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Every peoples in every global state deserve freedom from oppression.


They deserve to live in a free republic not cowering unheard under the tyranny of a dictatorship nor subjects in a monarchy.


All monarchical terms are therefore bad; because they're of a bad, monarchical, system, like king, e.g. The Real Estate King of Seattle, queen, e.g. queen sized bed, duke, e.g. the Dukes of Hazzard, princess, e.g. looking like a princess, dame, e.g. a classy dame, etc..  The difference in sprit between "god bless America" in America and just "god bless the Queen" in the UK is immense.  The "long live the king" banners on ไทย (Thai) taxis is so fundamentally different to America's "[everyone should] live long and prosper."  The amount of C21 people still living in monarchies on the planet is pitiful.  This shows a vast amount of modern Society to be deeply backward in terms of people power and self-respect including Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Espaņa (Spain), Norge (Norway), Sverige (Sweden), Danmark (Denmark), Belgie (Belgium) and others.


"Give me liberty or give me death," said Patrick Henry (1736-1799) in 1775.  Similarly, "live free or die," is the state motto of New Hampshire.


Every peoples deserve a civil structure, a government, which protects the populace.


A caring government institution which provides a civilization for its population.  A Universal Basic Infrastructure.  A free provision for those who can't purchase their own of housing, high quality education to all levels, healthcare, legal services and money for essentials (Universal Basic Income) such as food.  It's about caring for society and nothing to do with anti-capitalism nor communism.


It's the institution that is the government, that provides for the people, not the rotating figurehead.  However it is immensely important who the figurehead is for they get to direct the key policies of the government.


Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841-1935), US Supreme Court Justice and a Republican said "taxes are what we pay for civilized society."  No tax rate above 25% could seem just to us.  ¼ of one's income could be seen as affordable especially when compared to paying more.  In a utopian future 10% sounds far fairer.  Progressive taxation, tax having banding, makes sense because it's just.  People with more can afford to pay more.  Should they be duty bound?  Yes.  Like if one person owned the world's stockpile of computer chips.  The consensus would be 'share, share, that's fair'.  Taxation is the most aggressive act of government.  It's often levied on the wage earners, who are predominantly men.  One's first $15K earned should be tax free.  This is because it leaves one with just enough to meet their basic needs.


Children pay Sales Tax, Personal Income Tax, etc. like adults yet aren't permitted to vote which is taxation without representation, over which wars have been fought.


In a public referendum to change the status quo, including elections, there should be a requirement for a two thirds majority.  Displeasing almost half the populace while claiming legitimacy is among the stupidest things a government could do.


The general public aren't intelligent nor well informed enough to make major political decisions.  They're a bunch of amateurs while they employ a bunch of professionals; the politicians.  The general public therefore should not be consulted in referendums nor even in elections, unless they can prove both intelligence and knowledge about all sides of the argument in question.  Members of the general public should have to pass an intelligence level to be allowed to serve in a court jury.  (They're educated about both sides of the argument in court.)  A mature independence test would prove if a person is too easily swayed by external influence, be it a charismatic lawyer, subliminally communicative advert or biased news story.  If the qualities of general intelligence and mature independence were tested every decade, maybe the best of three, and the results displayed on government issued identification cards then an individual's eligibility would be quick & easy to get.  It could then be used to determine, when used in conjunction with a specific knowledge test, the right to vote, to buy alcohol or cannabis, the right to consent to sex, to view disturbing movies and other rights currently solely determined by age.  If a 24 year old woman didn't know about the dangers of STDs then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to have sex.  The government already controls which people are permitted to with their age of consent laws.  If a 21 year old man had mental retardation then maybe they shouldn't be permitted to buy a hyper realistic, gory  war game.  If a 19 year old woman was proven to be too easily swayed by charisma and knew next to nothing about politics then maybe they shouldn't be permitted to vote until they've learnt to think for themselves and educated themselves to a basic level in politics.


Nation states need to primarily act for their own causes, not anyone else's.  Knowing they're unique, special and different from everyone else.  Once that's established they can cooperate with their neighbors.  It's not just about your country.  It's about every country.  Governments understand this.  This is why they work together at the UN (United Nations), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), EU (European Union), AU (African Union), ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), etc. and go off and fight wars in other countries (like against the Nazis and Daesh (ISIS)).  We are all primarily citizens of our home countries but also members of the human race, Gaians (Earthlings), all global citizens together on our shared planet.  (Borders are necessary, migration must be controlled, homogeneity of nation states must be preserved, and foreign aid is criminal.)


