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You are what you eat.  It's a scientific fact.  The 易經 (Yi Jing) warns one to beware of what we consume.  Internal consumption is a very intimate thing.  Eating healthily is key to living well.


Your main intimate relationship in life, even more so than the family you make, is with the food and drink which you consume.  Be aware of it.  Keep it as natural and unprocessed as possible.  Keep factories out of your insides by eating only homemade food.  Ideally only homegrown food.


We recommend a high protein, low fat, low carbs diet.  This minimizes your energy intake which could lead to fat build up while maximizing your protein intake which helps build muscles.


Eat a varied diet.  This spread ensures a balanced intake of vitamins, minerals and other food goodness.


The second leading preventable cause of death in America is poor diet and physical inactivity (see chapters Vegan Diet and Exercise).  The first is tobacco (see chapter Tobacco).  The third is alcohol (see chapter Alcohol).[47]


Recommended daily intakes are: [48],[49]

0.75g of protein per kg of body weight,

50-100+g of carbs,

25|38g (for women|men) of fiber,

1.1|1.6g of omega-3,

12|17g of omega-6.


Use the nutritional information on your foodstuffs or look it up online to go through your average daily diet and make sure that you're getting all your dietary requirements.


With this high a protein requirement people on a diet may want to use a (vegan) pea or rice (or non-vegan whey) protein powder supplement.  Note that soya, another source of vegan protein powder, has been linked to feminization in men.


Try the superfoods of chia seeds and spirulina.  Chia seeds contain one of the most-concentrated sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid plus omega-6 and omega-9.  Spirulina bacteria contains a heap of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin B12 (which is especially valuable to vegans as its only other natural source is animal (else lab made)), iodine, chromium and iron.  It's now being widely studied for its possible antiviral, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiparasitic properties.[50]


We also strongly recommend taking daily vitamin & mineral supplement tablets (with over 20 ingredients).


Food contains energy as well as vitamins & minerals, fiber, water and other goodness.  Use food, don't misuse it.  Take in only the energy you need.  Don't overeat.  Eating can be a very addictive pleasure.  It's a global subconscious statement of comfortable living to be overweight to show that you can afford it.  It's unhealthy, unnecessary and unnatural.  Notice how wild animals are never overweight or unfit.


1.9 billion people are overweight.[51]  If you want to lose weight then eat lessEat less potato chips, eat less pies, eat less pasta.  (Also potato chips are very high in fat and pasta is very high in carbs.)  Try eating low fat, sugar and salt, dry cornflakes instead of high fat potato or corn chips.


You're eating to provide the chemical energy you need for the day.  So eating a big breakfast makes sense.  Plus a decent sized lunch then a small dinner.


Use a grazing style of eating; eating small amounts in a few sittings each day.  This stops your stomach stretching and reduces appetite.


Fatty foods like chocolate, potato chips and peanut butter make you feel good because you've found, in the Hunter Gatherer sense, a thing that's high in energy, so well done, here's some pleasure for you to reinforce that it's a good thing; a useful foodstuff.  Yet don't overdo it.  Use your intelligence and exercise restraint.  We say exercise because it gets easier with practice.  Spread your pleasures in life; increase the amount of exercise that you do.  Fat is slow-release energy.  Avoid high fat foods like oil and oily (fried) foods, cheese, cream and nuts.  Reduce to an absolute minimum the amount of these in your diet.  Oil is exceedingly calorific (high energy) and a more processed food that's almost totally unnecessary.  You can ween your taste buds off it.  Stop eating oil.


You'll find carbs, carbohydrates (sugars & starches), in bread, pasta, noodles, rice, oats and corn.  Starches are broken down into sugar.  So limit your intake of these foods and try to eat them earlier in the day if you feel you need the extra energy.  Bread can be easily eaten plain without added oil like margarine or peanut butter nor added sugar like jelly.  With carbs less is best.


Eat boiled or steamed vegetables.  Like sweetcorn, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, zucchini, carrot, lettuce, celery, broccoli and cauliflower.  These are extremely high in vitamins, minerals and other food goodness while being very low calorie (energy).  (Be aware that avocados are 20% fat.)  Cooking veg cleans them while softening them making them easier to eat.  You can drink the cooking water or thicken with flour to make a sauce to get all the goodness from your vegetables.


