-students as superior to D-students.  We could say that those people with a broader worldly experience are superior to people who've never left their home area, etc..  As an example we respect the house cat despite believing it to be evolutionarily inferior.  We wish it no harm nor attempt to dominate nor control it's behavior.  We do however refrain from associating with cats for our own reasons.  They're home to fleas, they can be prone to scratch with dirty claws and primarily because they're lower, inferior beings with whom we don't waste our precious time and energy.


We strive for the goal of world peace.  We believe in equal civil rights for all people worldwide.  We know all lives matter and in fact all life matters.


There is a huge difference between the words 'supremacy', 'domination' and 'imperialism'.


"Supreme; adjective.

1 : highest in [Social] rank or authority.

2 : highest in degree or quality.

3 : ultimate, final."

Merriam-Webster dictionary

(emphasis ours)


"Domination; noun.

1 : supremacy or preeminence over another.

2 : exercise of mastery or ruling power.

3 : exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence."

Merriam-Webster dictionary


Supremacy simply means superiority.  There are two types of superiority (supremacy).  There's qualitative supremacy, like having a higher IQ or EQ, and there's social 'supremacy', like having a larger inheritance or higher status within your employer's business.  Society is such an inherently BDSM system (see chapter BDSM) that supremacy and domination are linked in the dictionary despite that the fact that they are totally different concepts, or words.  Although qualitative supremacy doesn't necessitate domination, domination does require Social supremacy.  The definition of domination must include the precept of a hierarchy even if usurped unnaturally.  It removes the qualities necessary for valid supremacy and replaces them with a subjective Social construct.  The Social supremacy is perceived or agreed upon rather than being independently valid.  Social supremacy is usurped then domination follows.  It makes 'supremacy' interchangeable with a hierarchical system.  Whereas everyone knows those in governmental power may not be better at it than others.  Everyone knows that their boss, although in a higher hierarchical position, may be less able to perform their job than the next in line.  Having Social hierarchical dominance & submission is separate from qualitative skill and experience.  A domineering person is a worse person to know than a less authoritarian person who isn't overbearing.


White supremacy is visible to a worldwide audience.  Because of this millions+ of people want to emigrate to White countries and in doing so upgrade their standard of living.  This multicultural, worldwide migration towards White countries is permanently changing their ethnic balance.  The minorities gain political strength, economic strength and to some degree start inter-ethnic, inter-cultural breeding.


White supremacy is a fact proven easily by the global leadership of the USA, Россия (Rossia or Russia), Europa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  So it's easy to agree with First World supremacy.  These White countries lead the world in civil rights, economics, the military, non-violence, science, philosophy, painting and the other arts.  There can be no question about this.  It's not just Nordic culture, southern Europa's tanned Caucasians have given heaps, España (Spain) and Italia (Italy) are First World countries which have contributed and continue to contribute greatly to First World culture.  They've given us the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, the Vatican and its Christian Catholicism, the polymath genius of Leonardo da Vinci, the Roman Empire government and the Latin base for languages.  The ελληνικά (Ellinika or Grecian) Empire was extremely advanced in its day and gave us our classic philosophy, now it's a Second World country.  Other Caucasian ethnicities greatly contributed to the modern world, including Semites, the Phoenicians and the Egyptians.  The First World is mainly White with institutions run predominantly by Whites and for a populace of mainly Whites.


The United Nations' Development Programme has a Human Development Index list of countries.  It ranks countries on factors such as life expectancy, education and income.  In the top 16 countries are the city-states of Singapora (Singapore) and 香港 (Hong-Kong) among the expected White countries.  An Arab country just makes the top 30.  A South American country makes the top 40.  African countries don't make it into the top 100.


Superiority has many factors.  Intelligence, non-violence and the ability to create a technologically advanced, prosperous society are factors we say are the most relevant.


It's easy to agree with the premise of high IQ (intelligence quotient) supremacy; that it's better to be intelligent.  Like an A-student superiority (supremacy).  It's also easy to agree with high EQ (emotional quotient) supremacy; that it's better to be able to relate with others well.