Being separatist isn't bad by nature.  It's the difference between different tables at a restaurant and a family eating at home.  Separatist peoples deserve the right to declare independence and autonomy.  Whether it be our church commune, the Jewish peoples, Tibetans, Catalans, Kurds, Australian aborigines, Native Americans or others.  Wanting to be separate is a valid desire in itself.  It's not a slur on those from whom you separate.


"When people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)


Government should protect the rights of the peoples.  Protect their freedoms from oppression.  A list of freedoms could be infinitely long so it's more the spirit of the freedoms that counts.  The spirit that no freedom shall be inhibited unless it endangers the public or forces its will upon another.  Freedoms to be protected include the right of association, the right to peaceful assembly and the freedom to bear arms against a tyrannical government.


"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."

President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)


Equal rights are deserved by all lifeforms, by all animals, by all humans.  We mean the basic human rights of freedom from tyranny, slavery, torture, etc..  We don't mean that pensioners deserve the right to fight in Special Ops, because they have the disqualifying characteristics of feebleness, etc..  All genders, of all ages, all psychologies, all pathologies, all races, all religions , all cultures, in all countries.


"To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men."

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)


Military service and draft defy human rights.  Even in the extreme scenarios of WWIII or ETI invasion those who want to fight should fight.  Those who don't shouldn't have to.  Let them flee or surrender.  It's their choice.


People deserve free civil membership upon conception without any requirements aside from tax, for example no military service or draft-able status.


Countries should be as self-supporting as possible.  Otherwise they are literally helping 'the enemy'.  For example Apple, America's largest business, manufactures their American designs in the Foxconn mega-factory in 中国 (Zhonghua or China).  For the saving of a tiny percentage of profit for the world's wealthiest business.  They could be creating American jobs and increasing American GDP (gross domestic produce) to strengthen the economy of America.  Instead they are literally financing a country which is in a cold war with America.  Frequent 中文 (Zhongwen or Chinese) cyberwarfare attacks are experienced by America.  The 中文 country they're supporting has one of the highest death penalty execution rates in the world, they oppress the countries of Tibet, 台湾 (Taiwan) and 香港 (Hong Kong) and were in the mid-2010s antagonizing the world with their extraneous territorial claims over the (perhaps badly named) South China Sea.  Apple, as only one example, do all this due to (the Deadly Sin of) greed.  To make an extra buck profit.  This narrow minded, short sighted, logic destabilizes America which ultimately threatens the very safety of the beneficiaries of the extra buck profit.


One of the world's most violent nations in history, Deutschland (Germany), was stopped in its violence in the 1940s.  Under two decades later, Deutsch (German) made VW Beetles and Campers were in demand in America by hippies.  Another decade and the wealthy were demanding Deutsch made Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches.  It didn't take long before Deutschland was again the strongest force in Europa, now economically.  日本 (Nippon's or Japan's) Sony, Toyota, JVC, Honda, etc., etc., have enabled them to regain economic might.  Now that they have this they've restarted their global military presence putting aside post-war more pacifistic policies.  The forgetfulness of Society with its disregard for policing transgressors has enabled historically violent countries to become extremely strong again.  Again threatening global safety as an ex-con is a more likely criminal.


The rights of the individual are of no less importance than the rights of the masses.  See chapter Individuality.  The charter of the United Nations (the UN), of which 193 counties are members, in article 51 empowers that armed force be a permissible response if armed force be used against one.  Society is controlled by an armed police force therefore an armed populace is the permitted defense.  Some citizens are permitted to carry arms in public and so an armed populace is the permitted defense.  An inherent right to carry arms in public.  Revocable upon good reason.


Nation is the group of people living together.  They may share the same culture, language and history.  State is the country they live in.  You can have a stateless nation like the Palestinians or Tibetans.  You can have multiple nations living in the same state like Hindus and Muslims living side-by-side in भारत (Bharat or India) before the creation of ناتسکاپ (Pakistan).  Being a nationalist means being for the nation states of the world; nations living within their ancestral homeland states, advocating national independence and strong national self-governance.  See chapter Tribes.