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Everyone deserves the right to learn.  The right to knowledge is inherent.


Denial of this freedom comes solely through paranoid fear.  Probably with 7DS envy & wrath thrown in.


Knowledge mustn't be banned, taboo.  From philosophies and politics to painting and carpentry to science and math.  From effective cough remedies to easy LSD manufacture from readily available precursors.  From blacksmith weapon forging to sexual techniques.  From effective ways of snapping someone's neck in hand-to-hand combat to making a detonator for a pipe bomb.  The option of becoming a soldier is/was open to most and there one can learn about hand-to-hand combat.  The vocation of pyrotechnics is available to most and there one can about learn about explosive detonators.  To forbid these teachings from more available resources like books, ebooks, podcasts and websites is simply hindering the natural, neutral pursuit of knowledge.  Like for pornography, R-rated movies and explicit video games Society could instead place an age / maturity limit on educational media.


In the mid-20th century the Nazis burned books to the outcry of the world.


As always Societal legislation must be used against the people perpetrating the abuse of knowledge to harm others, not against the learning of knowledge, which is implicitly neutral.