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Level: Medium


Dependency is a great weakness.


The principle of independence is of ultra-importance.  You mustn't accept aid (within reason).  To grow and maintain your own strengths you must learn to do things yourself.  It's said that it's a strength to know when to ask for help yet what is it really that is impossible to do yourself?  Complex manufacturing.  Not much.


All force must be resisted, with intelligent questioning, i.e. not exactly if it's pushing you towards what you were planning on doing anyway.  If it isn't resisted energy could evolve into believing it has not solely a force but also an effect, which is self-reinforcing.  The more force proves effective in achieving affect in reality the more likely Attack is to repeat this hit, and so it spirals.


Don't accept gifts from people outside of your chosen family.  Don't accept loans.  These are ultra-group activities.


In fact a gift is also called a 'present' and you don't want, for instance, your granny to be continuously 'present' in your bedroom just to get a $20 vase.  You can't like it as much as a vase you hand picked yourself and the same goes for your reciprocal gift you give them.  It's an invasion of your energies by external.  You shouldn't be required by mindless adherence to tradition to accept into your life something imbued with external energies.  Even gift tokens are imbued with the energy of the giver.


Don't give up ownership of your achievements.  Energy wants to be part of your experience.  Society wants to be part of your experience.  It's a parasitic vibe.  A desperate attempt to suck energy from your successes, your life.


If, however, you're going to ask for help the 易經 (Yi Jing) wisely advises you to make your relationship firm before asking for anything.  For example one has difficulty hitchhiking yet it's way easier to get a lift from a friend; it's an acceptable request.  We accept help from Society in manufacturing our tools, occasionally in long distance travel, for data, some lessons, rarely for medical treatment and limitedly for their art like stories.  Not much else is required.  As we grow more powerful, with more facultas, we need less and less their help in these areas.


Try never to ask for help.  Under any circumstances, for any reason.  Obviously unless absolutely necessary.  Always be your own strong leader of your selves.


If you owe someone gratitude then give it to them.  Don't wait, get it out of the way.


People let Society do everything for them.  They let it make the music so they don't get the urge to.  They let it educate them then forget to keep learning after school stops.  They outsource cooking to it and are relegated to eat factory food because of this.  They never mature, never grow as they could, as a super ape in the Digital Age.  They lose track of their naturally musical nature, their taste for food with a unique flavor, with a natural freshness, they let slip their joie de vivre.


Of course we'd probably have survived at least a couple of decades had we been born pre-civilization but we wouldn't have had the fun tools of Society.  No DPMs, digital processing machines, computers.  Basically no intercontinental travel.  No medications, ointments, Band-Aids.  They've provided yet we're still separate.  They have good points but their bad quash the desire to be a party with them.  We can have a post-Society experience that's new and improved.  With almost all the perks and free of the negatives.  (See appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria: Meditation Retreat Commune.)


"Figuring things out for yourself is the only real freedom anyone has.  Use that freedom.  Make up your own mind."

Mr. Rasczak,

Starship Troopers (1997) movie,

Written by Edward Neumeier and Robert A. Heinlein


Torture anyone for long enough and they'll either die or tell you anything you want to hear in order to stop their torture.  External pressure, people pressuring you, even to achieve what you were planning to anyway, is bad.  It's the same thing on a smaller scale.  It's a BDSM dominance and subjugation game and nothing to do with them helping you.  This is very different from encouragement.  Encouragement is your group aiding your will power, like to complete a task.  If you involve external group energies it then totally changes from a challenge by your energies, that generally let you succeed in life even if only gradually, and becomes a competition, against external energies, Attack, that go to great lengths to stop you succeeding.  This is why you shouldn't discuss your life, especially your future plans, with external.  Pressure is a form of dominance, a terrible thing, that believes its will is more righteous than your own.  It's a form of theft; a stealing of your accomplishments by taking credit for them.  It was, in their view, their will which enabled you to succeed and not your own strength.  It's a type of parasitism; an enforced bond.  They subjugated you and they perversely see this as having helped you when in fact they've taken from you.  By succeeding or achieving without their pressure you build up your own confidence, your belief, in your own, independent strengths.


Becoming more independent is increasing your distance, your distantia, and your internalization, your internus.  See chapters Distantia and Internus.


Becoming more independent is streamlining your group memberships.  See chapter Groups.


Becoming more independent is removing your attachments and liberating you towards nirvana.  See chapter Attachment & Impermanence.


Independence is directly proportional to freedom.


Dependency is a great weakness.