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Reproducing, having offspring, continuing your genetic line into the future is hardwired into every lifeform.


Parenting means being a constant, supportive, nurturing, teaching figure in your kids' lives.  To teach & learn together in homeschooling.  To have R'n'R experiences by playing together.  To be there for one another to talk & listen to.   It takes investment of effort and time.  It is the natural way of life.  Parenting is immensely, irreplaceably rewarding.  By being one long bonding experience it overwhelmingly strengthens the family.  It is how nature intended human families to be.


Most people in modern Society let Society parent their children.  Both parents work and so the babies get dumped in daycare.  It's absolutely the norm for the kids to get dumped in school from kindergarten age until adulthood.  The kids get their Societal programming from multimedia religion like from their TV shows, video games and online entertainment.  The working parents prepare TV dinners for the family.  There is no, or exceedingly minimal, family time.  No, or exceedingly minimal, parenting to administer.  This modern, disparate life is extremely sad and psychologically damaging.


It may be possible to keep your children out of the System.  This means that Society never knows that they exist.  This completely stops any enforced quasi parenting they may attempt.  One would need midwifery skills to deliver the baby at home.  Then not registering the birth would keep your kid under the government's radar.  You'd only have yourself to answer to to ensure that they were well treated, educated as you saw fit, medically treated to your beliefs.  They'd be out of the reach of any military draft and far, far away from Societal programming.


This sounds dangerous.  It sounds like Society would get angry with you should they ever discover your deceit.  When enraged government can get ultra-violent.  They'd have absolutely no qualms about thieving your children from you should they so decide while quite possibly imprisoning you for a long time.  Accusations of Child Endangerment, etc..  There may be a safer compromise to be reached.  Accepting that a Canadian emigration be necessary should the draft be reinstated.  Registered children would be able to be educated at home.