Eat beans (which includes peas and lentils) as your primary food source.  They're very high in protein.  They come handily ready cooked in cans.  Economize and internalize (increase internus) by buying dried beans rather than canned.  Soak them in cold water until saturated, around a quarter to a half day, then cook them in a pressure cooker in minutes or slow cook them overnight in an electric crock pot.  Add chopped veg plus herbs and spices at the start for a tasty and very healthy meal.


We recommend eating good food in small measures.  Avoid anything artificial; stay natural.  Avoid artificial colors, flavors, preservatives if you can and additives like MSG (monosodium glutamate).


Keep your sugar intake to a minimum.  Fruit is better than candy yet bananas are 1/5th (a whole 20%) sugar and despite their small size dried fruit still contains the same large amount of sugar as fresh.  Most sugars are processed products from sugarcane and sugar beet, both of which have GMO strains.  Sugar is instant energy so generally not particularly needed.  Sugars (and carbs) promote bacteria build up in the mouth, this bacteria produce acids which cause tooth decay.  Stop eating sugar.


Salt, although natural (especially sea salt), is an unnatural and unnecessary flavoring / flavor enhancer that can easily be removed from your diet helping your heart's health.


This diet of zero added oil, zero added sugar and zero added salt is a very natural diet that you've eaten for billions of years, or at least since we grew stomachs.  It'll take a little time to get used to the simple flavors again but it's well worth it.


Chili pepper is an irritant and laxative.  Buy less of and less spicy foods.  If you have a spicy tooth try substituting black, white or pink pepper for chili in your cooking.


Drink a few liters of water per day.  Dilute some freshly squeezed or 100% fruit juice ~95% with water.  Try a dash of lime juice in a glass of water to make limewater.  This consumes only minimal fruit resources while pleasantly flavoring your water.  There are less sugars, less acids and, of course, it's more economical.  You should drink enough water so that your urine is a very light shade of yellow.


We recommend drinking natural mineral water over processed tap water.  Some supermarket own brands can be quite low cost.  Water with a little juice makes a great sugar free fruity drink (allowing for natural fruit sugars).  Carbonated water, including sodas, apparently can decalcify and weaken bones and is probably generally best avoided for this reason.


Keep your caffeine intake to an absolute minimum.  Avoid coffee and tea also cola and chocolate.  If you love chocolate try fatty yet sugar free cacao nibs.  These are tiny bits of raw chocolate.


Cook.  Cook your own food, don't buy out.  Bake your own bread and you'll find it tastes much better; fresh, warm & healthy.  This is more internalizing (a tenet, a prime focus of life).  With a view from the Fight Club (1999) movie it also ensures 'clean' food =).  If you can't make every meal yourself then at least read the ingredients on everything that you eat.  Don't your taste buds deserve the best food available?  Eat a microwave meal and you're eating factory produced food.  Mass produced, all tasting exactly the same.  You remember, you've eaten it before.  Just like every bottle of Coke.  Variety is the spice of life.  You're in a pack of hundreds of other people all having exactly the same factory produced meal right now.  But you're not a cog in a machine requiring regulation oiling.


It's easy to cook.  Plus playing with knives fun!  Use a pot like a non-stick pot with a wooden or plastic spatula.

1)  Add a dash of oil (if you must), a pinch of salt (if you really need it), a shake of pepper &/or a masala (a spice blend) &/ fresh herbs & spices.

2) Chop some vegetables slowly with a small serrated knife using your fingernails to protect your fingers.  Chop them fat to start and gradually over time refine your style to chop thinner.  Cut rounded vegetables in half for stability then in a 2-3D lattice for easy small pieces which cook quicker and require less chewing.  You can use electric tools like choppers and food processors.  Adding a few grams of plain flour will thicken your food sauce but make it liable to burning unless you add it late in the cooking, although then you need to take more care as it's liable to clump.

3) Then throw in a factory produced can of beans until you're confident enough to cook your own.

4) Cover and leave to cook on a low heat for 15~20-mins.

That's it.  Now congratulate yourself.  It's that simple to eat healthy, high protein, low carbs, low sugar, oil free, low calorific, low salt, high in vitamins & minerals, vegan, unique tasting, mostly factory free, group free food.  If you cook a pot in the morning, or at night and refrigerate, then it'll last you all day.  You're now eating healthily and not as part of a moronic herd.  You're having a unique culinary experience.  With all the natural goodness of fresh plants; vitamins, minerals and more.  And because you did work rather than sub-contracting Society to do it it saved you money and you had fun doing it.


