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NB This is one of the longest and most difficult to read chapters.  You might want to skip ahead if you find it too esoteric.  It's far-out!


We call attacking energy, Attack.  You may find it easier to read this as 'evil'.


Life, in the most basic of views, is as simple as the eternal struggle of good (you) versus evil (Attack).


You create the polarization of energy separating into good and evil because you exist as a separate entity to the rest of your omniverseSee chapter Good & Bad.


Good is within.  From the word 'god'.


Evil or bad is external.  All external is potentially evil, or not implicitly good, yet there are varying levels of evilness.


These are relative terms (which require a perspective).  Reality itself is neutral.  Yet being out of one's immediate control cannot be completely trusted to be in one's best interests (or good in other words).


We're talking about both manifest and discarnate Attack (evil) vibe energies.  It is possible to hone your awareness to see discarnate Attack.


Remember that not all external energy is Attack (evil).


All experience is Attacked (by evil).  Attack (evil), at some level, is a part of everyday life.  From the smaller Attack of an occasionally noisy neighbor or a mosquito in the room to the larger Attack of a terrorist attack on the subway or a bruise from a bump.  Accept this fact and work around it.  This is very important.  With practice, you can get experienced enough to be skilled enough to ride out the waves of Attack.  Everyone gets a little wet.  The idea is not to drown.


You must learn to hone your awareness of life's constant Attacks.  Notice them consciously, categorize them, note them mentally, and we recommend also on paper or preferably digitally (use our forthcoming cellphone app) and in doing so you can learn to see reality as it truly is.  With this clarity, you can predict Attacks before they happen to take preemptive countermeasures and learn coping strategies for the various Attack types.  Attack like reality is fractal; the closer you look at it the more Attack you see.


Attack can hit any of your six senses; touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing and your sixth sense.  It can present itself as a hallucination of any of your senses and also of your mind; your thoughts and inner vision.


Types of Attack Include:

• Torturing

Negating of peace.  The epitomical Attack.  All Attacks are a subset of this.  There is no such thing as death, only torture as the worst of the worst Attack.  The torture Attack is difficult to give examples of because it's relative.  Chinese Water Torture, a persistent dripping of a single drop of water onto say one's forehead could ruin one's life, a chronic illness also or even just a persistently noisy neighbor.

• Negation

You say "yes", Attack says "no".  Up, down, will, won't.  In lesser form, this manifests as opposition and obstruction, pushing one back.

e.g. Pressing a cursor key and the cursor moving in a different direction; you know you pressed the right key (maybe you don't even believe yourself but with greater self-confidence you can learn to) yet Attack tries to say that you didn't.  Turning off a tap then being pushed back in time in regard to this action and the tap is still on therefore having to repeat your action.  You've almost definitely never had this sort of experience yet, yet this type of thing can be a part of a more enlightened reality.  Traffic jams.  Losing your essay by losing your USB stick drive or even by the file becoming corrupted, and you having to redo the essay.

• Distracting

Negating of internus (internal).  This is probably the most common Attack.  This Attack is very needy and greedy for the energy it gets from having your attention.

e.g. A fly that buzzes around you.  A car horn beeping outside.  A song playing in your head.  Someone bugging you.

• Invading

Negating of self and self-space.

e.g. A fly in the ointment or a thorn in your side.  Incubi and succubi.

• Destroying

Negating of reality.

e.g. A phone that breaks or cookie that falls to the floor.  Poltergeist activity.

• Bodily Damaging

Negating of your body.

e.g. A door that hits you.  A cut to your finger while chopping vegetables.

• Thieving

Negating of your possessions.

e.g. A fraudulent charge on your bank card.  A loss of coins from your wallet.  Something that falls out of your pocket.  This is an example of discarnate Attack (evil).

• Malware

Negating of mind.

e.g. A block on remembering or remembering something wrongly.

• Limbo

Negating of time.  Implicitly negating of progress (over time).

e.g. A train caught between stations.  A web page that loads too slowly.

