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Your environment is your protector.  Ideally it keeps you warm but not too hot, dry but humid enough to be comfortable and out of drafts.  It should provide enough territory for you to be comfortable in.


Your home environment is the most precious.  Here is where you spend most of your time and where you feel most at ease, at peace, most at home.


Energy builds up around you in your environment.  It's a consequence of your being there over time and also reciprocally a factor in your experience of being there.  You make it good by having good times there, and you have good times there because energies are good.  Bedrooms and beds get used to being slept in and on and then become natural places to sleep.  Kitchens get used to being cooked in (often soaked in the carnivorous energy of animal torture and slaughter) and inspire cooking.  Desks get used to being worked at and become saturated with the resonating energy of good working; it's easiest to work at a desk, especially at your own desk.  And so on.


Positive or good energy collects in your home, in your homely habitat, where you spend your time and feel comfortable.  Energy likes goodness; comfort, to be fed and watered, etc..  It likes to be good even when it cannot, because you like it to be good.


Take care of your environment; your home or your room.  Keep it neatly organized.  This makes it very easy to keep clean.  Keep it clean.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  Ensure it's comfortable, efficient, quiet and above all safe.  Your bedroom is best when soft and comfy, your office better when comfy yet not too relaxed.


Environment monitors are available for a few dollars.  A hygrometer which measures humidity (how damp the air is) plus a thermometer which measures temperature.  These monitors can help you keep control of your environment by using HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to maintain your desired atmosphere.  At least they can tell you if you're dangerously hot or cold.  Make sure to use both a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm.  Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, invisible gas that's given off by combustion and known as the silent killer.  It's also possible to get gas leak detectors.


For heating we recommend using an electric blanket heater for your bed.  These are an extremely energy efficient method of keeping warm in bed and are fantastically cozy.  For quick heating of a space use a 3kW electric fan heater.  These use a lot of energy yet are extremely proficient in heating a space quickly and keeping it hot.


The weather is part of the natural environment.  Its natural energy is in constant communication with yourself.  If you so choose you can affect the local weather.  You can make it rain.  (We mean more than pulling down your pants and drowning the ants.)  Reggae legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry also knows this to be true.  Note that a good reason is a necessity for any interaction with external, for they all have far reaching consequences.  If you have a good reason and your vibe is a positive one then by all means interact, with care and awareness of your effect.  Another viewpoint is that one can get so attuned to the weather that one can accurately predict it.  Wiccan belief and practice includes manipulation of their natural environment.


Weather is personal.  There's only you taking up your space in the environment.  Even in an apartment it's your window that you experience the weather through.  So if it rains on you or the sun shines on you it's nobody else's business.


Don't coop yourself up, seriously.  It might seem like the safest and comfiest option but the vibe of being encaged is unnatural and insidious.   Even if you can resist the usual symptoms of Cabin Fever the Attack hits you deeply.


For Whites the natural environment is temperate.  Not oases in the desert like Southern California where it rarely rains or hot Florida.  It's most natural and one fits in best within one's genetic range; Asians in Asia, Africans in Africa, Europans in Europa.  Similar environment New World colonies are also acceptable.  For a genetic Europan to want to live on a desert island is not a natural environmental desire.  Cool means good.  In temperate climates you don't get so many deadly or dangerous animals, basically no deadly snakes, no deadly spiders, maybe no big cats, no scorpions or even hornets.  Even the animals are chilled out.  In hot and dry climates obviously the people are therefore hot and bothered.  You're right to get annoyed with a barking dog but you can't blame it for barking.  To be simply obvious (and (Daoist or Taoist)) about it, a dog dogs, a bee bees, and a bear bears.  Hot and bothered peoples are hot and bothered.  It's said the crime rate goes up a percent for each degree hotter it gets.  Whether that's statistically accurate or not the point is valid.  Hot weather brings hot heads and hot tempers.  For example the violence in the Middle East and the government executions in Texas.


"Ellie had a teacher named Mr. Porty who had no interest in nuance.  He asked the class why there's always been conflict in the Middle East and Ellie raised her hand and said, "It's a centuries old religious conflict involving land and suspicion and culture and..."  "Wrong!" Mr. Porty said.  "It's because it's incredibly hot and there's no water.""

PotUS Bartlet in the White House Situation Room,

The West Wing (1999-2006) TV show,

Season 4, Episode 3, "College Kids",

Written by Aaron Sorkin, Story by Deborah Cahn & Mark Goffman