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Good is within.  From the word 'god'.


Evil or bad is external.  All external is potentially evil, or not implicitly good, yet there are varying levels of evilness.


These are relative terms (which require a perspective).  Reality itself is neutral.  Yet being out of one's immediate control cannot be completely trusted to be in one's best interests (or good in other words).  However Society, which inhabits most of one's actual reality, is not neutral.  Society is immensely attacking so in practice generally external shows itself as evil rather than good.  Good energies are frequently Attacked to reduce their presence.


Most people don't understand generic good and evil.  They see goodness as job hierarchy position, financial standing, possession collection or Facebook friends collection rather than kindness, compassion, sense of humor, skill at dancing through life's waves, fitness, self-knowledge, self control, independent capability, et cetera.


A good event is one which benefits oneself.  Like a cross signal turning green when you're approaching a crosswalk or it staying dry when you're out for a walk in fall (unless you wanted it to rain).


Reality itself is neutral.  We repeat this because it's sometimes difficult to see from the position of being in close proximity to Society.  Society generally believes that reality is bad, is against them.


All truth is within.  Don't believe the X-Files hype that the truth is out there.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.


Beliefs are very personal, within oneself.


Put out of your thoughts all external invading words.  Especially 'W' words; what, why, why not, where, which and when.


Life, like any group, any vibe, any place, any populace, etc., is as good as it is good and as bad as it is bad.  More good times can distract from the bad but they can't remove the bad.  Be aware of both the good times and the bad for they are both noteworthy.  Mean and median are also yet far less so.  It's not one scale, one dial with one level alternating between good & bad.  It's two scales, one for good, and one for bad.


You're the best in the world at being you.  Doing what you do just how you do it.  There's a better typist, a better mathematician and a better daughter out there somewhere but no-one who does it all with the balance that you do.


You can be a good person.  You owe it to yourself to be the person you want to be.  Not just a pale imitation.  To enforce mental safeguards to police yourself.  To be as righteous as you want and fight Attack to the death to never break your own vision of yourself.  If you consider it wrong, personally, to hit someone then don't do it (unless your own safety depends on it; always exceptions).  Likewise if you consider it wrong to cheat on your partner, to thieve when you don't need to, to deceive, etc..  Ultimately Society's on your side.  Their religious laws, their societal laws and their own moral ideals are on your side.


"Be good."

E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) movie,

Written by Melissa Mathison


In one Societal view women are good whereas men are bad.  The violence in the history of Society has been the fault of man not woman.  Women are exalted.  The strife of Society favors men.  They are, generalizing of course, the bouncers, workmen, soldiers, farmers, wage earners (although with far more gender equality these days), they carry the heavy loads, they are the violent, the invaders, the dominant, the strong, the beasts.  Women are the nannies, babysitters, cleaners, housewives, the gentle, the receptive, the carers, the nurses, the tender, the emotional, the submissive, the weak, the beautiful.  It's genetically physical and it's also Societal.  It's by no means definitive now in C21 but most of it is very, very true.


Any group is as good as its best and as bad as its worst.


One can do no wrong.  Attack can deceive one into perceiving the view that one has done wrong, but it's a deception, a falsehood.  Wrong is what's bad.  Everyone is essentially good (for themselves).  All bad, or wrong, is deception from external, Attack.  When viewed at a distance this can clearly be seen.  Good and bad require a perspective.  One naturally takes one's own perspective.  One naturally does only what is right, or good for oneself.  This is nature.  This is individuality.  Group behavior makes this far more complex.