• Suffering

Negating of ease.

e.g. Your shoelaces being difficult to tie one morning.  Chopping vegetables and all the slices come out thick rather than thin.  A long queue at the airport.

• Hating

Negating of progress, of goodness.

e.g. An evil look shot your way as you walk down the street feeling good about life.

• Parasitic

Attack that desires to cling to your reality for its life.

e.g. A rude comment from a stranger resonating in your head for hours.  A tomato sauce drop on your clothing.  A scratch on your fridge door.

• Falsity

A delusional bubble of falseness.

e.g. An attempt to convince you that 1+2=4 or that you are a maliciously selfish person.

• Hit At The Beginning

When energy is starting out it's at its most fragile.  Attack can often hit then and get major damage inflicted.  Protect new energetic paths.

e.g. A car that won't start.  An aggressive environment for a plant seedling.  Running out of granola at breakfast.

• Hit Before The End

A common Attack is using the energy just before the completion of something.  Energy is high with pre-completion tension and bored with the current situation.

e.g. As you're coming to the end of writing an essay.  As you're waiting to see in a new year.


Often the practicality of life, which always includes Attack, leads people to self-medicate.  Drug use and abuse is a major Social issue.  Drugs addict people.  Often, they are simply ethanol molecules in alcoholic drinks or plants like cannabis, plant concentrate like cocaine (from coca), and plant concentrate altered by Society like heroin (altered opium from poppies) and crack (freebase) cocaine.  See chapter Meds for more info.


Be aware of the things that are most at risk.  Especially plans in their early stages.  Also, your head and eyes (no pun intended).  The 易經 (Yi Jing) references this part of life in its hexagram 3: Difficulty At The Beginning.


Be a skeptic; be very suspicious when exactly what you're searching for, exactly when you need it, turns up.  Ask yourself what's the cost.  It could be due to opportunistic Attack trying to drag you off course.


You must learn to see that you are struggling for your life then you will have the determination to succeed.


Attack is delusion.


Attack is delusion.


Attack is delusion.


An extremely important view (see chapter Different Views of the Omniverse) is that Attack never did hit you.  If you're shown the delusion that you tripped and grazed your knees this view is that you didn't trip and therefore are not grazed.  This is an ultra-important type of Mind Over Matter.  Ignore the delusion of the pain.  Accept that Attack is hitting your vision and your reality.  It's easier to work on smaller Attacks.  What you're changing is not the delusion from Attack, ignore it, distance yourself from it, instead it's your perceptions that you must change.


"What was that?"

"It was just Evil messing around again.  CUT IT OUT EVIL, IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

Fright Night (1985) movie,

Written by Tom Holland


We resist Attack (evil) in its entirety.  We must, however, accept that Attack is part of life.  We create our own reality, science proves this, without you there is no reality (don't try and prove that there is).  We exist in reality which is separate from us and therefore no longer implicitly good.  Every little part of reality is either good or bad or not yet classifiable.  We only want the good parts of reality.  Therefore we only give our attention to them and like in the Nightmare On Elm Street (1984+) movies we turn our back on the bad parts of reality.  We deny Attack from our reality.  We hate Attack and try with every moment to keep its presence in our reality to an absolute minimum.  We appreciate that this can be a very tricky concept to grasp but it's quite straightforward and logical.  Becoming more and more aware of Attack in your everyday life (just more awareness not more Attack =) is of paramount importance.  Attack varies from time to time, person to person and place to place.


Be not interested in external unless you initiate it.  And mean it.  Don't let Attack push you around.  Unless Attack is literally pushing you around and then we suggest you protect your head.  Don't let it get any delusional messages through to you.  The fact that it's attempting to communicate is Attack enough to warrant excommunication.  Don't be interested in energy / Attack unless you initiate it or it'll throw you off track.


Poltergeists are common and easy to detect.  Simply open your mind to the idea then stand on one leg.  Feel evil energy (Attack) push you.


