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Sleeping is a deep meditation.  You turn off the lights and close your eyes, distancing yourself from your sense of vision.  You keep still, lying down, distancing yourself from your senses of touch and taste.  You seclude yourself in your bedroom at night, distancing yourself from your senses of smell, hearing and your sixth sense.  You are distanced to reality.  You make yourselves some distance, some distantia, a tenet which is a good thing that helps enlightenment.  With this increased distantia you find increased peace, increased tranquillus, another tenet which is a good thing that helps enlightenment.  Sleeping generally occurring at night also finds increased tranquillus as most of everybody else is also sleeping then.  This distantia from reality is a type of meditation.  Sleep lets you get some distantia to your mind, your thoughts, your internal dialog, another aspect of meditation.


All 'dreams' are in fact nightmares.  They are a one way (simplex) communication.  Unsolicited, unwanted, invasive delusions.  They are hallucinations from Attack energy, not from your group energies that know you just want to have some meditative rest.  They move their false image of you outside of your control.  If you were in control you wouldn't be in the shown 'dream' situation as almost every situation one finds oneself in in reality is directly due to oneself.  For example you find yourself at the train station solely because you've consciously decided to go to the train station for all your reasons.  They bombard you with communication in the hope of eliciting a response while you are trying your hardest to get a small bit of distance, of peace.  It's achievable with a peaceful environment and deep meditation that this Attack can be avoided; restful sleep without dreams / nightmares.


Push your limits.  Learn from your own experience not what Society has tried to teach you.  Try staying awake for over one day, all night.  Try resting in bed all day.  Learn your own limits.


"Who's watching TV at 3:17 AM?"

"Alcoholics, the unemployable, angry loners..."

Bart and Homer Simpson,

The Simpsons (1989-) TV show,

Written by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon, et al


When resting, gradually, in steps, turn your body clockwise (generally) around your central vertical axis.  Feel your physical boundary against your bed.  Let it gradually surround you as you turn.


While sleeping you're at your most vulnerable.  The more security you can put in place the sounder you'll be able to sleep.


It's a strong group role to stay awake after the others have fallen asleep.  Keeping watch over them.


Energies communicating via nightmares could communicate information about future events.  The energies are around enough to manifest as nightmares.  If these energies were to be strong enough to then manifest in reality, to create a bit of reality, it would make your nightmares come true and you'd have had valid premonitions.  Nightmares are the visualizations of the external energy around you.  They may manifest during the following day.  They were already around and now they are making themselves evident.