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Picking up a saw and cutting some wood for a table is easy work.  Using a work bench, vice, hammer and saw to make a metal spice rack also easy and fun.


Use the right tools and wear the right safety clothing.


Starter things to make include spoons for eating, bowls (with a lathe), spatulas for cooking, side tables and a spice rack.


Try making a couple of coconut shell bowls for snack foods.  Note that coconuts contain tasty coconut water within.  Simply saw the coconut in half along the equator.  While sitting you can use your feet to hold the coconut still.  Remove the coconut flesh from within using a thick knife or chisel (carefully).  Finish by sanding your new bowls.  Simple.


Use materials with the awareness of the sacrifice of the plants that you use for wood.  They have died so you may have construction materials.  Know that as you have the facultas, like your own farm, that you'll help their growth.  Letting the plants lead a good, healthy, organic life.  You can even give them some space to grow wild.