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Level: Medium


Innoculus is invisibility.  Invisibility from Attack.  Invisibility from external or others.  Being out of their awareness, out of their consciousness, off their list.


Invisibility brings distance.


Contrary to the general belief of Society one should not wish to be remembered.  This reduces the Attack of pigeon-holing which is ultra-restraining.  Society often falls foul to playing parasitic in desperation at their unacceptance of impermanence.  However, to remain fresher, cleaner, less attached one should strive to have as small a 'footprint' as possible.  Making only the smallest waves in Society's ocean rocks the fewest boats.  Politicians and superstars for their craft need to be known, as an author's books or musician's songs.  Yet for most people this is contrary to peace.


As an energetic cleansing practice visualize both all the images external Society holds about you disappearing, being solely limited views of you and not the actual whole you, and all the images which you've portrayed of yourself to external Society fading, as necessary solely temporarily and whose time has passed.  If you hold a public face such as a blog or website be aware that this is a façade whose image you wish to preserve and is not actually yourself.


For example, if on vacation a cab driver overcharges you a buck or two don't make a scene.  It's far better to let them have your affordable $2 than to stay as an aggressor to be fought in their mind for the next hour plus the energies it'd stir up for you to deal with.  Any confrontation could always become violent leaving physical scars that'd last far, far longer than a couple of dollars could be worth to you.


Try to blend in yet being separate.  Try not to be noticed.  Wear clean, mass-produced clothing which is non-offensive and common for your environment.


It is change that is noticeable.  So, all change must be achieved gradually.  This draws as little energetic attention to one as possible.  Stay under Attack's radar.  When less gradual progress is unavoidable such as when traveling by plane take extra care to avoid unseen Attack.  Notably most people don't like change because of its inherent uncertainty.  The preferred attitude is 'don't rock the boat'.  Yet waves are a natural part of life and boat parties rock boats.  Change is the sole constant in life.  Ain't nutin' to it but to do it – gradually and carefully.  The quicker one can adapt to change the better.


"Why is it that the moment your life exceeds your wildest dreams the knife appears at your back?"

Limitless (2011) movie,

Written by Alan Glynn and Leslie Dixon