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Level: Easy


Your language is your prime programming of yourself and of others.  Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) happens.


Words are concepts.


The first person you're talking to is yourself.  In everything you say 'to' anyone.  Be very aware of this viewpoint.


Your communication is far greater than language alone.  Your speaking tone, speed, rhythm and emphasis and your body language are among your other communications, all very important.


Think about words.  Think about their origin.  Think about their sound, their phonemes.  Think about what they literally mean.  Like the common phrases "excuse me" and "pardon me".


Communication is for a reason.  Just chatting with the vibe, for the sake of chatting, is negative behavior because it calls up a heap of energies.  If there's no definite purpose you're invoking energy needlessly and recklessly.  Communicate for a reason.  To inform others of something important, to tell them how you feel, to bond, to teach, to explain your viewpoint.  Don't chat just to bond without good reason.  Chatting to bond is extremely overdone in Society.  Mainly because you're bonding with people you shouldn't be, outside of your familial group.  Don't mess with your energies in this way.  Treat your reality with more care and respect.


It's possible to get above language.  A mental space where you don't need your mental chatter, without words sounded out in your head.  Words have an immense power that's difficult to appreciate until one can be without them.  As mentioned elsewhere in this book, psychedelic plants can help with a brief enlightenment in this area.



Be aware of every word that you're going to say.  This is a very, very difficult thing to achieve and can take years of therapy and retreat to master.


You'll be able to sense that Attack energy has a desired path for you.  It tries to ease you into saying words that you don't choose.  Like swear words and slang (which is OK in moderation).


Brand Words

Google, verb, to use a search engine.

Xerox, verb, to make a photocopy.

Crap, verb, to defecate.

Photoshop, verb, to edit a digital photograph.



Beware of faux-religious words and phrases.  Such as "Oh my god" or just using the words "God" or "Jesus".  These are invoking of an extremely large Societal belief system, a religion.  Generally "God" is used in reference to ethereal energies while "Jesus" is used in reference to people.  A belief in energetic powers outside of yourself is natural and understandable.  A belief in organized religious dogma such as Catholicism, Judaism, Islam or Wicca is contrary to Terra Sanctuarian teachings.  If you don't believe in a god then referring to one in your speech is being false.  Plus it's drawing energies into your life, religious energies, that you don't have and don't want a relationship with.  Try substituting "oh my gosh!" or even "oh my days!"



Try your best to beware, and be aware, of your swearing.  Saying "fuck", a derivative from monarchical times when things were persuaded "for the king" or "for king" / "fucking".  There are heaps of other swear words one could avoid.  You might want to keep less harsh adjectives for occasional, personal use, such as "blooming", "funk", "shag", "screw" or "darn".



Beware of your BDSM communication, even when talking to yourself.  Like calling an annoying person an idiot.  This is a form of weak binding of you to them (it's invoking your energies to curse them) this negative person in your life, ideally very temporarily and therefore best without these bonds.



Don't curse.  Calling someone a "silly old cow" is cursing them into morphing into another animal.  Women aren't "girls", "babes" or a "baby" anymore.  The pædofication of programming that they still are is to disempower and subjugate them.  (See chapter Pædofication.)  When called "hot" they probably aren't particularly and it's simply an attempt to get them to remove clothing.  The fact that your curse doesn't succeed is showing up your own limitations.


Casting aspersions is a subset of cursing.  This is a self-defeating practice.  Avoid it.



It's one view that there aren't any questions.  For example "have you seen my glasses?" is a statement requesting the response "I have seen your glasses."  "What do you think?" is addressing 'what' or group, pack and requesting that they 'do' thinking.  "Need your teeth whitening?" is a command for you to need your teeth whitening as in an advert trying to convince you that you have a need (which you probably don't have) that they can fulfil for a price.


Questions can be very invasive.  The intrusions of being questioned can appear very sexual with their constant probing.  Probing of your mind; your views, your history, your plans, etc..  It's demanding return communication which is demanding that they be accepted into a group with you.



It's one view that there isn't any humor.  For example "my wife is so fat when she moves you can't see her legs move.  It looks like she's gliding across the floor.  Ha ha ha."  This can be seen as a man outing his wife's weight problem in public.  Taking the assumption that he's over exaggerating it's also that he's lying to her detriment.  Laughing, very much group language, can seem aggressively pompous and be used as a hit; to be laughed at.


It's possible to find humor in the smallest things like a news story about someone named Mohammed Yosef or, for short, Mo Joe (Mojo).


Truth and Honesty

Don't say things you don't mean!  Sometimes, very occasionally, a small White lie is necessary.  Yet in general being honest with energy is by far the best relationship.


Say what you mean and don't use sarcasm.


If it was said, "he swore he had nothing to do with the graffiti."  Did he actually swear an oath or was he simply adamant?  Probably there was simple over liberalism with the truthFacts are facts and it's too easy to fall into the bad habit of using terms of speech that are actually false.



