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Be your own programer.  Your most important job ever; programing yourselves.

Remember to reinforce positive activities by ensuring afterwards that you tell yourselves that it was 'fun'. 

Congratulate yourselves on progressing within energy with a 'well done' command.

Reinforce that you're 'not interested' in external unless you initiate it.  (And mean it).

Remind yourselves, never mind, sometimes that's just the way it is, with a 'way is' command.

Reassure yourselves that despite everything things are still OK, not perfect, not terrible, with an 'it's OK' command.  Things could be better, definitely could be worse.

Help yourselves through activities by reminding that you're 'getting there' through the task and that it's 'almost' done.

Don't forget that perfection is only an ideal so 'nothings perfect'.

A simple 'there's more' command when it looks like you're running out of stock of something can help calm concerned energies.

Once you've brought into your consciousness new programs like blessing vehicles prior to travel you can then let these slip into your sub-conscious.

Be careful of absolutes.  'Never say never.'  You can have every plan to avoid a place in the future but to say you're never going back there is a barrier for Attack to bash against.  It's more simple a challenge.

Take back your own mind; question everything!  Challenge every tradition and dogma.  Re-evaluate and improve at every possibility.

Organize your energies.  For instance tell them when Attack energy is dropping, invading around you and hitting you.

One's thoughts, vibes, radiate out from one.  Whilst one can generally be relaxed at home, in some situations one has to consciously keep one's thoughts from straying past the immediate situation.