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The invention of the printing press brought the start of a new religion.  The religion of modern Society communicated via mass media and these days multimedia.


TV, movies, podcasts, music, radio, books, newspapers, magazines and computer & video games.


Socialization programming is via multimedia religion and should be gradually reduced to a stop.  Be your own programmer more easily by removing external programming influences.  Be aware of your programming from external.


Programming is a group activity where one learns group qualities from others in the group.  It includes learning likes and dislikes, morals, language, fashion, behavior, etc..  People instinctively copy these aspects from their shown role models.  The people portrayed by the media to be of high status, the stars; pop stars, movie stars, TV stars, sport stars.  It is subconscious, subliminal and extremely effective in programming Society.  The audience uptake these qualities without conscious thought involved; they're not thinking about it, they're not generally utilizing their ability to evaluate for themselves these aspects.


Decrease the amount of Multimedia Religion that you expose yourself to.  Most Socialization programming that we receive is voluntary.  Watch less TV, go to the cinema less, listen less to the radio and to their ever-so-attractive music.  Read less fiction and magazines and play less computer / video games.  Keep learning from textbooks.  Keep abreast of the news headlines while avoiding most opinion articles.  Rely on mainstream media (MSM) but also read some of the people's media, social media, as a workaround to institutionalized censorship.  Especially easy and quick to get a heap of info from is Twitter[71].


Popular doesn't always mean bad.  Yet there's pop music which is some pædofied youth/s dancing and trying to sing someone else's music & lyrics.  It's like dance music for kids, with singing and so a false idol to worship.  The Beatles' Yellow Submarine may want an enlightened message but its scant lyrics leave it impotent like a Lady Gaga song.  They may last the decades for the banal impact they have but there's no message worth hearing within them.  Not like a Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell folk song.  Not an Artist Formerly Known As Prince or Nobel literature prize winner Bob Dylan song.  Speed (1994) and Die Hard (1988) are entertaining movies but they don't have the artistic content of Memento (2000) or Bleeder (1999).


While storytelling is often useful communication the prime experience is vicarious; someone else's.


Multimedia religion promotes the Christian sin of breaking the Second Commandment; worshipping false idols.  However in modern practice (the sin of) false idolatry is constant in the industries of the movies and music.  In the superstardom of rock and pop stars, movie and TV stars, sports stars and models (beauty stars).  Society elevates its stars to a very high status and idolizes them.  There are billions (3,700,000,000+) of women on Gaia (Earth) but can you visualize a beautiful woman without seeing an image of one of the hundred most popular?  You're never going to be in a family group with any of them so again this is a torturous desire created by an off track Society.  If taken solely as an example of the greater Society then they are a useful generator of hope.  But this is far from the usual case.  Generally this undiverse, submissive and surgically altered class is used as a template.  For beauty, fashion, sexual desirability, personality and more.  A placid, submissive populace constantly looks externally to be lead rather than internally to lead themselves and face the wrath of others for deviating from the default group.  Art mirrors life mirrors art mirrors...  Yet art as a communicator has a responsibility to teach.


"God, I look 20 years old!"

High school sophomore

Nancy Thompson,

A Nightmare On Elm

Street (1984) movie,

Written by Wes Craven




"Kill your television"

Classroom wall sign,

The Faculty (1998) movie,

Written by David Wechter, Bruce Kimmel and Kevin Williamson.


TV is by and large extremely banal.  It provides news, weather and educational programming but the majority is extremely light entertainment designed for an extremely mass market.  It's designed to be easy to watch, unchallenging and even crime dramas barely stimulate when trying to decipher whodunit.  The advertising is frequent, incessant, blatant & subliminal programming into having false desires.  Give yourself back an extra half to one hour of your precious life every day by cutting out those dull comedy reruns or mindless dramas.  Try for info on TV.


"By the end of the first month I didn't miss TV."

The Narrator,

Fight Club (1999),

Written by Chuck Palahniuk

and Jim Uhls



There are some great teachings contained within the art of the movies.  You might gain from viewing Planet of the Apes (1968), Easy Rider (1969), Silent Running (1972), Hate (La Haine) (1995), Waking Life (2001), E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) from a chiral planet and plenty more (see appendix IV: Some Movies To Watch).  Try for info on movies.


There's nothing like a tragedy to make you feel lucky and there's nothing like a comedy to make you feel the bonds of humanity.


It's a strange day when you realize everything doesn't happen like it does in the movies.  The coincidental thing doesn't come and save your life when you need it the most.  It's up to you.  There are no White Knights or Fairytale Princesses.  Just people and their creations, the other animals and their creations, plants and nature's systems.  If this is bursting your bubble then it's about time but maybe you can't see it yet.  It's so comforting to believe the hype.  To confuse dreams with reality.  To think that wishing is a way to achieve anything rather than by hard work.


The difficulty is in seeing it for the drug that it is.  American Dreams that breed false hope.  Boy meets girl all obstacles are eventually overcome and they live happily ever after.  Heroic cop catches killer, and wins GF.  Anti-heroic robber escapes with tons of loot, and GF.  The industry breeds ultra-resentment against actual life and Society; it breeds depression and hatred.  A treasured few have worthy morals.  Though beware them all.