Just like school children can be separated according to their abilities, like by an advanced math class.  This caters to those with superior math ability and stops them being held back by those with inferior math ability.  Also catering to those with inferior math ability and teaching them at their level rather than rushing ahead.


It's an obscene Social status quo that happily permits Afros or Hispanics to band together but when Whites do it it's viewed with great mistrust.  That the Afro pride and Hispanic pride movements are seen as progressive and inspiring yet any White pride movement is viewed as a danger to other ethnicities.  There's a Social vibe that Whites aren't supposed to care about their own people.


Pride in no way necessitates hate.


Some White as some Afro pride groups are classified as hate groups (for instance by the Southern Poverty Law Center[25] (SPLC), an organization which has even listed African-American presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson because he said that marriage is between a man and a woman yet doesn't list Antifa), even if non-violent, and have themselves to blame.  It's the status quo not only to be seen as dominating but to also act as such.


There's a Social vibe that tries to make the Whites historically and currently in the majority in America ashamed of their ethnicity and their role in a Society in which they play the major role.  The 'white privilege' term is used in this manner.  This is the global standard.  For instance, in ประเทศไทย (Thailand), natural born citizens are treated differently under the law to immigrants who can't own land even if married to a ไทย (Thai).  Justice should be blind and in the First World it obviously tries very, very hard to be so.


Arguments against White supremacy include referring to "the color of peoples' skin" which is but one difference of different races and even different ethnicities.  Peoples bodies and their cultures vary widely between the global races and ethnicities.  Chicks & lions have the same color skin but very different diets.  "Colorblindness" is another term used towards this aim.  Yet everyone is different. It's right to treat people for the different person that they are and not treat everyone as equal for all purposes.  As HIV sufferers don't make good blood donors at all, albeit deserving of equal civil rights.  "We all bleed the same color" is an old argument to this aim.  It's ludicrous as even cold blooded snakes bleed red blood.  If you can't see the difference between the races just watch professional athletics and see Negroes be physically different (sprint faster) than Caucasians.


IQ (intelligence quotient) varies widely by ethnicity.  The average IQs by ethnicity are:[26]

Ethnicity                              IQ    

Ashkenazi Jew                    110

East Asian                             105

White                                     100

Hispanic                               86

African-American                 85

Middle Eastern                     84

North African                         84

Sub-Saharan Negro            67

Australian Aborigine            62

This equates to income of Americans as follows:[27]

     Race                       Median Income

     Jewish                             $97,500

     Asian                               $76,260

     White                               $60,256

     Hispanic                          $42,491

     Black                               $35,398


"There's a real danger in the ethnicity IQ debate and the danger is that we confuse intelligence with value... Being intelligent doesn't make you a better person.  That's not the case.  It makes you more useful for complex cognitive operations but you can be pretty damn horrific as a genius son of a bitch, right?  It's morally neutral.  And we also know that from the psychometric data by the way.  There doesn't seem to be any relationship whatsoever between intelligence and virtue.  And so, if it does turn out that nature and the fates do not align with our egalitarian presuppositions, which is highly probable, we shouldn't therefore make the mistake of assuming that if group A or person A is lower on one of these attributes than group B or person B that that's somehow reflective of their intrinsic value as human beings.  That's a big mistake."

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson,

Clinical Psychologist and Professor,

Jordan Peterson @ Lafayette, A Conversation and Q&A, Full Event podcast,

The Mill Series channel,

April 2018


The world is levels of gray, rarely black & white.  Of course an intelligent Afro is of superior intellect to an idiotic White.  The average SAT (verbal / critical reading) result, however, for Whites is 530 while for Afros it is 430.[28]  But the world is also viewable as a statistical reality.  Statistically more Afros are criminal than non-Afros.  What does this mean?  This means that a random Afro is more likely, but in no way definitely, a criminal.  So racial profiling works in helping prevent crime but it, because of definitive racial tendencies, does put law abiding citizens in cops' spotlights.  A good, moral cop will hold no prejudice and not overly hassle a law abiding citizen and so life goes on.


