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This book is designed to help guide your progress along the path of your enlightenment.


Our religion, the Church of Terra Sanctuaria, is a way of life.  A spiritual belief system, structure of behavior and an ideology.  The majority of teachings in this book, however, are simply psychological and philosophical truths.  Monxy discovered them through years of enlightened, meditative awareness combined with logical thought.  So in many ways this is barely a religious or spiritual book at all and yet when taken fervently as a whole it is our bible.  Feel free to ignore any parts which you think are religious and simply appreciate it for its science.  Wear makeup, aftershave, work a 9-5 and see if we care (we do try).


"The manual will not be understood by anyone who has not had a consciousness-expanding experience."

The Psychedelic Experience:

A Manual Based on the

Tibetan Book of the Dead book,

Written by Dr.s Timothy Leary,

Ralph Metzner and

Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass)



It consists of three parts plus appendices.  Around 125 chapters cover every important aspect of life.



In this part are descriptions of the truths you'll see more and more of as you progress along your path.


Each chapter has a rating; easy, medium or advanced, depending on the amount of enlightened consciousness you need to understand it.


These may be difficult to comprehend at first but have a logical truth to them which resonates out.  Slowly try to digest these.  Returning to them over time.  They contain a high density of universal truths which is naturally a lot to take in.


The prime focus of an experience (your life) gaining enlightenment is meditation and increasing awareness.


To progress down your path you must start to properly look at your world.  Reassess everything.  Just two small words but they mean the world.  Reassessment is as much an ongoing process as enlightenment itself.  It's imperative, and it's gradual; it takes time.


We describe the tenets; the core ideals for an enlightened experience.  A multitude of chapters cover all the prime important concepts in spiritual life.



In this part are instructions on how to guide your life further into an enlightened state of being.


Try to follow our recommended methods about how to live in order to clear your path and free yourself from Attack (evil).


These chapters cover the day-to-day aspects of following your path of enlightenment.  We focus on beautiful pleasures in one's daily experience because they make life worth living and they're deserved.  There are chapters on the use of medications (meds or drugs) as their use has been consistent throughout human history.


We write about Society as it's the major part of everyday existence and about the USA as it's the leading country on the planet.  We discuss ethnicity as it's an essential part of life.



In this part we cover the important governmental and societal issues of our life on Gaia (Earth) today.  Like the right to free speech, to self-medicate and practice free will.


We cover the Societal issues both historic and current including communism, Antifa, SJWs, WWII, WWIII, Islam, Islamic State, the 2010s' refugee crisis, financial iniquity, politics and hate.



Seven appendices provide more information on the 易經 (Yi Jing) situations, cover frequently asked questions (FAQs) and list further reading, watching and listening material.  There's also a chapter on our church, a meditation retreat commune, plus the author's autobiography.



Enlightenment is a path to follow that forever progresses over the days, the years, the decades and beyond.  It requires and it helps dedication.  It produces actual physical and mental results.  Sometimes the bliss of enlightenment is tempered by the experience of the nightmare one's surrounded by.  Change your surroundings and come and live & learn with us.  See appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria: Meditation Retreat Commune.  Psychedelics can show a premature glimpse that occasionally can be a useful yet torturous carrot.


Your life, your experience, your reality is a synchronistic energy matrix.  The world is energy, vibe, spirit.  For reasons of cultural habit and practicality it requires practice to gradually awaken to this view, to shake off the filters that prevent this clarity.  Meditation, awareness and independence as a way of life, a focus that gets more and more of your attention until it's a constant aspect of your life shall open your path.


Reevaluate your world.  Reconsider and reauthorize every little thing in it and in doing so own your world, make sense of it and your life in it.


It takes time for abstract concepts, like neutrality / nirvana, to become understood through repeated practical application.


This book lasts for decades of enlightenment.  Some of these universal truths you can see now while others you can only understand over time.  This is especially true with the chapter on Attack (evil), it's far-out!


Trust is built gradually and delusions fade similarly so take your time with this book and try various chapters for understanding.


