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NB  This chapter contains our viewpoints and we recognize that for whatever reasons they may seem controversial to some.  In megopoli it's the status quo to use The Pill and engage in casual sex perhaps prior to having an abortion.  Think for yourself.  Don't let any objections you may have stop you from gaining by reading the rest of this book.  Even a Pro-Choicer would let a Pro-Lifer operate on them if the need be and vice-versa.


The key sexual organ is the brain.  Without it you ain't got much of anything else.


Tantric sexual practice is when orgasm is not seen as the goal.  Instead focus is on keeping sexual energy bubbling below the orgasm level.  Becoming more aware of the immense pleasure energy within yourself.  This creates an immense sexual pleasure that can last for hours.


You know you're beautiful.  You don't have to conform to an external image of beauty.  Most people are attracted to people with similar attributes; black hair to black hair, blue eyes to blue eyes.  Seeing someone in external who looks like you helps remove barriers to intimacy.  You can see more of yourself in them and so relate to them better.  You then also have children that look like you and as such can better relate to them also.


Sex is the most intimate act.  It is wrong to let lust for the hedonistic pleasure mask your awareness of this.  You should only have sex with someone who you are in love with, with whom you want to spend your future (this is what love means) and raise a family.  That's what it's for.


Don't have vaginal sex if you're not ready to make a baby.


Sex (with others) outside of love isn't a way to get high and it isn't a way to get liked or be attractive.  It loses you respect and this weakens your desirability to be loved.



Human gestation takes roughly ¾ year.


While pregnant or breastfeeding we see an intake of drugs as child abuse.  Even ingesting a small amount of alcohol when pregnant can result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which can result in lifelong birth defects.


Every baby gets half its DNA from its father and half from its mother.  When it grows in the womb it shares its blood supply via its placenta with its mother.  This means that half of the father's DNA (now in the fetal baby) gets integrated into the blood supply of the mother.  So in impregnation the father enters the mother's body not just the mother's bodily cavities.




We disagree with abortion for non-medical reasons unless in the case of rape (including incest) babies.  This is because we value the rights of the young lifeform, the unborn child.  After giving birth the mother has the adoption option.  It requires only a very basic biology education to know that all animal life starts at conception not at birth.  A started human life has a soul and a newly growing body.  A responsibility exists to that tiny person.  This person has the right not to be killed.


"Every human embryologist in the world knows that the life of a new individual human being begins at fertilization.  It is not belief.  It is scientific fact."

Dr. C. Ward Kischer,

Human Embryologist,

University of Arizona


"The essential features of human reproduction are ... (5) formation of a placenta and maintenance of the unborn child during the entire period of gestation, (6) birth of the child and expulsion of the placenta."

Encyclopædia Britannica,

Article on the human reproductive system (our emphasis added)


When does a child become a person, and independent of its mother?  A new child is a unique person with its own unique DNA from day one post-conception.


By the time an unborn child is:

18 days old – A baby's heart beats,

42 days old – Brain waves detected,

52 days old – A baby hiccups and yawns,

8 weeks old – All organs function,

9 weeks old – Has fingerprints,

10 weeks old – Can feel pain,

12 weeks old – Can smile.


We support abortion for medical reasons concerning the health of either the fetus or the mother.  This makes justifiable reasoning include Down syndrome, Tay-Sachs disease and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).  Forcing a mother to go through the torture of carrying to term a baby conceived in rape, probably the worst experience of their life, would be callous and unsympathetic.  In this instance the child does have to suffer for the sins of the father.  The rape baby may be of mixed race which may be something the mother wouldn't have consented to.  Rape victims generally have the Morning-After Pill post-coitus contraception available.


Around 56 million abortions are performed around the world each year.[72]  Only one to two percent of these are where the reason is rape, incest or a threat to the life of the mother.  There is a weighty argument for abortions where there's a threat to the life of the mother in that despite the inherent favorability of the child over the parent, that they're the natural successor and ideally outlive the parent anyway, 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'.  As the mother may be able to conceive many more children over the next few years this would result in more of their children than if the mother were allowed to die.  Gallup polls say that more than half of all Americans oppose abortion in either all cases or all but the very rare cases stated above.  Abortion is a highly emotional, lose-lose, ideological issue (coming down on either side pisses off almost half the population).


