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Level: Easy to Advanced


Along with meditation a constant focus on increasing your awareness enables you to progress your enlightenment.


With correct focus over time you'll see the gradual progress of your awareness expanding constantly to new levels.


Goodness and the natural world are beautiful.  You created it so of course it is.  See chapter Self-Creationism.  Every little thing.  Every large thing.  It all matters.  It all deserves care, attention and your most blessed possession; intelligent thought.


Attack (evil) also deserves awareness (and care) including the natural progression of this; intelligent thought about your world now in your consciousness.  For your own security.


"Be here now."

Baba Ram Dass (1931-),

American spiritual leader

And cohort of Tim Leary


Today is the best day of your life.  We say this because today you are the most progressed along your path of enlightenment that you've ever been.  You have accrued the most amount of experience ever for you to have available to analyze and learn from.


Plan and pre-authorize all non-autonomic bodily movements.  For instance actions like getting out of bed, opening the drapes and scratching your noseBeware of propensity to action.


With dedicated practice it is possible to see the vibe of the energy of a given situation.  This is made up of various factors.  See chapter Factors.  This is one of the most important awarenesses in life.


The paranormal exists, it's just not fully explained by science yet.  Don't be perturbed by your new awarenesses.  They're simply a forgotten and repressed part of natural human life.  You're not delusional, you're not schizo, you're simply becoming reacquainted with ancient levels of awareness of reality.  Movies that show increased sensory awareness (extra sensory perception (ESP)) include The Sixth Sense (1999), Minority Report (2002), Donnie Darko (2001), Unbreakable (2000), The Dead Zone (1983) and Star Wars (1977) amongst others.


Sensing upcoming change like large life events is a basic enlightened awareness.


Aim to dissolve the barriers restraining your subconscious from your consciousness.  Your consciousness does serve the purpose of protecting your subconscious.  Like a cache, a filtering system for handling everyday life and extracting only the best to go forward with you.  To accept into your reality.  So be gentle and gradual with yourself.


Don't be the alien ape that doesn't understand the world around them.  Know how things work.  For instance know how the engine of your car works, know how your pen works, know where your food is from, know who claims ownership of the land you're now on, know how the electricity that powers your phone was generated, know how the laws Society tries to adhere you to were made, know how your clothes were made from pesticide laden, genetically modified, Third World cotton plantation and polyester chemical plant to loom to seamster / seamstress again in a less developed country to warehouse to delivery to you.  What are your views on this?  How can your world be improved?  It's your world and it's good to know.


Awareness brings responsibility.  You can't say "I didn't know!"  It especially brings the responsibility to improve one's situation.     


You must love your new awarenesses bringing more truth into your consciousness.  You'll feel the pain of the realization of imperfection in your life and in the world around you.  Deal with it anyway you can and focus on appreciating your insight.  If people are too fearful to want to see the truth of their reality then we appreciate that.  It's understandable.  It can be a very nasty reality to awaken into.  If they need to keep deluding themselves to maintain their status quo, their normality and their life with all it's 'normality' then so be it.  We choose the truth even when it's a hard pill to swallow.  That's our choice.


In calm times be aware of your breathing and your heart beating.  Don't try to control them other than to keep them relaxed.  Listen as you would watch a river flowing beside you.


Be able to visualize people naked.  Taking into account their possessions including those out of sight.  For example for security reasons you've visualized where their testicles are to kick if needed and checked whether or not that's a weapon they're carrying in their hand.  Plus for the erotic aesthetic there's often a sexy body under their clothes!


Widen your field of view.  Looking straight ahead you can see far more than in the center of your focus.  Practice this.  It gives you far greater vision without giving away the object of your visual focus.  Social groups like to stare at, to scrutinize their members.  This is unnecessary to see them.


See with your Third Eye, your mind's eye.  Visualize your environmental vicinity as a 4-dimensional model (the spatial 3-dimensions plus the dimension of time).  Each of your eyes add some visual information.  Each of your five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, add information to your model.  Plus utilize your sixth sense, that which current day science can't explain.   Note that too much focus on any one sensory organ such as your right eye is unbalanced and leads to a far less well formed environmental image.


Be especially aware of the levelness of the ground upon which you walk.  Notice the obstacles like bollards, lampposts, curbs and trees.


Your model of your environment is not limited to standard views.  See other layers.  For example see levels of hygiene, like a dirty street floor, a possibly infected, recently used, meat chopping board, your hands after receiving change, holding a hand rail or shaking hands.  See levels of danger for instance walking over a manhole cover which obviously is a cover for a hole compared with walking on solid ground.  Be aware of the people in your model, the one's that are easier to spot and the probabilistic fact of the people out of standard sensory range.  Like the people in the houses or schools as your walk down the street.  Have an awareness of the vehicles on the street and the people in them.  Notice the birds in the trees and other animals in your environment.  If audible be aware of the planes flying overhead.


Gradually learn to feel the vibe of the different times of Society.  The different hours of the day, morning rush hour vibes and coming home from a long day at work vibes.  The days of the week, Sunday's home group and preemptive annoyance (and (r)itch) at Monday vibes and Thursday's craving the weekend vibes.  The seasons in a year, the promise and rebirth of spring and the deadly harshness and often depression of winter.  At least.


"I don't like Mondays.  This livens up the day."

Brenda Ann Spencer, 16 years old,

In response to a question of why she shot children arriving at the Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California in 1979 with her rifle killing the two adults herding the kids indoors and injuring eight kids

and a cop[102],

Written into the song 'I Don't Like Mondays' (1979) by Boomtown Rats, Written by Bob Geldof,

Covered by Tori Amos


"I wanna wake up for real.  How do you really wake up?"

"I dunno.  I dunno.  I'm not very good at that any more.  But if that's what you're thinking, I mean, you probably should.  I mean, you know.  If you can wake up, you should.  Because someday you won't be able to.  So just... um... but it's easy, you know, just, just [waves hand through his air] wake up."

Main Character talking

with Richard Linklater,

Waking Life (2001) movie,

Written by Richard Linklater