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All people deserve the freedom to do whatever they will as long as they don't force their will upon others or endanger strangers.


No government invasion of free will; forcing private individuals and organizations into behavior it wants, unless it's to ensure the safety of the public.  Excluding public monopolies who as de facto public utilities must provide to all with only censorship of criminal speech not political ideology.  No anti-discrimination laws that affect anything outside of the government itself.  No seat belt laws.  No anti-self-medication laws.  No laws against the ownership or carrying of weapons.  No law against self-harm in any form.


Government shouldn't need to be the parental figure of control, only of support in times of need.  It should protect you from others and not attempt to protect you from yourself.  That's your job.  It should try to educate you about the dangers of your choices but it must still be your choices over your life.  It is overstepping its purpose of providing and protecting you from others.


Everyone has the right to do to themselves whatever they chose.  As long as it doesn't enforce their will upon others or endanger strangers.


This means that everyone has the right to smoke cigarettes in private, even knowing that they kill you.  Yet not in enclosed public spaces.  That everyone has the right not to be forced to wear a seat belt, even knowing that they protect you.  Yet not to prohibit your kids buckling up.  That everyone has the right to drink alcohol, even knowing that it's poison.  Yet not a right to drive drunk on public streets.  That everyone has the right to eat cannabis, even knowing that it's detrimental to a Get Up & Do It vibe.  Yet not to feed hash brownies surreptitiously to your GF.  That everyone has the right to self-medicate, even knowing that it could be dangerous to health.  Yet not a right if you're breastfeeding and would be pushing it on your kid.


There should be no governmental ability to intervene with enforced mental health hospitalization and 'treatment' for the alleged purpose of stopping people from harming themselves.  For example if someone chose to cut off a finger it could be seen by Society as a mentally ill act, determined that they are a danger to themselves then imprisoned in hospital and subjected to enforced, strong medication.  In this example it is simply a personal choice, however wise or not it appears to an outsider, and is that person's right to do what they choose to their body for whatever their reasons may be.  For instance in 日本語 (Nihongo or Japanese) Yakuza organized crime society the cutting off of one's own finger in penance is an accepted practice.  It's fair for Society's healthcare industry to offer its opinion and treatments for example psychotherapy and medication yet not to enforce its will upon a free citizen harming no one else.


Suicide is a right.  Whether in cases of incurable, insufferable illness or for any other reason.  See chapter Suicide.