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Meditation                                            4

Working                                            475

Exercise                                            402

Achievement                                    245

Eating & Drinking                             408

Group                                                 99

Sexual                                               493


Mental gain like learning a new word.  Physical gain like learning a new physical skill.  Practical gain like building a new table.


A higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness.



Control the amount of pleasure which you get from life.

• There's an Attack type that wants you to get too much pleasure from dealing with Attack.  This therefore then attracts energy into interaction with Attack and obviously it's better not to focus on Attack any more than is absolutely necessary.


"Everything I like is either: illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive, or impossible."

Sarcasm (@funnytvveet on Twitter)


Pleasure is another word for the successful progression along your path in life.  It's logical.  Achieving eating a good, healthy meal not just having scoffed a sweet, fatty and chocolatey candy bar leaves you feeling good not just sugar buzzed.  Having half written a poem.  Having achieved a month's worth of dates with a beautiful, loving partner that you hope to reproduce with in the future not solely masturbating to a fantasy of casual sex that leads nowhere.  See deeper, further and more logically than base physical pleasures like a meaningless orgasm or a calorific, teeth rotting sugar buzz.