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Planning is setting out what to do.  Scheduling is setting out when to do it.


Planning your life is a necessity.  To be well planned is to be prepared.  This is a prerequisite for security.


To know what you want is an immense strength.


It's your life and you can do anything you want with it.  Now the question becomes what do you want to do with it.  Probably a spouse and children come into your plans at some time.


Schedule a session of each of your activities for each day.  Routine is good.


Stick to your schedule.  Use an alarm clock, especially on a cell phone, to help you measure time periods.


"Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going."

Jim Ryan


Rest between activities to give energy time to settle and dissipate.


Give yourself time to plan your life and to prepare both mentally and physically for your planned events.


Weigh your options.  What would be the situation if you did option A?  What would be the situation if you did option B?  What would be the situation if you did option C?  Check that Attack isn't deluding you into choosing an option by pushing a false or irrelevant reason.  Thereby allowing a greater hit to emerge.  Like a relationship soured or money incorrectly spent.  Work out the pros and cons of each option not just how each one feels.  Always include the worst case scenarios.


Decide.  Sometimes you have to just decide on a course of action and see where it leads you, how energy reacts.  The important thing is in the decision.  Good energy will back you up.  If it doesn't work out then you can always try something else.  Don't be too wary to make steps forward.  There's nothing wrong in moving backwards if it doesn't work out.  You'll be facing forwards when you do it.


After you've preliminarily decided on a course of action give yourself some time, like a day, before you commit yourself and your resources.  This gives subconscious energies time to voice themselves.  Sleep on it, as they say.  The bigger the change to be applied the more time cache you'd want to give it.


If you work full time then you're gonna wanna try to make some space in your already packed life to try to develop your enlightenment.  Start by finding 15-mins on a weekend.  Eventually your best bet is exchanging half an hour's TV a day for half an hour's meditation and introspective reflection, but start with less than that.  Start to think about your life, as the first step to reevaluating it.  Do you like where you are in life?  How can this be improved.  The obvious first steps are:

Making yourself some quiet, alone time.  Maybe retreating to a bedroom or garden.  Sit back or better still lie down and rest your body & mind.

Becoming more aware of, then reducing your use of meds.  Cigarettes, coffee, candy bars, cannabis and alcohol mainly.  Try working out how much you use each week and how much that costs you.

Is your job satisfactory?  Consider adult education, evening classes.  These remove so-called glass ceilings and open new doors to higher wages.

Enjoying your personal reflection time and fitting more of it into your schedule.

Increasing your range of R'n'R activities.  Try out some new hobbies.  If you liked chemistry at school get a chemistry kit and play.  If you liked electronics then an electronics kit.  There are robot arm kits for robotics, telescopes for astronomy, rockets with video cameras on, drones, microscopes for biology.  Pen & paper or a computer for creative writing.  Offline and online encyclopædias to read.  Pencils & paper & watercolors for drawing, sketching, painting.  Modelling putty for sculpting.  Music apps for impressing your friends with.  Graphics apps and heaps more to try.

Spend more time with your group.  Buy a book on how to massage and then treat your lover.  Help your kid/s with their homework.  Organize your family into all helping cook a meal, or planting some flowers &/ herbs.  Spend some quality face time with your partner and share your thoughts.  Spend some quality sexual time with your partner.  Try Tantric sex, cosplay, explore different positions.


Make time for yourself and your group and away from Society's canned, banal entertainment.  There's so much more pleasure to get into than from just the same old multimedia religion.  See chapter Multimedia Religion.