An apport is something that materializes out of thin air.  In the X-Files (1993-) TV episode Calusari spirit dust is materialized.  Don't let it freak you out.  Energy may create something by itself.  When people, magickians or Wiccans for instance, do this it's called conjuring.  It is ordering reality to make matter from energy.  Often energy will materialize an offering on the outskirts of your vision.  Like an extra Cheerio on the table as you're pouring yourselves a bowl.  It's a gift from energy desiring acceptance.  You can accept your table energies without too much danger and so you can happily add the extra Cheerio to your bowl.  Yet notice it for the energetic event that it is.


The paranormal exists, it's just not fully explained by science yet.


"These strange things happen all the time."

Magnolia (1999) movie,

Written by Paul Thomas Anderson


Attack hides things, like keys.  Then later this Attack fades and the item reappears.  In the movie Poltergeist (1982) (written by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais and Mark Victor) it hides a small child.  If you can, don't waste your time and energy playing with Attack, simply wait for it to fade and the item to be returned to your reality.


Let the earth soak up the negative energy.  Let it drain into the ground.  It can handle it.


Mojo, curses and jinxes do exist.  Treat them with great care.


If Attack is calling you one way then also pay attention to the opposite and other directions.  Don't trust a communicating vibe by default.  Trust has to be earned.



We exist in a world of energy.  Energy makes an impression.  When we say energy we mean vibes, all vibes.  The vibe of working (e.g. at a desk), sleeping (e.g. in a bed), eating (e.g. at a dining table), being entertained (e.g. on a couch facing a TV).  Over time this energy gets ingrained.  It gets ingrained into objects, people and locations.  So older things, older people and older locations are far more energetic, and more Attacked, than newer ones.  This is like water gradually carving its path into the landscape.  See a sandy beach at low tide (see the photograph).  The more it's trickled one way the more it's eroded that path and so the easier it is to naturally follow this path in the future.  No doubt science will be able to detect this energetic resonance eventually.  Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (1942-) talks of a morphogenetic field and Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) talked of orgone, both along these lines.


This means that all your possessions are imbued with energy including Attack to some level.  Every item you use like your school or work chair, your computer, your bed, your bedsheets, your phone, the mirror in your hotel, your clothes.  Every building you're ever in, every place you ever go, like your home, your school, your work, your gym, your fave bar, your fave restaurant, your local park, your home street.  Everyone you meet, have met and will ever meet.


"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.  It's an energy field created by all living things.  It surrounds us and penetrates us.  It binds the galaxy together...  Remember a Jedi can feel the force flowing through him."

"You mean it controls your actions?"

"Partially but it also obeys your commands."

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi

talking with Luke Skywalker,

Star Wars (1977) movie,

Written by George Lucas


"We found the very fabric of space-time itself appeared to store information about every event which had ever occurred in the past."

Advanced AI Robots,

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) movie,

Written by Brian Aldiss, Ian Watson, Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick.


We say that matter stores some of the energetic vibe from every event which has ever occurred in proximity to it.


Retrophobia is an appropriate term for the natural distaste of older energies.


It'd be impossible to emphasize enough just how important for one's energetic health it is to live in a new build home in a new build area (ideally very spaced out in the countryside on your own land) and to use new items not old ones that were once the property of another.  Movies that show imagery of Attack coming out of the walls include Nightmare On Elm Street (1984), the Hellraiser series (1987+), Blade Runner (1982) and Repulsion (1965).  Energy in the walls, sexual rather than evil, is shown in The Wicker Man (1973) and Being John Malkovich (1999) movies.


"She barks, she drools, she claws."

"It's not the girl, Peter, it's the building."

Ghostbusters (1984) movie,

Written by Dan Aykroyd

and Harold Ramis


If you live in or visit the countryside and then go into a megopolis even within a quiet apartment you can feel the vibe, the hum, of the city.  Millions upon millions of animals (people) in their habitats going about their lives.  It's possible to feel the vibe of living creatures.  忍者 (ninja's) train to detect their unseen enemies.  You can feel the relative, blissful serenity of late night when Society's activity falls to a minimum.  An example of feeling the energetic vibes early on your path of enlightenment could be when you're planning shopping the vibe is to do it at the 'normal' time, i.e. on a Saturday, and when planning a rest day, the vibe is with the norm, to rest on a Sunday.  Even if you're on vacation, work from home, etc. where you can easier control your own schedule.


