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Think outside the box.  Color outside the lines.

Focus your life on meditation and increased awareness of peaceful reality.

We don't need to be among Society.  Yet when we are the Yi Jing recommends bearing with the uncultured in gentleness.

Leading a life of meditational retreat isn't for everyone yet every little bit helps.  Gain from every 5-minutes of meditation and every half hour without the TV, radio or music on.  Don't be scared of being alone with yourselves.  You're good and you can improve your energies.

You are caught.  Caught playing games, standard Societal games, learnt subconsciously from your parents, your peers, the Society around you from day one.  How to talk like you are part of Society, how to act, how to react.  These games are within Society's mindset; they mirror Society, they are Society.  So they are teeming with Societal attack.  Dominated by BDSM themes, 7DS themes, standard energetic attack such as Western focus on the numbers 6, 7, 12 and 60.

Leave their population centers.  Leave their culture behind.  Leave their haunts, junk foods, seven day weeks and ties and high heels.  Leave their cruelty, violence, hate and BDSM.  Then you can rediscover nature in all it's beauty.

You may sometimes feel the bond of the Family of Man(kind) yet you must realize that a heap of people that you come into contact with are anti-intelligence not simply unintelligent.  They don't use higher intelligence and they resent higher intelligence.  Be them bar staff, taxi drivers, campsite owners, hotel managers, receptionists, cleaners, bus drivers, bank tellers, store staff and the like.  They'll never consider improving the world.  They'll barely consider improving themselves and only within strict limits.  Do not communicate with them any more than is absolutely necessary.  You are destined for greatness.  They are not so inclined.  You live outside Society's constricting box/es.  They wouldn't dare ever considering straying past one border.  Ignore them and continue upon your path.