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Level: Easy


"Y'all gotta start thinking on a different level, like the CIA does.  Now we're through the looking glass here, people.  White is black, and black is white."

District Attorney Jim Garrison (1921-1992),

JFK (1991) movie based on his

and Jim Marrs' factual history books

and scriptwritten by Oliver Stone

and Zachary Sklar


Ruthlessness is absolutely natural.


It's also difficult to be with because of the Societal programming against it.


Know that your prime objective is survival.


Know that if you were forced to make a choice between yourself or another person surviving the day that you would chose yourself.  Regardless of whomever that other person may be.  This is less clear cut when it comes to protecting one's children.  Apart from this dilemma it should be obvious over friends, family, government and your fave movie star.


This healthy ruthlessness can be developed over time, the programming against it can be lessened.


It strengthens you, far from making you into a sociopathic narcissist.


Ruthlessness is part of survival.