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Cannabis has psychedelic properties and as such can provide premature enlightenment which can help light your path to actual, gradual, lasting enlightenment.  It can be immensely useful as an introspective tool and ever so soft, comforting and sexually stimulating.


Don't overdo it.  If you're smoking a joint and you forget about it long enough for it to go out then you're probably stoned enough for now.


Sometimes too much awareness of synchronicity or other sudden premature enlightenment can induce people to 'freak out'.  This is why the path of enlightenment is gradual.  So as for us to naturally accept the change one bit at a time.


Taking too much of a psychedelic substance even cannabis can lead to panicked energies struggling to cope with the drastic and hasty change in experience of reality.  Take it slow, take it easy.  Less can be best.  At least while you're learning how you respond to a psychoactive substance.


Too much premature enlightenment can shock one with a blasting view of the shadowy aspects of life, appearing to engulf one whole then starting to chew...


Too much immersion with psychedelics and the inane mundanity of everyday, far less enlightened life can torture one.  It's like being given an infinite credit card that gets taken away the next day, just as you were getting used to using it.


Be warned that cannabis severely zaps your energy.  It stays in your system for days making you sluggish and muting your will power.


If you use daily and don't see how sedating it is try going for three days without and see how much extra energy you have.  Sedatives can be useful but be aware of what you're doing to yourself.


Cannabis is a very easy to grow plant that is illegal in most American states and most countries around the world.  The female cannabis plant is the gender which grows the desired sticky flower buds which make you high.  These days guaranteed female seeds are sold and also auto-flowering seeds which bloom in a few months regardless of the time of year or grow light cycle.


By January 2018 the recreational use of cannabis was legal in the six US states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington (although nastily capitalistically not for home cultivation there) plus the District of Columbia, on the schedule for 2018 in Maine and Massachusetts and was being considered for other states.  More than one-in-five Americans could legally purchase cannabis for recreational use, despite it still being classified as an illegal narcotic under federal law.  It was decriminalized in 18 states including New York and Illinois.  There were also more than 30 American states that permitted the medicinal use of cannabis.  Uruguay became, in 2017, the first and Canada, in 2018, the second country to legalize recreational cannabis use.[83]  An immense amount of countries have now decriminalized the possession of a small amount of cannabis, including Jamaica, Argentina, Colombia, Méjico (Mexico), Brasil (Brazil), España (Spain), Россия (Rossia or Russia), ناریا (Iran), Italia (Italy), Schweiz (Switzerland) and Belgie (Belgium).[84]  Denver, Colorado is set to become the first American city to legalize social cannabis use.  This means that it'd be legal to use it in clubs and bars.  This could be implemented in early 2017.[85]  In the country of Nederland (Holland) where it is decriminalized one can buy up to five grams per day and grow five plants at a time (say 100g yield per plant growing for 4-5 months giving your home three grams a day for a very low price).


"I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it."

Bill Murray (1950-),

American comic actor


A Set Up is when stimulants and sedatives are taken together.  Often cocaine & heroin.  A mild Set Up high can be achieved legally and safely using caffeine & cannabis.


There's a modern hashish type called Pollen.  Of all the stupid names!  For a start the desired parts of cannabis are the female buds and everyone with high school science knows that pollen is only part of male flowers.  Secondly even in the context of the female buds the best are unfertilized (sensi, sin semilla, without seed) so again pollen is a bad thing.


If you're going to do cannabis then vape (vaporize) it.  Burning it heats it so hot that some of the good stuff burns away.  Plus the combustion (burning) releases carbon monoxide and hot smoke which are both poisonous.  Vaping gently heats the good stuff from the cannabis turning it into vapor.  You get more for your money and it's far better for you.

Wild cannabis plants growing 10" tall in काठमाडौं (Kathmandu), नेपाल (Nepal), 2016.


The hedonistic pleasure obtained from cannabis is a major part of the cannabis subculture.  This pleasure is solely from a strong relationship with a plant and isn't based on any worthy action by the user.  This makes it a dangerous pleasure as it's artificial, not resulting from internal goodness like progress, sexual reproduction or exercise, instead the user is simply being pleasured by the plant.  It's dependent on the plant and maintaining one's stock of the plant.  It can however be occasionally useful as an aphrodisiac or sedative, as well as psychedelically illuminating.


The list of famous people who use cannabis is very long and includes Madonna, Bill Gates, Roseanne Barr, Morgan Freeman, Martha Stewart, Ben & Jerry, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, musician Willie Nelson, Kevin Smith, astronomer Carl Sagan, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Matthew McConaughey.[86]


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