It's an atrocious planetary vibe; the pain and murder of all the unborn children aborted almost worldwide.


Hollywood actors Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer are vocal about their Pro Life (anti-abortion) views.  NFL player Matt Birk refused to attend a meeting with President Obama because of the President's pro-abortion stance.


If you can see this point of view, that an unborn child has the right to life, then look around into Society and see how it violates this fundamental right.  Taking the immense scale of the problem globally then you can see how much Society deludes itself into accepting its own faults however grossly unjust they may be.  Many people are allegedly intelligent yet deluded by Societal brainwashing that stops them thinking for themselves.


Celebrate your conception day not your birth day.  Proudly add nine months to your age.



We're against the use of contraceptive pills as they severely alter body chemistry.


We recommend the barrier method of contraception; condoms & spermicide or cervical cap (diaphragm) & spermicide although we do note that the most common spermicide, nonoxynol-9, is reputedly carcinogenic.  The Rhythm Method when used responsibly with an in-ear, accurate thermometer and logged vigilantly is a very effective method of contraception, especially when used with a cap.  Electronic tools are available which measure two hormones to indicate which are a woman's four or more fertile days per menstrual cycle.


Birth (conception) control pills and condoms (with spermicide) each have a 99% success rate when used correctly.[73]  This is not complete protection against pregnancy.


Don't have vaginal sex if you're not ready to make a baby.


Oral Sex

Oral sex; fellatio, cunnilingus and the 69 position, is an extremely satisfying alternative to penetrative sex with zero risk of unwanted pregnancy although there is still the risk of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) transmission and barriers (condoms or dental dams) should therefore be used.


In general, sex should be for reproduction only.  Oral sex is pure hedonism.  There's no biological imperative for it at all.  However, it's very intimate; trusting your spouse's teeth to be that close to your most tender, sensitive, fragile parts, and the instant feedback from using your delicate tongue on their erotic tip.


Anal Sex

We're against anal sex as it's not where it's supposed to go.  The penis goes into the vagina.  It's nice and clean in there.  The act is full of love and care.  Anal sex is basically shitting on genitalia, which is no good energetically for either party.  Beware of cultures, generally Catholic, that practice this as a form of contraception because other forms are outlawed by their religion.


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) (and the resultant AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is more commonly transmitted via anal sex especially due to the greater prevalence of bleeding.  Bleeding; almost always not a good thing in case you were confused.



(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Questioning)

Lesbian refers to a woman sexually desiring a woman.

Gay refers to a man sexually desiring a man.

Bisexual refers to someone sexually desiring someone regardless of their gender.

Transsexual refers to someone who views themselves as of the opposite gender to their biological gender.

Questioning refers to someone who is considering accepting one of these psychopathologies into their personality.

Metrosexual refers to someone in one of the above categories.


Gender is physically determined within each cell of everyone.  A more effeminate male or more masculine female than is normal for their gender is no excuse for homosexual behavior.  Physiological abnormalities do not predispose individuals to the unnatural surgical procedures and unnatural meds regime of transsexuals.  The individuals should be comfortable in themselves.  Who cares which genders use which bathrooms?  It's of concern that homosexuals have the opportunity to see another male's penis, especially boys'.  The solution is to have more private urinals or sensibly use a stall.  The Ally McBeal (1997-2002) TV show had unisex bathrooms in their law firm in 1997.  Transvestites like anyone else should wear what they dig.  Everyone looks stupid in makeup and heels and straight males in Scotch, Tibetan and other cultural groups wear skirts.  Homosexuality can be detected on sight by common physical traits due to physical differences and by an enlightened reading of their aura.  Generally the psychologies are a perverse couple.  The effeminate 'Bitch' or 'Femme' who uptakes the Societally traditional role of the woman and the masculine 'Butch' who uptakes the Societally traditional role of the man.  People with a homosexual mindset Attack other people in the spreading of their psychopathology, their suicidality (in that they generally chose not to reproduce) and, in males, their unhealthy and unnatural sexual practice of sodomy.  It's a pitiful excuse that male 'Bitches' who can be physically more effeminate feel comfortable being treated in a feminine gender role by males.  Male 'Butches' fulfilling these desires are unable to claim any physiological faux-reasoning for their psychopathology.  In females these excuses are reversed.  One cannot condone a lifestyle and mindset which promotes psychopathology and unhealthy, unnatural sexual practices in people.  Whether they be 'possessed' or otherwise deluded into disregarding their own gender.  The complementary roles promote these delusions for their own inadequacies.  People this Attacked are obviously to be avoided as much as possible.  When you see that lifeforms are the safekeepers of their DNA code.  That one's own life extends beyond their own lifetime in the ancestral heritage of their DNA.  Not having children is the death of their individual branch of DNA.  It is self-harm.  Promoting not having children by promoting homosexuality, especially by participating in homosexuality with another, is inciting self-harm.  This is criminal.  It is also deviating from nature.  Support for homosexuality is promotion of these Attack perversions and criminality.  Homosexuality is subconsciously pushed by each gender to their own in Society to free up more potential sexual partners.  Gender dysphoria is a recognized mental illness listed in the industry's standard; the DSM V.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