Even simpler is to try taking three small minutes to add some garlic granules / powder, salt & pepper and chop a little cilantro to give a standard can of beans (not Baked Beans, maybe Black Eye, Butter or Chick Pea) its own unique taste.  It cooks in minutes and is high protein, low fat and low sugar.  You make it your own dish, not the exact same, factory produced taste as you and millions of others have had many times before.  Add more ingredients as your confidence and skill increases.


There are two types of vegetables.  Those which can be cooked from fresh in 15~20-mins and those which require an hour of cooking before being added to your quick cooking pot.  Quick cook veg includes onion, bell pepper, herbs, zucchini, sweetcorn grits, mushrooms and young spinach.  Slow cook veg includes cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, eggplant, carrot and potato.  Root vegetables like potatoes are very high in carbs.


You could probably imagine a wealthy person like a movie star or president eating a candy bar but you wouldn't imagine them considering it good food.  The standard diet of convenience foods is easy to eat but it's of very questionable quality.


If you choose to use oil then use (unrefined extra virgin) palm (coconut) or olive oil as unlike sunflower and corn oils these don't contain dangerous omega-6 fatty acids which replace essential omega-3 fatty acids in the brain.  If you cook with oil at high temperatures like in a deep fat fryer or oven then use palm oil as this releases the least amount of carcinogenic aldehydes.


We strongly recommend eating a 99%+ organic diet.  Organic food is food grown without any artificial chemicals added.  All non-organic food has industrial chemicals added; fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  These chemicals are in the food that you eat so these chemicals get into you.  Organic food is also guaranteed to be free from genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.  Genetic engineering is the Thalidomide of our times.  Thalidomide was a drug whose unknown side-effect was birth defects.  No-one can test how these unnatural foods and animals will affect us, our children and Gaia (planet Earth) even one generation from now.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to remove all GMO foods from our planet already should Society see the danger they pose?  (There are already laboratory escapee, unnaturally glowing animals in the wild!)


We strongly recommend eating a vegan diet.  A vegan diet is one which is free from animal components.  So no meat nor fish and also no milk, eggs, cheese, etc..  See chapter Vegan Diet.


Fair Trade labeled product manufacturers have been certified that they pay their non-First World suppliers a fair price for their labeled goods.  This ensures a fairer deal for the original manufacturer and means a minimally higher price paid by the end user; you.  We strongly recommend using Fair Trade foodstuffs whenever available over alternatives that little bit cheaper.  Being a part of a more ethical supply chain is worth a few affordable cents.


If you want to lose weight then try 'counting your calories'; being aware of the energy (joules or calories) contained in your diet.  Electronic exercise equipment and apps can tell you how many calories you've burned off during exercise.  A reluctant unit to switch from imperial to metric SI units is understandably the calorie to the joule as consuming 200(k)cals (in fact it's kilocalories so that's 200,000cals, commonly written as a smaller number) sounds better (less) than 1,400Mjoules (1,400,000,000joules).


Your resting energy expenditure or basal metabolic rate (BMR), how many calories you burn daily just by living, can be roughly equated using the following formula:

BMR = 70 × (body weight in kilograms)0.75


Excess food energy is stored as reserves in fatty, adipose tissue.  To shed 1kg an energy deficit of 7,700cals is required (3,500cals deficit for a pound).


Test your symbiotic relationship with food plants by fasting occasionally.


We recommend eating from your own wooden plate and bowl with your own wooden spoon, plus wooden cup.  Keeping your own crockery and cutlery means that these intimate objects gather only your own energies.  Using wooden tools is recommended because they are the only free (else cheap) and least processed of all materials, and more sturdy than pottery.  They are also easy to fashion at home.


The food in your stomach is in your possession but it isn't part of you until it gets absorbed from your intestines.  Once we've finished extracting the goodness from what we intake we store then expel the remains.  The liquids are expelled during urination and the solids during defecation.  You may find it useful during these times to concentrate on the awareness of what was consumed to produce what you are expelling.  Generally a couple of days previously for solids.


Eat and drink with the awareness of the sacrifice of the plants that you consume.  They have died so you may live.  Know that as you have the facultas, like your own farm, that you'll help their growth.  Letting the plants lead a good, healthy, organic life.  You can even give them some space to grow wild.