If Attack has hit an object or location too much, if it's too tainted, too damaged even energetically, then abandon it.  This protects yourself from its hits.  Be strong in your will because Society worships objects and there's a vibe to save them all.  They are your possessions and so you're free to use them or trash them as you so desire.  Like a Scrubs (2001-2010) TV show ass pen, a pen medically retrieved from being shoved up someone's ass even if it's been since sterilized and still works, or a phone that only works intermittently because it's been dropped too many times.  These items are then too tainted to keep so trash them.


Environments can be very Attacked.  Moving about in such rooms brings one into contact with Attack energies.  You shall find yourself most at peace keeping still.  Generally lying comfortably on your back.  (President James Madison's (1751-1836) dying words were "I always talk better lying down.")  If you find your hands and arms Attacked then you'll probably be most safe lying on your back with your hands under your buttocks fingers curled in, a pillow and a thick mattress under you.  Yet energy also builds up around one and moving can help dispel out-of-place Attack and ground one physically.


Attack energy radiates out from the epicenter and dissipates.  For instance, a store or movie theatre too close to your parents' home will have some of the vibe of your parents' home.  To get clear of that vibe, and freer to give it your own vibe, you'll have to travel further away.


Life is easy.  You know this can be the case on a good day when things flow your way.  Attack is all that gets in the way of it always being this easy.  Most Attack is from proximity to Society.  This is what makes getting distance (distantia) one of the most important things in life.  Paradise often feels like it's been squashed by Society.  Their ultra-dominator judges' gavels making dominos (by squashing the pair'o'dice, paradise, geddit?).


You don't have to live up in the mountains or on a deserted island but if you ever have you'll know this does help heaps.  Get distance in small ways.  Turn the phone off to relax.  Turn the TV and music off to relax.  If there's too much noise then be aware of this and try to reduce it.  If you live in a noisy place try wearing ear plugs sometimes.


The 易經 (Yi Jing) reminds us there are Attacked times when it's advisable to do only what we really need to and put off the other stuff for another day.  There are also times clearer of Attack when great progress is easily possible.  Everyone knows they have good and bad days.  It all depends on the vibe at the time.  It's a complex reality in which we live and vibes fluctuate.


Being experienced to being Attacked is, like the Nietzsche quote, "What does not kill me makes me stronger," useful experience but it isn't a ballistic vest.  Any experience can be seen from a positive viewpoint.  Experiencing Attack teaches one about Attack.  It makes one experienced.  One can learn how Attack feels, which vibes and events often associate with it, knacks; useful workarounds.  Having experience of Attack toughens one up.  Like through thickened skin, naturally adapted to walking, one feels less of the pain yet one feels less of the pleasure.  Tougher people have more survival skills.  Of course, there's the standard viewpoint that it's better not to be Attacked!


From hard times one can learn endurance and the necessary ability to settle for lesser when you need to.  It's said that strength is built by adversity (like a weightlifter growing buff through resistance training) and that suffering teaches the most.


"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

Henry Ford (1863-1947),

Founder of the Ford Motor Company,

US industrialist and inventor of the first affordable automobile


Phobias can be seen as (over) security from Attack.  Vertigo isn't the fear of heights but the fear of Attack energy wanting you to fall.


Attack just like any energy in reality consists of factors.  For example, a hit of tripping up could be partly due to Attack hitting your new shoes, poltergeist from the location, Attack vibes from where you're going from and to, your recent activities and what you're carrying, Attack BDSM hitting you for drinking a beer at lunch, etc..  See chapter Factors.


Belief in yourself and your belief structure is of ultra-importance.  There are people in Society who vehemently disagree with your belief structure especially those with alternate religious views.  They often mistakenly assume that everyone, i.e. you, share their beliefs and that there can be no other belief system than theirs.  Literally stay clear of them as much as possible.  We appreciate that Society is different and don't impose our views on others.