If you're in a Social sub-group that is prone to STDs then take a moment to ponder why dis-ease has targeted you.  Maybe it's because you're having too much fun or maybe, also our view, it's because it's the wrong kind of fun.



Use the example of nature to avoid sexual contact with your blood family members.  Also science tells us that inbreeding allows dangerous submissive genes to surface.


The infamous Freudian (Österreichisch (Austrian) psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud 1856-1939) quote that every son wishes to sleep with their mother is part of a group dynamic.  As head female this position includes sexual desirability.  As the child you must leave that parental group.  There's a related Attack where the attraction is towards the parent of the same gender.  It's another Attacked group dynamic for a male to want to BDSM dominate another person using sexual penetration, even a male.


Underage Sex

A 2015 study showed that 2-in-5 American high school students had had sexual intercourse, while more than 1-in-10 had had four or more partners.[74]  These amounts have been reducing.  So called Romeo & Juliette laws can permit sexual contact if both partners are below the legal age of consent but not a second older.  This means that there will be a period where their sexual relationship will be illegal if only for a few months, yet it may last years.  Partners are often given more legal room if they're married although as minors this usually requires the permission of their parents.


Menarche is a girl's first menstrual cycle.  The average age of menarche is about 12.5 years in the United States, 12.7 in Canada and 12.9 in the UK.[75]  It is influenced by genetic and environmental factors, especially nutrition.  The global average varies significantly although is generally at around 13 years old and Western pedophilia laws usually use this age as a guideline for severity of sentencing.  A newly teenage girl has a body sexually developed to a IV out of V on the Tanner scale.  A 15 year old girl can have, although may not, a Tanner scale V, a fully sexually developed body.[76]


The American horror movie genre programs against teen and premarital sex.  In Europa[77] (Europe) some states permit sexual contact of post-pubescent teens.  For a large amount of people it's the cultural norm to get married at puberty.  This happens mainly outside of the First World however it's legally available in America in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Texas.  Fundamentally, the age of consent for a loving, sexual relationship should be on reaching Tanner scale V physically, then taking into account the person's knowledge of sex and its potential consequences.  Morally, sex should only occur between spouses.  America's 16-18 years old age requirement is extreme when compared with Europa.  The legal ages of consent there are 15 countries at 14 years old, 12 countries at 15 years old, 20 countries at 16 years old, two countries at 17 years old and three at 18 (including Catholicism epicenter Stato della Città del Vaticano (Vatican City) and Muslim Türkiye (Turkey)).  Some of these limits can be lowered under Romeo & Juliette laws.[78]  An ephebophile is an adult whose sexual preference is for 15~19 year olds.[79]


Realistically, an underage sex mindset is totally impractical due to its inherent illegality and should be vehemently avoided.  If you want or lust after something that you won't pursue it'll confuse your energies.  Your energies will want to achieve your desires yet your conscious control won't let them.  Due to the forbidden fruit taboo; the temptation in testing laws, the dry sponge analogy; 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' but you can surely teach a young person, that draws faux-parental care into a sexual relationship and the desired 'you're only as old as the person who you feel'; the hope that the vitality of youth will be contagious, this is a very large Societal issue and Attack.  In multimedia religion it is approached by the Lolita book & movies and the movies Taxi Driver, Léon and Beautiful Girls amongst others.  Stop thinking so solipsistically and use some empathy to see how detrimental underage sex would be for the child.


