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Commitment to a life partner is a worthy goal.


Choosing a sexual partner, a life partner, is the most important decision of one's life.


Standard marriage ceremonies consist ultra-heavily of tradition; not modern, evolved, logical, thought-out processes.  Is there a reason to involve Society,  government, in your love life?  No.  Is there a reason to involve Society's moral enforcement, their legal system, in your love life?  Maybe.  A Prenuptial Agreement would protect you from swindlers and simply from 7DS wrath should your family's life paths diverge.  An automaton can recite ancient, traditional vows and say "I do."  High divorce rates show a total lack of commitment, honest perseverance and mature sincerity.  We suspect that serial monogamists abuse marriage to gain multiple partners albeit consecutively rather than concurrently.  There's probably a healthy genetic reasoning within their psychopathological behavior.


We don't believe in adhering to a one-to-one relationship.  Western Society acts poor therefore they're figuratively communist, they feel everyone must be equal, have an equal slice of the pie.  We see that one person could have multiple (heterosexual) partners at the same time all under one roof.  If they, as consenting adults, can get this to work for them then Society has no grounds for complaint.  They'd have to stay unmarried though or  else risk charges of adultery.  America is 51% female which means in every hundred people, were they to pair up with the opposite gender (or even in equal number with the same gender), in 49 couples there would be two women left alone.