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Level: Medium


Don't block energy.  A strict, hard block is an easy target for Attack negating energy.  Be inwardly decided yet soft and gradual in your manifestation.


A block against say blue eyed people is too much to do with blue eyed people.  To walk down the street internally repeating the mantra that you don't want to be mugged, or to bump into your mother-in-law is not only keeping the subject in your consciousness, which radiates out from you into the reality around you, but also providing a challenge to Attack; dare it defy you, when obviously yes, it could.  Don't draw Attack to you in this way.


Let all energy pass through your body.  Neutrinos are sub-atomic particles so small that they're now passing through Gaia (Earth) without hitting a single molecule.  Energy won't affect you, let it be, ignore it.


Beware of fearing anything.  Sensibly avoiding something doesn't have to be out of fear.  Fear is a bonding to the subject of one's fear.  Plus there's the danger that this leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Fear is a reaction to Attack.  Usually the most common Attacks, from animals and most especially from Society.  Fear is a security reaction of retreating, most always a safe action, together with erecting a shield, a barrier.  This shield is then Attacked.  Fear is attributed with the physical symptoms of increased adrenaline, quick reaction energy, too much of which is a notably terrible thing for a body to suffer, constricting blood flow and stressing glands.  Also the symptoms of clearing the body of excess waste products by urination and defecation, and more often simply a sharp inhaling of breath ready to scream or shout to alert the pack and request help.