Completely avoid the legal, extremely disturbing VKP (virtual kiddie porn).  VKP is porn where the likenesses of adult pornstars are digitally altered to make them appear underage.  Software similar to that which ages missing children photos to get adult likenesses is used in reverse.  This breeds an extremely unhealthy appetite for criminality and at the very least a flagellating torture where one's desires can never be fulfilled.  Most of the adult entertainment industry is resoundingly against any KP vibe, refusing to promote the fiction that their adult models are underage, like refraining from using KP terms such as 'lolita' and 'teenie'.  Only a few providers even do school sets, where obviously there is an adult side being that seniors graduate as adults.


CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) is a very real danger in our Communication Age.  Older individuals preying on, manipulating children for the purpose (motive) of abusing them; not caring for them instead solely using them for sexual gratification; as a sex toy.  There is also the danger of intra-gang sexual exploitation; one female being passed around a gang of males.  The worst type of CSE is enforced child prostitution.  The kid then being subject not solely to one abuser but multiple each day.


Differing Ages

Sexual relationships between people of widely different ages can work well.  Young people can probably form a more secure, long term relationship with an older partner compared to those they form as the norm with people of similar age.  At the very least it's equivalently acceptable.  Of course younger people are more vulnerable to abuse and older people can be more skilled at abusing.  Older people have more wisdom to share, know more what they want and have more financial security.  Everyone knows the octogenarian Hugh Heffners can get the 21 year old models, sometimes.  And everyone knows the American Dream teaches us that anyone can be wealthy.  So we all have a chance.  Don't give up your dreams.  George Foreman won the heavyweight boxing crown at age 45.  Age doesn't have to be the limitation that Attack wants it to be.



We don't believe in adhering to a one-to-one relationship.  Western Society acts poor therefore they're figuratively communist, they feel everyone must be equal, have an equal slice of the pie.  We see that one person could have multiple (heterosexual) partners at the same time all under one roof.  If they, as consenting adults, can get this to work for them then Society has no grounds for complaint.  They'd have to stay unmarried though or  else risk charges of adultery.  America is 51% female which means in every hundred people, were they to pair up with the opposite gender (or even in equal number with the same gender), for every 49 couples there would be two women left alone.



Pornography is extremely impersonal however attractive.  Hardcore pornography is the documentation of people engaged in the immoral act of casual sex.  We are strongly against hardcore, regular porn because of this and the Attack vibes it subsequently carries.  However we support heterosexual softcore pornography like Playboy as it promotes natural heterosexuality and stimulates a healthy sexual interest.  It does all this while simply capturing the women in their birthday suits, natural as the day they were born, without them engaging in any way in a sexual act involving another person.  Try for info on Playboy.



Masturbation is pure hedonism.  It can be useful to program sexual desires.  For example, masturbating over a beau programs the desired sexual relationship into your energies.  It should be reserved for rare occasions and not used for everyday carnal pleasure.  The purpose of sexual pleasure is to reinforce reproductive sexual encounters.  It's abusing the system to use it to solely pleasure oneself.  Obviously, this can even lead to a lessening of reproductive sexual encounters because one already feels sexually satisfied.



We disapprove of prostitution as it belittles the base intimate experience to quick hedonistic commerce.



Reproduce.  From two people making only one is depletion of the population.  Making two children is only trying to break even.  Having three or more kids is necessary to grow a population.  The future is ours for the making.



