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It's often prudent to interact with external in a charitable, philanthropic way.  This is a very effective way of exerting power over your world in special ways.  This also appeases external energy to some extent, it creates a better vibe.  You can help save and improve the lives and futures of people, animals, plants &/ of Gaia (our planet Earth) itself.  You can see it as a purchase not a gift.  You're buying protection and aide for external but as we all share the same planet it's also benefitting you.  For instance, helping saving species from extinction helps the global ecosystem in immeasurable ways which helps protect your food supply for yourself and your offspring for all the generations to come.  Helping save animals from cruelty helps curb a very disturbing planetary energy that exists solely because so many lifeforms are being tortured.


Donating funds is by far the easiest method of doing charity.  Automated monthly payments are simple to setup.  Don't give more than you can afford.  You're no good to the charities you support if you over spend and get into a financial crisis.  A few percent of your income is a generous amount to give.