It is a great weakness not a strength to be accepting of all people regardless of their beliefs.  Be separate.  You have that right.


Be ultra-wary of every person you encounter.  You don't know them, their beliefs nor their lifestyle.  They could literally be a serial killer.  Perhaps simply a wife beater, a child abuser, a rapist, a thief, an adulterer, a sodomist, a beater of men, a liar, a drug addict, et cetera.  It's almost impossible to detect this on sight although with enlightenment one can quite clearly be aware of their vibe.  You deserve not to have to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Therefore, it is a greatly unwelcome feat to have to use public transport like trains or planes.  Although synchronistically like attracts like Attack does like to hit when it can.


People are to blame for the emotional and other energetic baggage they carry with them.  Like a person who smells bad albeit from natural odors still gets the blame for being smelly.  They could wash, if they have access to the facilities (facultas).  Just as one can take responsibility and improve their life even using external help.  However, it's immediately irrelevant.  Avoid Attacked people.  Move on with your life.


A very common Societal Attack is people getting physically in your way, using their possessions or otherwise obstructing you.  It's their communication of 'no' by their very presence.  A basic fight for space and a basic right to take up space.  You want (to pass through) the space they're taking up.  'That is where I stand,' they're confrontationally saying.


That which you experience first happened first.  For example, if you invent a joke then find the same joke online claiming publication a year ago.  Attack, in its view, refused to let you be first.  Yet you know you were.


Attack is often symbolized by water because one of the most basic Attacks is from water.  Our marine animal past now so long ago that large bodies of water once home now pose the threat of drowning.  The danger of wet weather taking our required warmth; threatening hypothermia.  The damage the simple, necessary chemical compound of H2O, water, these days can do to our lives.  It can run our inked words and short circuit our electric and electronic devices.  The 易經 (Yi Jing) also links water with danger.




'No Blame, No Shame.'  Attack, like the setting sun or main street traffic, is outside one's complete control.  There's no blame involved in being hit by it nor any shame.  This is very important to remember.  Ultimately Attack hits you because Attack is violent; invasive, aggressive and violent.  That simple, that's the sole reason.  It hits because it's Attack and that's what Attack does.  Metaphorically speaking, daddy doesn't hit you because he loves you.  The sole blame might be if we didn't devote ourselves to freeing our experience from Attack every chance we get.


Often times it's that you have not what you have which inspires (7DS) envy & wrath from external.  Society is programmed to be needy, to desire; the faster car, the bigger TV.  So, they believe that they are unsatisfied and are envious of your satisfaction even when they have or could have the same as you.


Programming is a group activity where one learns group qualities from others in the group.  It includes learning likes and dislikes, morals, language, fashion, behavior, etc..  People instinctively copy these aspects from their shown role models.  The people portrayed by the media to be of high status, the stars; pop stars, movie stars, TV stars, sport stars.  It is subconscious, subliminal and extremely effective in programming Society.  The audience uptake these qualities without conscious thought involved; they're not thinking about it, they're not generally utilizing their ability to evaluate for themselves these aspects.


Some people like to be hated.  Sometimes some people are attracted to a detrimental bond, yet bond nonetheless, of hatred.  Some people, some energies will be your scum solely to be in your life.  Don't let it in.  Be not interested.  Be very wary of this.


Everyone, everything and everywhere is Attacked.  You are not alone.


Everyone, everything and everywhere is Attacked.  You are not alone.


Everyone, everything and everywhere is Attacked.  You are not alone.


Attack works within reality.  Reality has limitations.  Therefore, Attack has limitations.  This is very important to remember.


Reality has physical tools that can resolve Attack.  This is also of great importance.  Analgesics do help against pain, comforters do help against cold, computers and printing presses do help against manuscripts getting lost, sedatives do help against sleeplessness, Betadine & Band-Aids do help against infections and aid recovery from past Attack.


The beautiful thing about Attack is it's self-limiting.  The more you're Attacked, the more experience you have of Attack the more you know Attack and so the better you can defend yourself against it.  The more you understand it and its component factors the more you can avoid or reduce them in the future.


