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Rename yourself.  Take control over your image.  Your name is such an integral part of how others see you.


Look within yourself and find a name to fit the face that you want to show to external.


It doesn't have to be exotic.  If you wanted to hide, to blend in really well, then a common name would be far better.  It's the fact that it's what you as an independent person want your public face to be known as.  Not what external (your parents) decided to call you.  Your private name, your nickname, your handle for your chosen family to call you in private is different.  You might name yourself Mountain Girl or even Boris.  Changing your last name gives you independence from a family history of a family that you didn't consciously choose.  Do you really want to be known by a name other people chose for you?  "[Figuratively] kill your parents," Edward Norton (1969-) on the Fight Club (1999) movie audio commentary.


You can always change your mind later and rename yourself again.


There are people who name their children, usually their boys, after themselves or another family name.  There's barely a more BDSM dominating thing to do to one's child.  Denying them their own identity.  Fathers trying to make a duplicate of themselves and in doing so almost denying the 50% DNA received from the mother.  Labelling them from birth as only a copy of history not the unique snowflake they are.


There are male names like Adam and John, female names like Anna and Jessica plus unisex names like Dana and Robin.


It could easily be seen as chauvinistic to name women with solely a feminized version of a male name.  For instance the ancient, male name Paul becomes Paula, Paulette or Pauline.


There are heaps of combo names like Joanna from Josephine Anna and Albert from Alfred Robert.


Most Western males are named after Christian biblical heroes, after Jesus' Twelve Apostles, mainly John, James, Simon (or Peter), Andrew, Thomas, Philip and Matthew, and other prominent Biblical characters like Adam, Joseph, Luke, Paul, Mark, David, Daniel, Stephen and Michael.  These names obviously have a large symbolic presence although their commonality does allow them to blend in.


Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) from Norma Jean Baker, Bruce Willis (1955-) from William, Superman from Kal El to Clark Kent, Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007) and countless others have changed their names.