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"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis for man's desire to understand."

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012),

American astronaut and the

first human to walk on the Moon


Education is a good thing.


Experience leads to skills and knowledge; wisdom.  Knowledge and skills empower the individual.


Education is evolution.


Graduating from high school and getting good SATs is an extremely important survival safety net.  Learn to earn.  This is all the qualifications you would need to get a middle class, office job.


22% of American adults "demonstrated skills in the lowest level of prose, document, and quantitative proficiencies (Level 1)."[63]


You don't need to be a competitive nerd.  Learning is for knowledge and skills.  For the power of the tools that they are.  Not for the count of the tools in the toolbox.  You don't need to lord it over others.  For sure yours isn't the largest in the world.


Learn at home on your own using books, videos and the web if you can trust the source, the teacher.


Children should be schooled at home.  This gives them the distance from Society needed to protect them.  We don't need Society around us.  Your kids are highly intelligent high achievers.  You wouldn't want them in the same class, the same group, as low achievers.  External schooling takes children away from their families.  It forces them into alien environments with, especially in megopolic public schools, some very unsavory characters normally unvetted by anyone at all and with no recourse to separate themselves from these undesirables.  Bullying is a huge problem.  It entrusts their education to syllabi arranged by strangers, filtered by strangers and taught by strangers.  It exposes them to modern Cultural Marxist propaganda.  It removes all your parental control over the content taught to your children.  Home tutoring, teaching a child at exactly their level, being able to provide them with almost the full attention of the teacher, is immensely favorable compared with the 30+ kids to 1 teacher ratio found in external schools.  As TV's Buffy (1997-2003) says "it's not just for scary religious people any more."


An 18 year old A-student would have all the knowledge required to teach their own children to the same level, of an 18 year old A-student.  Obviously educating in a far smaller group one learns far quicker and would therefore be at the level of a standard Societal 18 year old A-student at a far younger age.


"The school system is designed to teach obedience and conformity and prevent a child's natural capacities from developing."

Noam Chomsky (1928-),

American linguist


There's nothing for free.  The government educated you to be an automaton cog in their system.  That's why.


We're tortured between the benefits of getting an education and, through compulsory education, having to be a prisoner that attends school.  Education should be voluntary not compulsory.


There should be no admission requirements for college.  Desiring to study should be enough to enable one's access.  College is generally unnecessary if you plan to lead a life separate from Society.  Billionaires Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg are all college drop outs.  For women it takes up four of their limited childbearing years.  It's great at teaching vocational skills.  Without a degree you shall encounter vocational glass ceilings.  Yet it's better to drop out of Society without wasting your precious time and money, for instance you could come and live & learn with us at our meditation retreat commune (see appendix VI: The Church of Terra Sanctuaria Meditation Retreat Commune.)  To earn enough money to survive away from Society you only need skills you can learn from books on your own and entrepreneurial desires.  This is all you need to start your own small business and earn enough to live a happy, separate life.  Whether you end up earning from making computer & cellphone apps, writing fiction, selling your own handicrafts, home trading, being a Virtual Assistant, running an estore, or another of the multitude of online small businesses that you can do from home and are available for your choosing.


"Each one, teach one," sang Jacob Miller (1952-1980).  Everybody has something to teach and can find, especially with today's blogs, someone to teach it to.  Even if solely leading by example.


There's always more for us all to learn.