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Free yourself from restraining clothing.


Abandon your dangerous (as an available leash), restrictive, subjugate-collar neck ties.


Following the concept of innoculus (invisibility), dress not to be noticed.  Wear clean, mass-produced clothing which is non-offensive and common for your environment.


Wearing thin gloves keeps your hands clean and protected.  They protect your hands if carrying any bags like when shopping or traveling.


We assume you don't want to risk losing a finger so rings aren't recommended.  They're extremely binding and hard.  Always consider the worst case scenario then weigh the odds.  Is it worth the risk?  Losing a finger would severely impede your interfacing with computers; typing.


Red is a very harsh, provocative color to wear, Day-Glo neons are also demanding of attention and obviously camo implies that you are a killer in the military.


Chances are that if you're reading this you don't need this advice; don't wear high heels.  They're awkward and not safe to walk in.  You can be secure in your own height and not need to pretend to be taller.  Also tight skirts are far too restrictive.


At home almost no clothing at all is required.  In an environment of good heat like 24C (75F) only underwear is needed.  This helps keep furniture clean.


Sleeping in the nude is one's main chance to be free of clothing.  To be in one's environment as naturally as the day one was born.


Clothing should be purposeful.  Comfy sneakers for walking in, not unpadded shoes or heels.


Makeup is literally a mask one chooses to wear.  It acts like all masks; it hides the true you, it makes you appear different to how you really are.  Perhaps like in the movie the distantia (distance) it provides empowers your confidence but it is not the true youYou don't need it, and it's unnatural.


"Go as yourself and as the mask [provided confidence] because they are both one and the same beautiful person."

Dr. Arthur Neuman,

The Mask (1994) movie,

Written by Michael Fallon,

Mark Verheiden and Mike Werb


The clothes make the man or woman.  They give you your public appearance.  Wear clothing to fit a sensible social role of middle class, not too poor and idiotic, not too rich and snobbish, not too cool and snobbish.  Wear smart clothes like a shirt or polo shirt and trousers for men or blouse and knee-length skirt for women.  Wear a suit when you need to look extra smart.  Travel wearing smart clothes.  Go to important meetings like with lawyers or doctors wearing smart clothing.  Have casual clothes like casual / Hawaiian shirts and shorts.  Have sweats, t-shirts and a-shirts for exercising in.  Have overalls for DIY work.


Jewelry is good at conveying a middle class appearance but don't overdo it and be gaudy or too extroverted.  You could always create a pendant with a 3D printer or from Fimo modelling putty and get it cast into silver then rhodium plated (a platinum metal) and be unique and not factory produced, for just a couple of hundred dollars, or in solid platinum or gold for under a few thousand.


Perfume, aftershave and deodorants are generally unnecessary and are very unnatural.  Keep cool so you don't sweat and you won't then give off a Socially unacceptable level of natural body odor.  Try to fit in as needed but don't sell out!


At home, in your group, of course some self-expression in your clothing is a great idea.  But veil your light when in public.


Natural, plant fabrics like cotton and hemp are preferable over factory produced, non-absorbent, flammable plastic fabrics like polyester.  They 'breathe' and they wick sweat away from the body keeping you warmer.  It's more natural to be wearing a plant than a factory product.


Natural dyes (rather than azo, etc.) giving a pale color are best yet rare in the West.


Wash your clothing in phytoscience (plant based) detergents like from Seventh Generation or Ecover.  Standard washing powders and liquids use enzymes which can be very harsh on your skin, plus they add optical brighteners.  If you can't get any of the natural stuff, and it's worth the effort, then at least use non-biological washing powder / liquid without added enzymes.