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Free your pets.


Let your caged birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, horses, etc. be free.  You're unnaturally imprisoning them against their will.


Boycott zoos.  These atrocious institutions hold captive so many once wild and free animals for the bemusement of Society.  They are animal prisons.


It wasn't very long ago that even in First World countries Society was keeping animals, horses, as slaves.


The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)[82] charity champions animal rights and has many famous supporters including Alicia Silverstone (1976-), Sheryl Lee (1967-) and Pamela Anderson (1967-).


By animal rights we mean the basic rights of freedom from captivity, slavery, torture, hunting for sport, hunting for food when alternatives exist, hunting to extinction, etc..  We don't mean that they have the right to vote, because they're unable to comprehend the complexities involved.


It's an atrocious planetary vibe; the pain of all the battery farms and all the animal research labs.  All the animals, including humans, held in captivity and used as slave labor on our shared planet.


"The European Union [(EU)] has banned all animal tests for cosmetics within the EU as well as EU sales of all cosmetics tested on animals anywhere in the world... the United States still hasn't banned cosmetics and household-product testing on animals."

PETA charity,

Newsletter October 2016