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Communication is energy transceived through filters.  The prime filter is your belief system.  Therefore it is of prime importance in all experience (of reality).  Group membership is also an extremely important filter.


To see what we mean when we say filters try looking through loose weave material like muslin especially if colored or hippie colored sunglasses like with pink or red & blue glass.  Some are more obscuring &/ coloring than others.  Filters like alcohol making things seem better, less important and groggier, weed making things seem funnier or feeling down making things seem worse than otherwise.  Filters extend to extremes like seeing light as a filter, so without this type of filter your awareness is greatly limited, and space-time as a filter, so without this filter nothing external exists.  As nothing external does exist until you, generally subconsciously, will it into creation.  See chapter Self-Creationism.  The world is still the world but your perception of it has changed, been altered, by adding a filter.  Often filters are instead removed.  Psychedelics are a way of temporarily seeing the world aside from your regular filters.  Becoming aware of and removing unwanted filters from your reality is part of enlightenment.


The synchronistic web of reality can be interacted with to varying amounts as you so desire.  One can choose to interact with another entity or not.  Use logic to select which entities you communicate with.  Communicate for a definite purpose; a gain, else don't communicate at all.


Decrease the amount you communicate with Society.  It's fairly intimate, can be very aggressive and is very much a group activity.  Tighten your group.


Reduce the amount you chat with your friends, family and co-workers in-person F2F, on the phone and on the web.  This will help you distance yourself from uncontrolled reality and help you achieve the peace and tranquility where you can see yourself far more clearly.  This can help you see yourself away from how others see you, with their own natural biases, and have seen you, helping you free yourself from any negative history.


Test yourself to find out more about yourself.  Try reducing the amount you communicate.  This is probably best to do when you're alone.  Try staying silent for a day or even two.


Don't forget that cellphones radiate EM (electromagnetic) energy that travels a considerable distance to cellular base station towers.  EM energy can cause cancers like glioma brain tumors.  Using a speaker phone function or a wired or Bluetooth (extremely low energy EM) headset basically negate this risk.


"You know, when we communicate with one another, and we... we feel that we've connected and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion.  And that feeling might be transient but I think it's what we live for."

Kim Krizan,

Waking Life (2001) movie,

Written by Richard Linklater