Political Correctness is nothing less than Society's thought control.  It creates a Social environment where certain phrases, even when deviating from dictionary definitions, have been Societally programmed to cause distress to others.  So people then worry about how their views (have been programmed to) offend others.  They then bite their tongue, refrain from speaking their true views.  They next inhibit themselves from thinking them, so they're never spoken.  Viola!  Their thoughts have been controlled by Societal programming, known as Political Correctness.


Domination means a desire to control others, often against their will via force as necessary.


Imperialism means the desire to take over and dominate others outside your current sphere of influence.


We value other cultures.  One can learn and benefit from other cultures without wanting to integrate.  中国 (Zhonghua or China) in Asia gave us (Daoism or Taoism), the 易經 (Yi Jing or I Ching) and spaghetti, Africa gave us human beings.  The funk music created by Afro-Americans.  The Islamic mystic Sufi parables of Arabia.  Aesop's fables of ελληνικά (Ellinika or Grecian) culture.  The digeridoo instrument of Australian aboriginal culture.  We're aware of these and other benefits of global Society and we're also aware of the dangers posed by global Society.  Whereas the White First World has evolved into a stable, evolving culture the rest of the world lags behind.


The superpower 中国 (Zhonghua or China) is communist; without political  parties, imperialist and a grave violator of civil rights.  日本 (Nippon or Japan) is also a leading, First World economy but they are hereditarily violent having being a major Axis power in WWII, have a strict BDSM dominating culture and having historically created the most amount of martial arts of any country; judo, jiu jitsu, karate, ninjitsu, aikido, hapkido, bushido, etc., we don't believe they are as evolved.


There is a White pride 14 word ideological statement:

'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.'

This can be seen in a positive light even by those opposed to violent, far right tactics.  It is in fact not even a White supremacist statement, it's solely a White pride or White survival statement.  Surely every race wants this for their people.


There's an alternate 14 word ideological statement:

'Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.'

However this statement uses the word Aryan which although literally is a far broader term is generally used to describe the Nazi ideology of the Germanic master race.


Neo-Nazis use the code '14/88' referring to the eighth letter, H, making 'HH' standing for Heil Hitler.  Obviously this is not at all something a non-violent White pride supporter would side with.  Hitler and his Nazis showed ultra-hatred and violence towards non-Whites but that as his ideology, blaming Society's ills upon its minorities, picking on the weak in numerical terms, was put forward to gather popular support.  Their actions, as opposed to simply their propaganda, were psychotic, megalomaniacal, totalitarian and imperial towards White people.  Neo-Nazis using the Nazi propaganda to support their xenophobia, hatred and violence towards non-Whites aren't basing their ideologies on the actual Nazi practices.  Unless they want to, for instance, occupy France; a point we haven't heard raised.  Their Western Imperium ideology would be an autocratic, ultra-dominant, imperialist, nuclear weaponized state incorporating the USA, the UK, France and Россия (Rossia or Russia).  Only some, Aryan, peoples of White ethnicity would be allowed full citizenship.  Their focus would be on the genetic engineering of a super race called Homo Galactica who would pursue the imperialist conquest of our shared Milky Way galaxy.  A bit like the evil Sith (e.g. Darth Vader) of the Imperial Fleet of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars movies.


We're not White separatists, those who want a separate White state, because every legal immigrant has the right to live in a new country as an expatriate.  We do, however, have our own space separate from Society (including from other cultures).  We don't push nor lobby for our ideologies to be implemented by Society, instead keeping them to ourselves as a private group of like minded individuals.


We're neither for nor against White segregationalism; wanting Whites and non-Whites to live near each other yet segregated with separate drinking fountains, etc..  This is because we believe the government has the right to enforce its own rules in its own institutions like public schools and yet it has no right whatsoever to enforce its values on private institutions like private schools and businesses.


Anyone choosing to judge us for our ideologies, which are libertarian, peaceful and totally non-dominating and non-imperialist, has that liberty.  But those who want to police our mind, which is being totally imperialist, and fascist of them, are completely overstepping the bounds of liberty.  You may disagree with us but you may not enforce your ideologies upon us.


