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Let your hair grow naturally.  Wherever it might; on your head, your face, your arms, legs, armpits and pubic region.  It's all natural.  It all makes you look like you naturally look.  Any shaving is the (Deadly Sin of) vanity and stems from your manipulation by Society to make you less natural.  You put your hair there for a reason.  It's Society that's deluding you into second guessing your subconscious godselves, your natural DNA, by removing it.


If women stopping shaving and waxing their eyebrows loses them even 10% of potential suitors then they were a bad 10% of idiots who didn't want the real, true them anyway.  There's plenty more fish in the sea as they say.


A shaven faced man looks like a boy, or a woman.  This is another Societal method of disempowering the individual.  This is only one example of the common Societal vibe of pædofication; making the individual the 'child' and Society the 'parent' / 'adult'.


Another example of pædofication is the modern cultural practice of shaving female pubic hair.  See chapter Pædofication.


Don't bleach your hair.  You know you're beautiful.  You don't have to conform to an external image of beauty.


Most people are attracted to people with similar attributes; black hair to black hair, blue eyes to blue eyes.  Seeing someone in external who looks like you helps remove barriers to intimacy.  You can see more of yourself in them and so relate to them better.


Don't get a perm, a permanent weave, of your hair.  You don't need to make your appearance artificial.  You don't need to pretend to be something which you're not.


Hair grows at approximately 15½cm (6") per year and scalp hairs last 3-5 years.  This gives a maximum scalp hair length of ~80cm (32").


You don't need to shampoo your hair.  Simply washing with water is enough to keep hair clean.  In this way you retain your natural oils.  This is far better than shampooing them out only to replace them with artificial oils using a conditioner.  Your hair will appear darker yet be more natural.


Rinse your hair with water and frequently wet your head to moisturize your scalp.  This reduces dandruff.  This is easy to do in a bathtub.  Also soak your bearded chin for the same reason.


Christians say that their god made man in his image.  Their images of their god all have a beard as do those of their prophet Jesus.  It could be said then that the shaving of one's beard is therefore heretical.


"Somehow [having shaved] makes you look less intelligent."


Planet of the Apes (1968) movie,

Written by Pierre Boulle, Michael Wilson and Rod Serling