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Every peoples in every global state deserve freedom from oppression.

They deserve to live in a free republic not cowering unheard under the tyranny of a dictatorship nor subjects in a monarchy.

"Give me liberty or give me death," said Patrick Henry in 1775.

They deserve a civil structure, a government, which reflects their attitudes and fulfils their needs.

A socialist government institution which provides a civilization for it's population.  A free provision for those who can't purchase their own of quality housing, education to all levels, healthcare, legal services and money for essentials such as food.  It's about caring for society and nothing to do with anti-capitalism or communism.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., US Supreme Court Justice said "taxes are what we pay for civilized society."  No tax rate above 25% could seem just to us.  ¼ of one's income could be seen as affordable especially when compared to paying more.  In a utopian future 10% sounds far fairer.  Tax, being a percentage, already is proportional and doesn't require further banding.  One's first $15K earned should be tax free.  This is because it leaves one with just enough to meet their basic needs.

The traditional view of patriotism is flawed.  It's not just about your country.  It's about every country.  Governments understand this.  This is why they work together at the UN, NATO, EU, AU, ASEAN, World Bank, IMF, etc. and go off and fight wars in other countries.  We are all global citizens together on our shared planet.

Being separatist isn't bad by nature.  It's the difference between different tables at a restaurant and a family eating at home.  Separatist peoples deserve the right to declare independence and autonomy.  Whether it be our commune, the Jewish peoples, Tibetans, Catalans, Kurds, Australian aborigines or others.

Having seen the Malcolm X movie (Ext) it's still, decades later, the social norm to call Negros "blacks" (as in black magic as in bad) and partisanly Caucasians "whites" despite the inherent hateful programing and simpleton-ness it shows of Society.  We're anti-Affirmative Action as it's discrimination.  There's an old saying "two wrongs don't make a right."  There should be no admission requirements for university.  Desiring to study should be enough to enable one's access.  Affirmative Action for job promotions is totally unjust as promotions must be fairly earned.  An 'anti' bias is still a bias.  If all historic wrongs are to be addressed we suggest giving the United States back to it's native inhabitants, the Native Americans.  Plus historically aggressive nations such as Deutschland (Germany) and Nippon (Japan) could still be liable for their past actions against humanity.