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Traveling out & about, within Society, away from home is a time of high stress.  During this activity it's advisable to keep one's focus on oneself.  Don't let your attention stray, when walking down a street for instance.  Keep focused on energetic issues.  Like keeping aware of one's place on their timeline, personal energetic cleanliness and territory.  Simultaneously keeping focus on physical issues like the location of your wallet or purse, and phone.  Also keep in mind the location of your weapon.


It's all an energetic, synchronistic dance.


Be aware of your orientation; which direction north is in.  Know that Gaia (Earth) revolves on it's axis daily.  It's constantly rotating towards the east.  Hence we see our sun, Sol, first at sunrise in the east and last at sunset in the west.  Our shared planet Gaia is a sphere.  So below you is not just the ground but beyond that the burning heart of our planet and further on down on the opposite surface is another country or ocean.  Be aware of where the other continents and countries are relative to where yourself are.  Maybe it's that Africa is a straight line from your current view through the roots of the tree in front of you and keep going.


Be wary of people who are carrying extra energies, i.e. people using a cellphone's audio link to a greater, unseen group, people receiving comms from a greater, unseen group via music and people carrying luggage; obviously in the midst of a long journey.


Restrict your group energies and allow any energy the right to be in public areas like on the street and more limitedly in less public areas like on public transport or in bars.  In this way you're ensuring that energies are not being blocked unduly (see chapter Don't Block).  Have faith that generally, if you're sensible, your energies won't allow trouble to walk into you.  Try to keep as private as possible and wean yourself away from more public areas as funds permit.  This gives you more security and control.


Keep your energies focused on your group by doing a little of your standard work like writing, e.g. a travelogue, or drawing from your imagination or memory to keep your eyes from wandering and your pack tight.


A little eating and drinking during this period can be comforting and a good idea.


If you need to take a pill go to a bathroom stall to do it (and disinfect your hands).  If anyone were to see you popping a pill they'd naturally assume you were ill; not a good vibe to be associated with.


Preparation, preparation, preparation.  Going on a long journey?  Bring food, music, a movie to watch, etc..  If staying for awhile in a hotel consider bringing a sleeping bag.  Your own bedding smells of you not the thousand+ other patrons before you.  It's 100% yours to do with as you please.  Therefore far more comfy and homely.


Heap of the time, especially when out & about within Society, you need to stay in strict conscious control of your desires.  A significant portion of that experience will be saying no to various energies.  To remain true to yourself; your rules and your plans.  Like saying yes to a bag of chips but no to making it extra big, yes to a beer but less than three, yes to going out to a restaurant but not ordering champagne.


When out walking try curling your fingers in at your first joint past your knuckles.  (Not walking with fists.)  This less frilly pose is safer and more natural.


Most people don't use intelligence.  Be aware of what external Society's views are on others and on yourself.  The energy that others accrue from being close to Society.  In predominantly White Society Negroes and non-Whites are often thought of by a significant proportion of the population as being N-Words.  Women are thought of by a significant proportion of the population as being C-Words.  Not the B-Word which is a curse.  Children as brats, gormless looking people as idiots, etc..  Be aware of the Attack energy that they have and which radiates out from them.  Do not take it, instead reflect it right back at them, ruthlessly.  There is no blame, there is simply self-defense.  People with long hair are thought of, by some, as Hippies, Peaceniks and feminine, others see them as God or Jesus.  Bearded people are seen as religious and often, as it's a rare look, as a badly thought of Muslim or even a Muslim extremist terrorist.


Any weakness will be amplified by Attack.  If someone stubs their toe and acts, even temporarily and partially, crippled then that's part of the energy they'll be accruing.  That's part of the Attack they'll have to shake off to recover.  Even if it takes them only five minutes for the pain to subside.


When traveling on public transport and there's an empty seat next to yours be aware of other empty seats.  You can then energetically direct new passengers' towards those seats rather than having them sit next to you, giving you more space.


Be wary of your disposition as you enter a new area.  Especially areas with static people like bars and trains.  Its energy and the people who make up that group will read you then for it's / their first impression of you.  This is important as everyone knows you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

St. Ambrose (340-397)