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Everyone has an intrinsic right to personally own items.  Theft is wrong.


Your possessions are a very important part of your reality.


Do not accept hand-me-downs and second hand goods as these items, energetically at least, reek of external energy.  This energy contains heap of Attack energy and can easily be overwhelming in part.  We say that matter stores some of the energetic vibe from every event which has ever occurred in proximity to it.  Clothing is extremely personal, intimate and becomes naturally enchanted by the wearer in the process of being worn.  Are you so poor that you need to risk wearing enchanted clothing?  It's unlikely.  There's a reason second hand clothes, for instance, are for sale and it's not because it's the previous owner's lucky item of clothing!  Be smart, buy new.


Imagine if you were so ethical, if you could get your energies so finely balanced, that the country an item of yours was made in matters to you.  If the workers were slaves, worked in a sweatshop, were subjects in a monarchy or dictatorship or were children.


Don't buy handmade items.  To reduce the excess energies imbued in a handmade item it's far, far better that they be factory produced rather than handmade.


Your possessions readily uptake your energetic vibe.  They naturally, gradually become enchanted.  They become more 'yours' the longer you have them in your possession and the more you use them.  For example if your ex-GF/BF liked your Snoopy glass and used it all the time then move on with your energies.  Clear your energies of them by trashing the glass and buying a new one.  It costs you only a few dollars for valuable energetic cleanliness and peace.


Be aware of the Attack level of each of your possessions.  Where and when you bought it, the relative price you paid, whether it was an ex-demo item or not, whether the delivery guy left it behind your trash cans all day, whether it was from the warehouse direct or from a store floor, whether it ever got dropped, scratched, was sick upped on or wine was spilt on it, etc..


Correctly dispose of your personal possessions after you've finished with them.  Items which you've allowed to be very close to you, your clothing and your bed especially, you need to destroy before you trash them.  Cut your clothing and slash your mattress and bedding.  This is to ensure that these enchanted objects which you've allowed so close to you and have therefore picked up much energy from you won't fall into the wrong hands.  So no energy can get confused and for instance try to see you and instead be seeing someone else's energies.  There'll then be energy confusing you with someone else; no good.  They'll end up on a garbage pile somewhere and that'll be that.  Be aware that anything you throw in your trash could be collected by a passer-by, an enemy, a stalker, a garbage man and kept.  Consider getting a cross-cut shredder for your important documents.


Everyday items have been designed and developed over the ages.  The shape of the common electric table lamp for instance is clearly a development of the historic oil lamp.  It's basically the same bulbous shape which used to hold the oil for the lamp.


Distance Yourself

1) Identify all your possessions (this is also an awareness exercise),

2) Identify the source of each item,

3) Cut your links to Society by destroying all items that were gifted to you,

4) Cleanse your energies by destroying all items that were second hand,

5) List the negative vibes associated with each item.  For example this notebook reminds me of a failed exam.  Free yourself from your past negative experiences by destroying all items that haunt you too much.  Put anything you decide on in a cache space, give it a day or so, then make a final decision and it's better to err on the side of caution as you can always destroy later yet you can't undestroy.

NB  Souvenirs and mementos, being lightly enchanted (though probably without the chanting) objects, are generally a bad thing.  Digitize them; take digital photos, 2D and 3D scans.  At least then they're not taking up much physical space and barely become unwanted baggage.