The medical profession categorizes behaviors specifically.  However generally craziness is simply Society's label for anything they class as too far away from the mainstream, away from the pack.



Consider language not in terms of the written characters but in terms of the phonemes of the words.  Phonemes are the parts of speech.  You can find them in the dictionary looking like strange characters.  Phonemes like "uh" in turn, "e" in eagle, "mmm" in mom and "ah" in article.  Be aware of multiple meanings for the same word and word sound, like "butt".  For example the phrase "I will touch the sky" is heard similar to "I will touch this guy".


Place Names

There's a Societally xenophobic idiocy in the renaming of foreign countries (states as the UN calls them) and cities.  They have names.  All of Society renames them for no other reason than faux ignorance.  For instance Paris, France is pronounced "paree", France is pronounced "fraunce" and Germany is named Deutschland pronounced "doytschland".



If something isn't your fault then don't apologize for it.  This would create the false impression that you were to blame and attacking energy would hit you for it (it uses any excuse).  Saying sorry is an admission of guilt.  One view is that people want to take credit for bad events that they had nothing to do with to strengthen their bond with you even if it can only be done, like this, by hate.  They're not commiserating with you, they're trying to give hatred into your life.  The fact that Society often seems so genuinely caring during this Attack is another glimpse at the cold, dark reality pushed by Society.  Like the pointlessness of blaming a dog for barking, the person apologizing has almost definitely, subconsciously learnt that this is a 'good' thing to do and be just as fooled as they're now trying to fool you.  Society is dark and twisted.


Yes & No

(+ This & That)

See chapter Yes & No.



Use the word "the" in reference to the thing in play in the sentence.  Avoid using it if the subject isn't in play.  It sounds similar to "vuh" for "V" or "vs." (versus).


With the question "What's the time?" the thing is play is the time.  Asking the time is in itself a high energy event.  Timeliness often being of high importance.  Asking for a positive result from external Society can be risky.  Using the word "what" is playing group with external.


What, W-Words & How

"What" is used to reference your pack or group.  "W" words, when, why, why not, which and where, are Attacked.  Your "why", Societally a very masculine concept, is within, you have your own reasons.  "Why not" and simply "not", the negative, is associated with the feminine.  "W" looks like two "V"s and in fact the Français (French) call it 'double V'.  In contrast "how", an "H" word, strong and solid, with a warning, needy "ow" sound, is asking your reality energies over your group energies.  "What" is often overused in place of more suitable words such as which.  For instance, "what whiskey would you like?" instead of "which whiskey would you like?"  "Which" is the more suitable word because it's asking for a selection from a group of options.


Why & Why Not

There are many levels to language.  Communication using language is an art form based upon a science.  Communicating ideas subtextually, 'between the lines', is part of the art of communication.  It's said that a great writer like Aleister Crowley can have like seven layers of subtext going on at once.  Explaining, in your subtext, the reasoning (the 'why' & 'why not') behind peoples actions helps people better understand their situation.


Almost and Just

These important words describe a situation.  Almost is the time when you have less than enough, as in "I'm almost finished."  Just is the time when you have more than enough, as in "I just caught the train in time."


Will vs. Shall

Must the future be willed into existence or shall it just be?  Using the word "will" implies a requirement, a potential struggle of wills.  Rather using the word "shall" simply states the future with a confident certainty.


Can vs. May

"May" is asking permission whereas "can" is instead asking for an opinion on your potential.  Use "may".



The C-Word.  There's no such thing as can't.


Just vs. Only / Solely

"Just" also refers to justice, as in "being just."  "Only" or "solely" means alone in a category.  If someone were bullying you just for kicks that wouldn't in any way be 'just'.


Alienating Language

Never use the phrase "you people" as it alienates your subject plus their group/s.


Status Quo Language

Heaps of language is status quo language; used now because it's been used before.  There are some words and phrases that are illogical.  Like the word 'hamburgers' actually refers to beef burgers and is nothing to do with ham and pigs.  'O' ("oh") is a letter, '0' (zero) is the number.  They look kind of the same.  If you don't understand the difference then you don't understand the difference.  However if you do, you'd be a fool to pretend that you didn't just because it's the status quo.  When talking with another are you simply 'talking to' them or rather 'talking with' them?


Energy takes you at face value.  If you're not accurate in your use of language then this'll work against you energy wise.



The letter S is associated with Attack energy 'couping' you; invading and controlling.  A common symbol for health is a snake wrapped around a sword.  (The Terra Sanctuaria symbol is also very similar.)  Pictographically showing the living energy of the snake animal actually on the rigid down pointing sword representing the skeletal body; the spine and shoulders.  The dollar sign is notably extremely similar, especially as there is no letter S in the word dollar.  Saying the letter S sounds like a hissing snake.  Snakes are a very basic Attack, the potentially fatal, wild animal that's ages old.


