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Level: Advanced


"He who isn't busy being born is busy dying."

It's Alright, Ma' (I'm Only Bleeding) (1965) song by Bob Dylan,

Written by Bob Dylan


"Your brain is god," said Dr. Timothy Leary (1920-1996), psychedelics spokesperson and expelled Harvard psychologist imprisoned in solitary confinement by the US government for advocating consciousness expansion using LSD in the 1960s.  President Richard Nixon (1913-1994) called him "the most dangerous man in America."


In your prime view you exist.  Everything starts with you.  Everything is about you.  There's only you.  You have created a world of reality around you to have fun in, to enjoy.  This philosophy is called solipsism.


Theoretically no action is necessary.  All is subconsciously OK.  Then you chose your level of interfacing, communicating, with your reality.


Yet in reality there's matter.  Our eyelids let in light even when closed.  Our most comfy bed ever still isn't a womb or flotation chamber.  The sheets eventually need to be changed.  We breathe, we perspire, we need to keep clean and to eat and drink.  Et cetera.


Be internal.  Be yourself.  Be all your accepted selves.  You exist.


Then create external.  In your reality create your projected view of yourself, your body.  Your body is the physical manifestation of yourself.  It is you, not a possession of yours.  It's not "my feet" but "me, feet".


Create that which is in the closest proximity to you, your clothing.  Create the room with the floor that supports you.  Create, with correct ownership, the items in the room.  Create the building, the area, the opoli (the population center), the county ... the planet ... the omniverse.


Your link to reality starts with your brain.  Your brain extends to your central nervous system (CNS).  Down your spine and out to the periphery of your body.


"You are the solitary Witness of All that is, forever free.  Your only bondage is not seeing This."

Ashtavakra Gita, Hindu holy book


You have no implicit personality.  It has all been built since birth and can be reconstructed to your preferenceUse logic to construct yourself.  Plan how you want others to see you based upon your goals for your life.  You'd gain from being seen as polite with the social lubrication it brings while being (appearing) strong and assertive.  Your behavior, your habits, your communication can be under your conscious control.  For example you can easily talk slang and use profanity or chose to mind your Ps & Qs (pints & quarts; about being wary of getting drunk).  You can chose to appease physical pleasures by smoking cigarettes or save your money and health.  Use your higher brain functions, your self control of your consciousness and use logic to control your own actions.


"Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going."

Jim Ryan


Society, people, developed personality partially as a defense to the Attacks of the world.


For strength be yourself, be all of your selves, of all of your timeline.  Be all of your decisions for they were all right.  Everything that has happened you've survived it all.  It has all gone into making yourself the person you are now, the most and the best you've ever been.  History gives one their strength.  All 3½ billion years of it.


Taking pride in your history is very important.  You've never done anything wrong, not wrong for you, you never could.  So you've never done anything to be ashamed of, you never could.  Your life, your choices, your path followed despite all Attack energies hitting you along the wayNo blame, no shame.  Take your history and go forward with it into your bright future.


The 易經 (Yi Jing) teaches only that upon which one focuses one's energy shall exist and flourish in one's reality.  Conversely that to which one figuratively turns one's back shall eventually cease to exist.  The Nightmare On Elm Street movies say the same thing.  Be focused, ultra-focused upon the good and solely the good in your life and goals.  Let drift away all the rest, all of the other energies.  This is one of the most important concepts in life.  Use your will to consciously control what's in your life and what's excluded from it.


People often don't want the 7DS envy & wrath they'd receive from having more power.  The ultimate power of being god would be about as much power as possibly conceivable.  Everyone feels lower than, inferior to, someone, for instance their boss, elder relatives, monarch, president &/or god.  They're not, but they're taught that they are from year one, so generally that's where they're most comfortable.


An ultra-important view is there's no such thing as reality outside your current environment.  Your current room / apartment / house is all that exists.  You have no neighbors, there are no cars to be passing by on the street outside.  This view helps focus, on your environment, your current situation.  Without distraction, Attack Off-Track.