Attack (evil) can be gradually removed from your life but it takes time and dedication.  You'll reap the benefits so this'll be encouraging but there's no shortcuts.


Stay relaxed, stay safe, eat well and exercise frequently.  Your will is to survive, trust yourself.  Pleasure yourself in a spread of ways frequently.  Whether it's trying to craft a table, drawing a cityscape, doing an anagram, crossword or math, making bread or whatever else.  Exercise your creativity, exercise your mind.  Stick with it, stick with your own reality and you'll gradually be able to shape it more and more to your liking.  (Don't be slothful and accept the docility that Society wants for you.  Don't spend too much time being pleased by others, with TV, movies, video games, books and music.)


Cleanse your life of unwanted habits.  Let meditation and exercise help you.  Quit smoking.  Notice when you run your fingers through your hair, scratch your nose or cough.  Reevaluate your likes and dislikes.  Gradually over time.  Use logic in your reevaluation.  Trust your own belief in logic to guide you.


This book tries to get across the philosophy of walking your path of enlightenment.  We cannot completely guide you every step of the way for the rest of your life (see appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria: Meditation Retreat Commune)You must walk your path alone, essentially.  Yet we're here to help.  Use the tenets of SAFƩDIFIT.


Wholeheartedly try and you shall become more enlightened.  It's that easy.  It's natural.  Enlightenment is the natural state of being.  It is however long forgotten and so takes time to get back there again.


Don't get obsessed.  About this book and as a general rule =).  Stay skeptical, don't believe everything you read!  Simultaneously stay open minded and give new ideas a try.


There's a darker view of this enlightening book.  Part of the fun of life is discovery.  Clues help you get to the answer yourself.  Be wary of how much you rely on this book to provide answers rather than useful hints and clues.  Its esoterica is naturally oblique but most times it shoots directly for the bullseye.  Nothing's perfect.  Even if we say something to be true you'd want to see it for yourself just to be sure.  Be careful so as to maximize your enjoyment =).



We guide you:

• On how to see the world for what it truly is not what it's portrayed to be,

• On many aspects of your increasing awareness of your daily reality,

• On how to shape your consciousness to deal with your new awarenesses, to cope with your new views of life,

• On grounding yourself in the world and using it to please you.  That's what it's there for,

• On focusing your life.  It's easy to do if you do it gradually.  It's easy to do because you know how much it'd help your life =),

• To organize yourself.  To focus on yourself.  To give yourself the time and space that you need to seriously look introspectively at yourself and the life that you lead.  To look into your personality and your habits including your speech,

• To choose to grow up.  To take responsibility for yourself and start to grow your natural powers,

• To plan your life.  To schedule your time and see real progress towards your goals,

• To ensure you grow physically as well as spiritually.  To start to exercise a little every day.  Like a daily hour's walk of a few kilometers or miles to a store or a park,

• To improve your diet.  You could try a meat free day &/or go organic and reduce the toxins in your body,

• To keep happy; you deserve it!  To make sure that your pleasures are fulfilled,

• To more and more give yourself quiet, peace, time where you can be undisturbed.  This distance from the madding crowd will help you grow internally, improve your composure and help clear your mind space,

• Every step of the way!  With the texts on the enlightened truths of life you'll find this book is written in a kindred spirit to provide light and hope.


This is a book full of positive energy, of enlightened insights into reality, ready to help you unleash your full potential in life.  Do yourself the favor of flicking through it and see how you take to it.  It won't take up too much of your precious time!  Give it a few moments of your contemplative thoughts and it may just help you improve your life immeasurably.


Everything must say no somehow.  This book isn't written as parable despite our understanding that it'd be easier to soak up its knowledge if it were.  This leaves it in a Catch-22 position and possibly the reader like the horse led to water.  The core paradox is that we know often you have to learn from your own mistakes.  This takes time.  You need to be enlightened to fully understand some of these truths.  Yet some light is better than no light at all.  We have faith that universal truths can shine enough to reach some people in some states of consciousness.  So there =P...


"Helping someone is the same thing as messing with someone."

Suzie The Bear,

The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) movie,

Written by John Irvine

and Tony Richardson