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"Look, if the number of murders attributed to occult conspiracies were true it would mean thousands of people killing tens of thousands of people a year, without evidence, without being exposed.   It would... it would be the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of civilization."

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully,

The X-Files (1993-) TV show,

Season 2 Episode 14,

'Die Hand Die Verletzt',

Written by Glen Morgan

and James Wong


Having spiritual and moral beliefs and structure is a good thing.  It shows a desire for an ordered, self-controlled life.


Omnipresent peace is the most valid goal for all of humanity.


The world's religions have so much to teach us all.  They all have their pros and their cons.  Most religions are very dominating of their members.  For example Christianity tries to control its members into following their rules by instilling fear.  The fear of their concept of a place of torture called Hell.  The Christian term "Lord" for their god means one who dominates (the lower, submissive, servile people).  Also referring to their god as "The Father", one who is the superior, the adult, the parent, to their inferior, immature child.  They also refer to their holy men as "Father".  Figuratively "God" is external, ethereal energy while "Jesus Christ" (the person) refers to people.  So if fortunate they "thank God" and blame "Jesus Christ" for a ding in their car.  It is a chauvinistic religion.  Their word of bonding is "amen", A-men, men are A, the #1 (like the letter).  Their tales can contradict science for instance evolution and the age of Gaia (Earth).  The symbol of the Christian religion is the crucifix; a torturous, capital punishment (execution) device used for 600 years including on their prophet Jesus.


The members of most religions willingly subjugate themselves to their god/s, to external.  We know that you are the creator of your own reality.  You are god.  Learn how to submit to your selves, to your subconscious.  This can be extremely difficult as Attack tries to fool you into thinking that its a part of you.  This then brings up the issue of incorrectly submitting to an Attack vibe instead.  Learning to trust yourself and recognize your own good energies is a very worthwhile task.  See chapter Self-Creationism.


Christianity is the most prevalent underlying moral vibe in our Western culture.  See chapter 7DS for more on Christianity.  Jesus is portrayed in all art as being of pale Caucasian skin and blue eyes yet he was born of natives in western Arabia, a place where people are of color.  Interestingly enough it's also not the norm for Italia (Italy) where Roman Catholic Christianity is based (in their own city-country of Stato della Cittą del Vaticano (Vatican City)).   It's said that the Christian god, God, made man in his image and man has a range of skin tones then this denies the Christian god the right to be seen as only pale Caucasian.


Like other psychonauts progressing their enlightenment we've found that the religion with the most in common with ours, conceptual-wise, is Tibetan Buddhism.  Tibet, being the highest country on our planet, could be seen by energy as more elevated, thoughtful, than the others.  Energy often works exactly this simply.  Our tenets of distantia (distance) and internus (internalization) are very similar to their practice of material detachment.  We teach about this idea in the Attachment & Impermanence chapter.  Buddhism recognizes a state of enlightenment albeit binary and they aim for nirvana (see chapter Neutrality (Nirvana)).  Tim Leary (1920-1996) and his cohorts used the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, as the source material for their book, The Psychedelic Experience (see appendix III: Books To Read).


Wiccans (witches & warlocks) believe in Mannah as the god that is all of nature.  As such, seeing yourself as Mannah, is in agreement with their view as you created all of nature.


Rastafarians also see Society as very troubled, calling it the Babylon system.  This is a reference to the Christian biblical story.  Some of their reggae music talks of the collapse of Babylon including by chanting it down.


Islamic mystic Sufi parables are fascinating and educational.  (See the books of Idries Shah.)  Islam is a warmongering, imperialist religion which preaches misogyny, wife beating and pedophilia.  Its strongholds are in hot and dry countries.  Obviously its peoples are therefore hot and bothered.  You're right to get annoyed with a barking dog but you can't blame it for barking.  To be simply obvious (and (Daoist or Taoist)) about it, a dog dogs, a bee bees, and a bear bears.  Hot and bothered peoples are hot and bothered.  It's said the crime rate goes up a percent for each degree hotter it gets.  Whether that's statistically accurate or not the point is valid.  Hot weather brings hot heads and hot tempers.  Cool means good.


Other major world religions are Hinduism, Sikhism and the C20 Scientology.


In the mid-'10s there were 91% of Congress (56% Protestant and 31% Catholic) and 71% of Americans who were Christian (46½% Protestant and 21% Catholic).  Half a century previous, in the early '60s, 95% of Congress (75% Protestant and 19% Catholic) and 93% of Americans were Christian.  Of the mid-'10s' Congress, 99% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats were Christian.  The other religious affiliations were 5½% Jewish, ½% Buddhist, ½% Hindu, ⅓% Muslim and 1/6% Unitarian Universalist.[42]


"Hell is other people."

J.-P. Sartre (1905-1980)


"War is Hell."



"Hell is the impossibility of reason."

Anonymous / Oliver Stone (1946-)