Red Pills

The verb 'red pill' is a term meaning to be intellectually turned on to a new realization.  It is taken from The Matrix (1999) movie.  The hero chooses to take the red pill to see through the illusion right to the truth rather than the blue pill to remain blindly enslaved like everybody else.  Used like, "my red pill moment was when I saw the crowds of so-called refugees arriving in Europa and there wasn't a single woman or child amongst them."  The verb 'black pill' is a term meaning to be intellectually turned on to a depressing realization.  Conversely the verb 'white pill' is a term meaning experiencing an uplifting realization.


Body Language

Always be aware of your body pose.  Use it, your body language, to strengthen your comms when you need.  The simplest communication is with your facial language; like dominatingly staring someone out, flirtatiously fluttering your eyelids or aggressively furrowing your brow.  Another basic body pose is making yourself look larger than life by putting your hands on your hips.  A common Attack forms a dollar sign by placing one hand on your hips and the other by your head.  Your head & torso forms the line/s.  The wave and the hand shake are very powerful gestures.  Saying I'm wielding no weapons (empty handed); I bring not violence to you.  Your body language speaks volumes.  Use it, don't ignore it.


Non-Verbal Communication

Growls and grunts can be a valid form of communication.  Dogs, for one, understand them.  Don't be afraid to express yourself using sounds, not words.  More common expressions are "oh", "ooh", "ah", "arh", "uhuh", "uh-uh", "huh", "huh?" and "uh?".  Avoid subconsciously communicating via coughs and bangs.


The Eyes

Don't forget eyes are a very important part of communication and so wearing shades gets in the way of easier comms.  Especially if you're the only party to be wearing them.  Take them off to connect more.


Parasite Attack

Attack energies often try to parasitically 'take' a word.  They try to gain ground in your mind (and brain) by becoming involved with your associations of a word, phrase or number.  An evil house energy may try to become associated with the concept of the word 'red' by ultra-hitting red things.  An evil group energy may try to become associated with your concept of the word 'dope' by promoting meds.  An evil person's energy may try to become associated with your concept of the word 'asshole' by being one & energetically supporting your call that they are one.



Attack likes to play opposites.  For example the new Boeing airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, turns into the Nightmareliner.  The USB ports aren't powered and hours into your flight there's an electrical fault which they still haven't managed to iron out, the cabin lights all go out.  The passengers think the plane's lost power and is about to crash.  OK it doesn't but it's a scary experience nevertheless.



Play with words.  With their letters.  Rearrange them.  One example is the movie Boogie Nights about a well hung pornstar is an anagram of His One Got Big.



From 'Anna' to 'Madam, I'm Adam' to the newspaper headline on the opening of the Panama canal, 'A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama' and many more.



Like the nuclear deterrent's Mutually Assured Destruction's acronym is MAD.


Numerology and More

Both numbers and letters of the alphabet have energetic vibes associated with them.  Learn the numeric placement of each letter of the alphabet, A is 1, M is 13, Z is 26.


Whittle the numbers down to a single digit by adding them.  So S, #19, becomes 1+9=10 then 1+0=1.  Words therefore can also be reduced to a single decimal digit.


The letters used in a word can be arranged alphabetically.  This is the first arrangement of the letters where the last is the letters arranged in reverse order.  This is the mathematics of permutations.  For a three letter word there are six (3P3) permutations, 12 (4P4) for a four letter word and so on.  The actual word itself is one of the permutations.  It has a numeric position in the list.  Tom is 6 of 6, 6/6 or 1 as a decimal fraction.  You can play with our free Word Play app available online soon.


Multiple Meanings

Some words have multiple meanings.  This can be confusing.  It may be clearer to use words with only one common meaning.  For example the word 'fast' has a couple of common usage meanings whereas the word 'quick' has only one.  Another example is the word 'lot' as in "I've got a lot of trinkets" which has a Christian biblical reference whereas "I've got a heap of trinkets" doesn't.



Keep undue Attack at bay.  Energy resists progress and most especially 'free' progress.  When you get, for instance, free shampoo at a hotel it's not "free" instead it's "complimentary" because the hotel room had to be bought in order to acquire the shampoo.



Make yourself four levels of importance:

1) a single instance, like you're thirsty,

2) an emphasized instance, like you're very thirsty,

3) a double emphasized instance, like for when things are extreme; you're very, very thirsty, or extremely thirsty,

4) a triple emphasized instance, like for those ultra-rare occasions when you're very, very, very thirsty, or ultra thirsty.


Eye Contact

Don't stare, it's interminably rude and invasive.  Giving someone the intimacy of looking at them in the eyes is a give.  It's less respectful yet acceptable to not even give some people this courtesy.  Like serving people.  However you do then give them the impression that you feel superior to them and this can invoke 7DS envy and resentment.