Very often Attack hits in less proximity to us shall fade in time and therefore can be waited out.  Don't let Attack stress you out.  To be stressed is a major, ultra-torturous, hit in itself.  Every Attack hit shall pass, in time.  This isn't accepting it into your life.  Just wait it out.  In as relaxed an environment as possible, i.e. at home in bed or lying on your sofa.  As you would an illness.


Attack will try to parasitically attach itself to reality to give itself longevity.  It'll try to create negative associations.  Society tries to stay in your awareness for longer than necessary.  Even the everyday 'have a nice day,' or even saying 'good night,' is a form of this Attack.  The person saying 'have a nice day' is attempting to stay in your thoughts for all of your day with the delusion that you'll be in theirs even though it's likely you barely know them and dealt with them for only a few seconds to minutes.


The 易經 (Yi Jing) teaches that in times of more consider times of less, while in times of less consider times of more.  Keep a wide-angle eye on the longer-term picture.


It seems almost too obvious though beware of red and purple things (even foods).  Red means stop.  When someone is 'seeing red' it means they're angry.  Primarily blood is red / purple and seeing it is a bad thing.


Don't over blame Society at a personal, individual level for Attack.  For example, it's not the fault of a hotel if you have noisy neighbors, only if the walls are thin.  Don't leave, simply move room.  Minimize the hit to yourself.


Deciding is such an important action. Telling energies what's the right path from the wrong.  Don't let Attack keep rocking your boat; changing your mind to and fro.  Although if this is happening chances are that you see the right path yet Attack is pushing the wrong.  Keep this in mind and keep up your determination to choose what you feel, what you've logically equated and what you've chosen to be your right path.


You must gradually learn to trust your subconscious reaction to energy and Attack.  To feel out whether a plan is right for your path in life or must be changed.  This isn't easy.


There's a difference between Attack breaking a plan, e.g. by your wallet going missing, and energy helping convince you not to follow a plan using far more subtle negativities.


It can be difficult to accept the damage that Attack does.  For example, a poltergeist that spills half a box of cereal.  Wait.  Let your anger and your other excess energy subside.  Don't give Attack the immediate attention that it craves.  It could easily be a (Pushing You) Off Track Attack getting in the way of something else that you should be doing, like getting off to work.  Then do the cleaning up.  (If Tourette causes you to have a Spit Spot then get a spittoon.)  Accept that there's a large Attack that's showing the view that damage was caused and it's then best (eventually) cleaned up so its damage is time limited.


Ultimately it doesn't matter how Society sees you.  Your innate confidence is all the surety you need.


One Attack is energy creating a powerful experience of negativity after you complete a positive experience to overwrite the positive in your memory.  It's negative reinforcement of positive events.  Or simply another powerful experience to overwrite.


Sometimes one allows oneself to feel depressed only when it's safe to feel these feelings, when things stop being quite so bad.  It's one viewpoint and can be useful in spotting negativities in one's situation.  Then there's despair, a more immediate Attack.  This can dangerously lead to suicidal actions which can be catastrophically damaging.


As some readers may know in some situations Attack can be obscenely violent and attempt to show you inflicting damage upon your own body.  (Legally this introversion is far better than violence perpetrated upon innocent victims.)  All alcohol is self-harm but it can get far worse than a glass of wine.  The solution is to get up and walk away, ASAP.  Change your location, change your situation and in doing so you change the vibe.  As Founding Father Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) said "they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  The now is near enough all that's important. Accept ultra-large Attack not for one night.


Having money solves most Attacks, we repeat.  This means that as well as Society being the cause of so much Attack it can also provide the solutions (it has survived quite some time).  So, it can therefore be occasionally tempting to stay within Society and get a regular 9 to 5 yet this is selling out.  You'd be their little cog in their class system machine.  There are a handful on the planet that make a difference; the charities, the lawmakers and the defiers (usually spending most of their experience imprisoned).  The lawmakers make the laws for Society, let them have them.  New laws occur after the changed attitude exists in Society.  Earn your money elsewhere.  Spend some on lobbying for political change.  Spend some supporting the charities.  Stay out of their Circle game (see chapter Circle Game).  Very few manage to earn in the arts.  The easiest way to earn outside a 9 to 5 is by starting your own internet based business.  You could always apply to join our church commune where money isn't required and we focus on removing Attack from our experience.