We have a symbiotic relationship with plants.  We cannot survive without these lifeforms.  OK we need O2 (oxygen) and H2O (water) but these relationships are far simpler.  Hæmoglobin in the blood of animals, like us humans, is exactly the same molecule as chlorophyll in the sap of plants except that it's based around an iron (Fe) atom in hæmoglobin and around a magnesium (Mg) atom in chlorophyll.  We are much alike.


The comprehensive ISAAA (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications) list (as of early-2016) of all the GM (genetically modified) plants on Gaia today is[52]:



Argentine Canola

(Green) Bean




Creeping Bentgrass









Polish canola







Sugar Beet


Sweet (bell) pepper





If you consume any of these plants without knowing that they're organically grown (therefore guaranteed not to be GM) then there's a danger that you're being poisoned by GM foods.  In 2016 congress passed a law that requires GMO containing food to be labeled as such.  Some say it's not perfect but it's a massive improvement over no labeling at all.


Even the chemicals used in GMO farming are harmful to health, not simply the artificial DNA of the GMO crops.  California declared RR to be carcinogenic.


"The World Health Organization [(WHO)] has declared that the herbicide glyphosate is a probable carcinogen.  Glyphosate is required for the production of most GM crops, is inside the plant, and it is also accumulating in the bodies of most US citizens."

San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper


Glyphosate has been linked to autism, diabetes, renal disease, obesity, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia.[53]


Avoid all junk foods.  Candy bars, candies, chips, etc..  They contain noxious chemicals from non-organic farming.  They frequently contain artificial ingredients including flavoring, coloring, sweeteners and preservatives.  They almost always are very high energy, from fat &/ sugar.  A US biotech company, Senomyx, in partnership with their customers including Pepsi Co., including Lays, etc., Kraft, Tropicana, Nestlé and Starbucks, has since at least the early-2010s used aborted human fetal cells (dead babies) to test their artificial flavorings.[54]  Candies are simply sugar with flavoring and are very easy to make at home.  Toffees are simply sugar, flavoring and a little oil and are very easy to make at home.  Organic, freeze-dried kale and broccoli snacks are healthy snacks if you can find them.


Avoid all fast foods.  They contain noxious chemicals from non-organic farming.  The animals have been atrociously mistreated by factory and battery farming.  The food is cooked by barely skilled, low-income people generally with extremely minimal care shown for their work.  You never get to see a list of the ingredients used.  They use GMO foods and don't have to inform you of this.


The Real Strategy website[55] states some very unsavory ingredients in McDonald's' foods.  They are:

• Ammonium Sulfate

A fertilizer and an addition to Monsanto's carcinogenic Roundup for use with GMOs.

• Dimethylpolysiloxane or Silicone Oil

Used in caulking, lubes , silly putty and breast implants.  It also contains the carcinogen formaldehyde.


Which can result in irritation of ADHD, stomach cancer and cause harm to DNA.

• Propylene Glycol

The chemical that makes antifreeze absorb water.

• Carminic Acid

A coloring derived from crushed insects which is linked to asthma, diarrhea and other nasty side effects.

• Cellulose

Which is processed wood pulp.

• Silica or Industrial Sand

Used for making glass, optical fibers and cement.  It's added to the meat to avoid clumping.

• Cysteine-L

A synthesized amino acid.  WebMD reports that it can result in vomiting, diarrhea, irregularity, rashes, fever, headache, drowsiness, low high blood pressure and liver problems.

• Prescription Medications

Introduced into the food chain via chicken feed including antidepressants as well as some prohibited meds (drugs).


McDonald's, in 2016 in the US in response to public outcry, stopped serving chicken and milk from animals raised with routine use of medically important antibiotics.  A 2016 AGM (Annual General Meeting of the shareholders) vote received only 20% support for stopping this practice.  Antibiotics in livestock are used to promote growth and prevent the onset of illness in healthy farm animals.  This enormously contributes to the increase of potentially fatal, antibiotic-resistant, superbug infections in people.  These infections kill more than 23,000 Americans each year.[56]


Wendy's have said that by 2017 they'll stop using chickens raised with antibiotics important to human health.  However they continued to use antibiotic treated pork and beef.


In 2016 KFC still used antibiotic treated chickens.  While other large food companies were continuing to serve antibiotic treated meat.


More than 70% of all antibiotics used in the US and 50% in the UK are used on livestock.[57]