Being less evolved, like all animal conditions, is a product of both Nature and Nurture.  One's DNA and one's personal experience.  DNA is altered by experience.  (Even by contact with certain chemicals.)  Genetic knowledge, epigenetic DNA, is a scientific fact.  Mice finding food hidden in a maze incorporated that knowledge into their DNA so that their offspring could instinctively know the route to the food.  Western Society has had millennia to grow their DNA with the knowledge of modern Society.  Millennia which the peoples of the Second and Third Worlds like in Africa, South America and Asia haven't yet experienced.  The predominantly temperate climate of the West has let fade most residual violence from distant genetic history (mankind evolved in the extremely hot climate of Africa less than 200,000 years ago).  Fast twitch muscle fibers have been replaced by slower twitch as people and their civilization evolved.


Obviously a low social status and the subsequent lifestyle lead to 7DS envy & wrath; hatred and violence.  However, given that Society is a slave system, enslaving even the middle and some of the upper classes in mundane vocations to support the financial elite in their lavish, work-free lifestyles, this is an influence on the bourgeoisie and not just the proletariat.  The fact that the proletariat live poorer than the bourgeoisie increases their resentment.


Both people and their cultures can be less evolved.  Basically all cultures outside the First World are less evolved.  Mexicans spitting on the ground.  Africans without a stock exchange.  Asians without decent civil rights.  The list of differences is immense.  Even within the First World there are extreme differences in the evolution of culture.  For instance First World countries without online megastores like, still with archaic monarchies, without a constitution guaranteeing their civil rights or even upholding them in their laws, most American states still using the death penalty, etc..


"You are biologically closer and more similar to a child if your mate is of the same race than if your mate is from a different race."

Michael Rienzi,

Ethnic Genetic Interests article,

Based on Dr. Frank Salter of the Max Planck Society's 2002 peer reviewed paper "Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is it Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?"

February 2003,

American Renaissance


Cultural appropriation is actually just cultural appreciation.  It is simply learning from each other.  Like eating pizza is sharing in and enjoying Italiano (Italian) culture and not hurting any Italiano people.  Like eating spaghetti isn't hurting any 中文 (Zhongwen or Chinese) people.


"What do you call a Black person who loves Motown and African art and prefers to be around other Black people?  A Black person.  What do you call a White person who loves Beethoven and Shakespeare and prefers to be around other Whites?  A White supremacist."

Jared Taylor,

American Renaissance,

Who is a White Supremacist? video,

April 03, 2019


One reason Afro culture has been accepted into White suburbia is fear.  To stop themselves becoming the enemy they try to become the friend.  'Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer' can be taken too far as can 'know your enemy'.  There are better methods of self-defense.  Self-segregation is by far the best.


Having seen the Malcolm X (1992) movie (written by Malcolm X (1925-1965), Alex Haley, Arnold Perl and Spike Lee) it's still, decades later, the social norm to call Negroes "Blacks" (as in black magic as in bad) and partisanly ethnic Europans "Whites" (as in white lies, purity, good) despite the inherent, hateful  programming and simpleton-ness it shows of Society.


Just to remind you that there are some very intelligent, civilized, giving, peaceful Negroes and other people that aren't Whites on our shared planet.


While male Negroes make up only 8% of the US population they account for 48% of murderers and 28% of rapists.[29]


"Analyses revealed that African-American males who carry the 2-repeat allele [of the MAOA gene] are significantly more likely than all other genotypes to engage in shooting and stabbing behaviors and to report having multiple shooting and stabbing victims."