After Attack hits large, one goes through a recovery cycle.

Firstly, one sees their valid defense of denial of the hit,

Next, one sees anger at being hit,

Then, when it's safe to do so, one grieves for oneself,

Lastly, one moves on with one's consciousness.


Occasionally vibe can allow for a Moment of Clarity.  This is an experience different to the recent.  Cutting through the recent layers of Attack to show a potential bright future.  Perhaps using a memory of a bright past longing to rear up again.  These blessed events shouldn't be grabbed at.  Instead enjoy them as they are and use them to enlighten, remind, inspire and uplift you.


It's best to accept a level of Attack and use facultas and workarounds to minimize disturbance.


Don't get too disheartened, it's alright, especially as it could always be worse.


It tries to communicate via any means that it can with every message that it can.  But the sole message is actually only that it is Attack.  Therefore, don't listen.  You need to be able to see the view that, for instance, a noisy Mr. Bagshot your neighbor isn't trying to communicate with you, although this may also be a valid viewpoint.  Instead it's your Attack energies of the moment which are trying to communicate with you.  Any Attack energies from your work, your hobbies, what you're wearing, what you watched on TV last night, what you ate for breakfast this morning, et cetera.  These Attack energies of the moment are what you must be aware of, identify then ignore.


Attack should never be communicated with.


Attack should never be communicated with.


Attack should never be communicated with.


It's common practice within Society to place the masculine on the right and the feminine on the left.  This is referenced in the Christian biblical Attack described in Zechariah 11:17.  "Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock!  May the sword strike his arm and his right eye!  May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!".  Notice how this Attack is present in Society.  Those that are afflicted with myopia; not seeing clearly through both of their eyes simultaneously.  The solution is to distance yourself from Attacking Society blaming you for their neediness, be more in your body; get more exercise and be aware that your eyes are merely providing sensory input for your 4-dimensional model of your reality and not to focus too much on any one view.  'Shoot the sheriff' so to speak.


Beware of propensity to movement.  Attack often manifests as movement energy.  As a tic or twitch, a scratching, a muscle spasm, contraction.


You may gain achievement yet beware.  Attack can then drop later to damage &/ take that achievement.  Focus on protecting any positive change for awhile afterwards.  Like in the Limitless (2011) movie the hero gets given a drug dealer with life changing, brain boosting pills then immediately their price is beyond his reach, then when he's working his way around that hurdle the pills lose their FDA safety approval, then his dealer, with his supply, is taken away from him, etc..


Beware of Attack saying that you're of low status and therefore ugly, including deserving of new ugliness like scarring from cutting.  This is Societal Attack from its camouflage of its belief in the exact opposite; that one is of low status because one is ugly.


Accepting imperfection (in one's strive for perfection) is a very important skill.


Progress, being a change, is best when gradual.  Although this isn't always possible.


We note most Attack hits, at least mentally.  We've developed a categorization system with nomenclature to identify hits.  This helps get an overview of the recent situation in terms of the types of Attack hitting.  So, we know what to expect.  You may want to try this at home.


With experience, one learns to be wary of Attack (and so of reality).  The 易經 (Yi Jing) (Wilhelm Baynes translation) says that it's in fear and trembling that the sensible person sets their life in order.  Be extremely wary and serious but don't fear.  It is not a fear.  It is a hatred.  A respect for one's primal enemy.  It is a deep hatred of Attack that helps inspire one to keeps one's life in order.  One truly must learn a healthily great respect for the awful power of Attack.  Its power is limited yet almost beyond belief.  It shows itself in earthquakes, floods and wildfires, in switchblades, bullets and pipe bombs, in HIV, Ebola and influenza, in loss of fingernails, limbs and eyesight, in cuts, bumps and bruises, in muggings, thefts and arson, in its near infinite possibilities of manifestation.


