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Society pædofies its members.  It belittles them to the status of incapable, needy children while it raises itself to take the unnecessary status of the dominating, providing parent.


Women aren't "girls" anymore.  The pædofication of programming, via language, that they still are is to disempower and subjugate them.  It is also a male dominance issue as it's far rarer to refer to adult men as boys.


Post pubescent males grow beards.  A shaven faced man looks like a boy (or even a woman).  This is another Societal method of disempowering the individual.


Post pubescent people grow pubic hair.  Another example of pædofication is the modern cultural practice of shaving female pubic hair.  This makes them appear pre-pubescent.  This is also Society's internal conflict over its own taboos; making a desired sexual appearance as that of a child.


High pitched voices are an aspect of children.  Especially White middle and upper class men can be Socially programmed into having an unnaturally high pitched voice.  Experiment with your possible range for voice pitch and you may surprise yourself.  Imagine another non-human animal of your size.  What sort of sounds do you think they'd make?


The age of Societally recognized adulthood varies especially throughout the ages.  For example 'kids' can legally get married, start a family, start a career and drive to work at age 16 yet they're not considered adults until 18.  13 year old teens can be tried 'as an adult' at the discretion of the District Attorney in American criminal courts.  The SCotUS overturned the death penalty for juveniles in Roper vs. Simmons (2005) as it constituted cruel and unusual punishments which are banned by the 8th Amendment.  (Why they didn't feel this extended to include adults is a mystery.)  Physically people aren't fully grown, even if mostly grown, until around 21 years old.  Surely then even in Society it's treated as a gray area; adolescence.  Societal pædofication stifles mental growth.  Morally equating the rights available to adolescents is tricky, as it is also for adults.  For instance should a mental acuity test be necessary for voting?  If passable by some at 14 and others at 25 rather than 18 and the vote be given only then?  What about the same test used for drinking alcohol, having sex or owning a gun?  See chapter Republics (Government).


Society removes the right to free will.  It dictates what its members may consume and what they may not.  It dictates which plants its members may grow and which they may not.  Even when there's obviously no danger of harm to others.  It is overstepping its purpose of providing and protecting from others.  Society has no right to protect one from oneselves.


Children are expected to be, it's the norm for them to be, submissive toward adults, their parents and others like teachers.  To do what they say when they're told to, to a large degree.  Feeling a foolish desire not to keep their thoughts and plans to themselves.  To empower others when they need not.  To (want to) become dependent as a desirable form of relationship.


It does keep Society ultra-dominant but the cost to the personal growth and self-respect of its citizenry is immense.  The child is dependent which stifles the natural striving for independence of the individual.  The child is unrestrained, foolish and immature in its behavior.  The child is unknowing, unintelligent.  Notably a danger to themselves and to others.  The pædofication vibe promotes this restraining of the peoples.