When a person has a partner, a spouse, a GF or BF, do not offer yourself sexually to them.  As it's the Societal norm then assume, unless you know differently, every player expects monogamy.  They must take responsibility for their satisfaction or lack of such in their relationship.  It must be assumed that they're satisfied, certainly they're committed and are therefore unavailable.  If they wanted to be available to you they wouldn't be in the relationship that they are.  To think and act any different is to belittle the very subject of your interest.  Telling them to change their lives to suit your desires.  You're destroying the relationship and stability that they're in.  Taking on the huge responsibility of meeting and surpassing the relationship for them that you at best can only see one side of.  You're encouraging them into immorality by being unfaithful.  You're casting judgement on a relationship that you can't see both sides of.  You're dominating them by deciding for them the course of action you deem best, and you're very biased and very blinkered.  It's greedy and thieving to want and try to take what 'belongs' to another, what they have.  You're ruining what must be assumed is a good part of their life and as you've no intimate history with them this is all for only the possibility of you having a good relationship with them.  It's what Society often does.  It's a scummy, envious and greedy part of Society that gambles with other people's lives.  Do yourself and them a favor and stay away from them in that way if they're currently spoken for.


If you've made a commitment to a monogamous intimate relationship, however unsaid, to be unfaithful is terrible for all three parties.  You're abusing the trust of your partner and you're destroying the morals of both yourself and your new partner.  You can't be trusted.  The chances are that it's a deep seated pathology, you have no morals in this regard and so you'll more than likely do it again.  As the new partner you should be aware of the lack of morals, lack of trustworthiness of your new partner and that they'll likely cheat on you too.  There are honorable ways to stop a relationship that you're in.  Even marriage has a get out clause.



Sexual reproduction is the most special thing there is.  It's the most magical thing there is.  To consciously start a new lifeform.  Individual yet connected.  Separate yet part of the Gaian (Earthling) group, the omniversal group.


Choosing a sexual partner, a life partner, is the most important decision of one's life.



Microchimerism is the existence of a small amount of cells from another person in the host's body.  The cells are genetically distinct.  It is theorized that this can occur through ejaculation during unprotected intercourse.  Microchimerism is also found in some mother-fetus, older to younger sibling, twin siblings and blood transfusion bonds.[80]  Sex is a most intimate act and this resultant bond is proof.  It is food for thought for who you want to bond forever with even without sharing in the creation of a life.


Digital Life

Creating AIs is helping the next step of evolution but Gaians are still very far from a comparably evolved AI.  One with a lateral intelligence and emotional understanding and communication.  Even if they could ever have the innate energy of a natural lifeform.



Being sexual is for when you're in a spousal relationship and trying to make a baby.  Dating is about quality not quantity.  Getting a date with a loose person means nothing.  Whereas a date with a more selective person means a lot, it's an achievement to be proud of.  It means they think you're special and not just another someone to pass the time with or to get high from sex with.  Promiscuity devalues sex, the most precious gift we have to give.  It devalues physical intimacy.  It devalues people.  Promiscuous people are very disturbed people.  They hedonistically use sex solely as a way to get high.  To fully psychoanalyze promiscuity is a long, in depth task which isn't necessary to understand how negative and psychologically damaging it is.  Often it is a desperate bid to attempt to snare a spouse yet giving up the good stuff on the first or sometimes third date shows how little they value physical intimacy and as such is no big give.  Frequently it's a form of self-harm reinforcing that other people only want them for hedonistic sex and not for love yet what other response could they receive when this is the exact same thing that they're saying to external.  Modern Society programs promiscuity; it's extremely often shown as the norm.  Promiscuity is very sad, and harmful.  No one with self-respect and a desire to someday have a loving family of their own would be promiscuous.  The 易經 (Yi Jing) describes the imagery of a woman throwing herself away on a man made only of bronze and that this means she is not a worthy beau.



A common Attack is to influence sexual vibes.  Attack hitting sexual imagery and desire.  Attack taking sexual desire so that one doesn't even masturbate.  That external is the one that's allowed to be a sexual adult and you are not.  It's mostly from external group Attack.  Especially placing external group imagery as the image of sexual desire.  That external is the one that's pushed as sexually desirable.  Especially in a shared home.  In your parents' home the prime factors are the group of your extended family including your parent/s, the home itself and the home as the property of your parent/s.  Every girl doesn't have to seek their father nor every boy a replacement for their mother.



The top five female sexual fantasies involve vampires, werewolves, billionaires, surgeons and/or pirates.[81]