 "The 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene confers an increased risk for shooting and stabbing behaviors" study,

Psychiatric Quarterly,

September 2014


African Americans were twice as likely as Whites to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, after adjusting for socioeconomic status.[30]  In the UK, Afro-Caribbeans were nine times as likely to have schizophrenia and Negro Africans six times as likely as Whites.[31]


A third of Americans admit to believing Afro-Americans to be more violent and criminal than Whites.[32]  The NAACP[33] (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) states that 1-in-3 Afro-American males are in some phase of the correctional systemPlus there are the ex-cons who have completed their involvement and also the criminals who have avoided detection.  Afro-Americans have found ways to be more acceptable to the White culture in power in the USA.  Namely by accepting roles in the minstrel and sportspeople castes.  This doesn't mean that you have to accept them in these roles in your life.  Negroes are no better musicians than Whites.  Their prominence in the music industry is purely cultural habit.  How much hip-hop refuses to use the N-Word, B-Word, F-Word and Mofo-Words?  A few percent maybe.  How much of contemporary Afro-American music is anything other than hip-hop (or the boring pop music)?  Not much.  Dissociate yourself from this insidious, extremely egotistical and misogynistic, violent self-loathing.  It isn't jazz and it isn't funk.


A Washington Post 2014 study counted the N-Word on Twitter used 500,000 times every day while equivalents "bro" and "dude" were used only half as much.


Afro-Americans calling Whites Crackers is untrue, unjust and trying to claim an undue advantage.  In the 1860s only 1.4% of White Americans were slave owners.[34]  When the Emancipation Proclamation was issued in 1863 there was only an extremely small chance of describing a random White as a (whip) Cracker accurately.  The North fought and won a civil war against the South and decidedly stopped slavery a century and a half ago.  All slave owners were dead a hundred years ago.  Get real.  Get over it.  Get on with your life.  Stop trying to live in the past as an escape for the present you're not making for yourself now.  Bad workmen blame their tools.  If you admit to needing Affirmative Action then you're admitting you're not up to the job.  Very few other countries have it.  White Guilt is a falsehood.  Present day Whites never owned any slaves and present day Negroes never picked any cotton as slaves.


In 2019 the unemployment rate of all Americans was 3.8% compared with nearly double this percentage, 7%, of Afros.[35]


The paradox is that the USA, already less than ⅔ White has already started to become a White minority country.  By 2014 Whites were a minority in American public schools.[36]  It was predicted that by 2020 Whites would be a minority among the children in America.[37]  However this is predominantly only in the southern states.  Whites are on track to become a minority in America before 2045.[38]  They were the only ethnic group with a higher death rate than birth rate.  Ethnic minority population gains made up 95%  of the American population increase, mainly due to Hispanic and Asian immigration plus more minority births.


Whites are predicted to become a minority in Britain by 2065.[39]  Whites are predicted to become a minority in Sverige (Sweden) by 2066.  Whites are predicted to become a minority in Italia (Italy) by 2080.[40]


Five major American population areas already have a non-White majority:

• Hawaii, 77%

• The District of Columbia, 64%

• California, 62%

• New Mexico, 61%

• Texas, 57%

NB  Nevada (49%) is expected to be next.


New York state had the most Afro-Americans, 3.8 million.  The District of Columbia had the highest proportion of Afro residents, 51%.[41]


Already by the mid-2010s in the capital city of the USA, Washington, D.C., Afro-Americans were the majority and Whites a minority.  Also in the capital city of the UK, London, England, White Brits were a minority.


"Future generations almost everywhere [in America] will be increasingly made up of [current] minorities."

William Frey,

Demographer, The Brookings Institution


"Hispanics [in 2019 are now] the largest single racial [voting group in America]."

Pew Research Center


There's nothing inherently wrong with other cultures.  All cultures have wisdom that one can learn from.  They're different.  Difference is natural.  We value other cultures.  One can learn and benefit from other cultures without wanting to integrate.


The vibe of each country is very different and unique.


American pride and White pride culture is often in a very confused state.  You can have pride in your identity as an Europan-American without needing to identify with Deutsch (German) warmongers.  You can have pride without having fear and hatred.  You can be separate without being at war with your neighbors.  To rather drive an American Cadillac than a Deutsch Mercedes.  To rather speak English than Deutsch.  To have pride in one's own culture without wanting to integrate is not xenophobic and hateful.  It's simply, peacefully asserting one's right to choose one's micro-society.  Europan-American culture is very put upon.