Don't forget to read between the lines; the subtexts.


Don't forget to imagine what happens next after the story stops being told to see more of the movie.


Realize that it's the writer/s that make the movie, TV episode or the song, despite the performer/s giving it life and the crew making it all happen.


The viewpoint that the TV or a movie has a message 'just for you' doesn't help you that much and so shouldn't be used too frequently.  The standard viewpoint of unassociated, rational, scientific reality is by far the best for everyday use.


"The movie never changes, it can't change [(yes it can BTW)] but every time you see it it seems different because you're different."

James Cole,

Twelve Monkeys,

Written by David & Janet Peoples

and Chris Marker


Computer & Video Games

Players' alter-egos, their avatars, in virtuality (virtual reality) can be used to hide or change their IRL (in real life) characteristics.  We recommend keeping a diversity as IRL.  Yet males can play as females and vice versa, homosexuals as heterosexuals, disabled as able-bodied, young as old, law abiding as criminal, self-controlled as violent, ethnic &/ racial minority as majority.  The major concern is the immense percentage and popularity of computer & video games that require self-controlled people to visualize themselves as violent.  This has been around since the beginning.  Space Invaders, shoot 'em up and beat 'em up violence yet also contrasted with non-violent Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Pong, Frogger, Colossal Cave, Sonic The Hedgehog and others.  The violence in Hack and Larn RPGs (role playing games, the forerunner of modern MMOs (massively multiplayer online games)) was not the sole focus as it is in modern FPSs (first person shooters) and even Lego kids' virtuality games.  There are sports sims (simulations) and The Sims style sims like farming or theme park management games.  FPSs feed peoples blood lust.  Blood lust is why people commit bloody acts in virtuality.  Someone living out violent daydreams, reveling in a fantasy world with their ultra-violent actions is being ultra-violent.  We appreciate no one is literally dying but the players are in deep denial if they don't realize that they are being violent and often for hours every day.  If they had virtual sex with someone of the same sex it wouldn't make them necessarily Kinsey 6 but it's still heavily homosexual.  They are being violent.  Undoubtedly their brain rush of adrenaline and the serotonin result of the kill is addictive and therefore self-perpetuating.  The more realistic the simulation, the virtuality environment, the experience then the more one has to consider the psychological effects of experiencing these fictitious realities.  There have already been spree killers who've admitted to using virtuality as a training tool.  Society promotes violence.  There's no question that violence is increasing within Society.  Spree killings have increased.  Society needs to seriously address how much it is programming this.


The American Medical Association (AMA) stated to a House subcommittee in 1994, "like violence depicted elsewhere in the media, video game violence has a horrifying potential to coarse society, promote acts of violence against real victims, and desensitize children to the real thing."


"So how does it feel?"


"Your real life.  The one you came back [from the game] for."

"It feels completely unreal."

"Stuck now aren't you?  You wanna go back to the Chinese restaurant [in the game].  There's nothing happening here.  You're safe.  It's boring."

"It's worse than that.  I'm not sure...  I'm not sure here, where we are, is real at all.  This feels like a game to me.  And you, you're beginning to feel like a game character."

eXistenZ (1999) movie,

Written by David Cronenberg



Non-fiction books can be immensely educational.  Fiction books can be intelligent.  They stimulate the imagination by providing only text and forcing you to visualize the environment.  They can be easily fit into your schedule as you have a free quarter hour to a day to read.  Most of them however don't provide anything you really need in your life and as such are light entertainment taking of your time.  Try for info on books.




It's a weird status quo that makes energy think that we can't entertain ourselves.  We make the music that makes our mantras (repeated self-programming phrases or songs).  We want our own songs about our own life not someone else's.  So who better to write them than us.


We know music is special, very special.  It's a very awesome experience and an ultra-powerful communication.  And movies; storytelling.  But we're all on about being internal.  Fulfilling the needs of your group from within your group.  It's best.  It makes it special.  Dancing to music someone else made, however good, just can't compare to even the most basic of tunes you made in-house.  It's easy to realize that most of what's pushed in Society as good multimedia religion fodder isn't all that at all.  Bright explosions don't make a good movie with an enlightening story and empathetic acting although they can sell tickets to mindless automatons.


If you rip your CDs into digital files try to find the space to use a lossless codec like Microsoft WMA Lossless (or Sony PCA, or WAV).  This keeps your music at CD quality rather than the far poorer quality yet smaller file size MP3s.



The murder of Serena Shim by a covert Türk (Turkish) government operation in 2014 is one example of the institutionalized censorship of mainstream media (MSM) news.  This shocking story was barely touched on by any of the MSM.  The hacking group Anonymous took up the issue and tried to spread the news.  Mrs. Shim was a US journalist who'd just started to publish her scoop about شعاد (Daesh or Islamic State) in Türkiye (Turkey) when she was killed in what was made to look like a freak accident.  If you're interested do the research, try Twitter, YouTube, etc..