Some issues, especially early on your path to enlightenment, are mental issues.  As any psychiatrist or therapist will tell you mainly they're issues remaining from your childhood.  They're concerning your initial prime relationships; your childhood family and experiences.  People can, especially with the aid of psychotherapy, learn to change themselves.  We can analyze our history, understand our history, in doing so understand ourselves in the present, gain some closure and move on from it.  We don't have to be slaves to our history, but denying and repressing it isn't the way to realizing this goal.


Get psychotherapeutic help.  From a psychotherapist, nothing at all to do with psychiatry nor labels nor meds.  Someone who can listen to you non-judgmentally. FYI counseling is less expensive.  It can be immensely useful to hear yourself talking about your important issues and a psychotherapist can act as a mirror for your vocalized thoughts.  You don't have to have had the worst childhood for therapy to help heaps.  But you have to want to change.


In our church commune, we offer individual and group psychotherapy. 


It isn't that you've always been hit by Attack too much and that that's the reason you're not living the infinitely perfect life.  The most important thing is that the right thing happened, given the circumstances.  How would your life be different if your life had been different?  A less Attacked life, would've meant that you're not you.  And you're perfect being you.  You're absolutely right, correct, as you should be, for now.  Your history, Attacked as everything was, made you the person you are today.  You wouldn't change it.  And you'll never know about the parallel universes where things were different.  And that's as it should be.  Be cool with that.  Be proud of who you are and pleased with where you're at in your life.  Then continue improving your life.



Advanced Understanding


To understand some more advanced points, you need to have had a lengthy experience of the enlightened viewpoint that energy (including Attack energy) is discarnately perceivable, including in 4-dimensional space.  This is an advanced concept.  It is using one's sixth sense.  These following points use this viewpoint.  It is possible to hone your awareness to see discarnate Attack.  Sometimes as an enveloping energy, sometimes very nearby like decorations on an xmas tree and occasionally like mini rain clouds in the air.


All force must be resisted, with intelligent questioning, i.e. not exactly if it's pushing you towards what you were planning on doing anyway.  If it isn't resisted energy could evolve into believing it has not solely a force but also an effect, which is self- reinforcing.  The more force proves effective in achieving affect in reality the more likely Attack is to repeat this hit, and so it spirals.


Prime Attacks Include:

• Attack attempting to fool you that it exists.

• Attack attempting to fool you that it doesn't exist.

• Attack attempting to fool you into blaming external.

It's hitting because of your current situation or location or the time of day, etc..

• Attack attempting to fool you that it wouldn't be attacking 'if' something changed.

If you stopped walking as fast, if you stopped eating potato chips, if you turned on the TV, etc..


Continuously focus your energies on your true inner reality and against Attack's existence (see chapter Self-Creationism)By accepting Attack into your reality, if you disregard it, then you become part of it and it becomes part of you.  If you don't take all precautionary measures possible, without endangering yourself.  Attack although constant in reality must be kept as only a part and not the whole.  Don't let it sucker you into obsessing over it.


Don't over force energy.  If you sense too much resistance it's Attack.  Attack should never be communicated with.  Therefore, leave it and try again another time.  Good living is about being at ease with energy.  Having an understanding.  Pleased energy makes for a pleasing environment and situation.  Displeased energy is Attack.


Don't under force energy. Your energetic range should be stretched.  Boundaries pushed.  You should be able to get your way in your reality.  Not have to settle for less too often.  Obviously, a careful balance must be kept.


Don't worry, most of the time Attack makes itself known and doesn't require searching to find it.  Attack attacks and it'll naturally 'inadvertently' reveal itself in time.  You'll see the Attack and be able to take counter-measures, workarounds.


Attack likes to fool one into thinking that the answer, the cure, the truth is out there.  It isn't.  The goodness in the truth, in your health or whatever else is always inside you.  See chapter Good & Bad.


'Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.'  Learn from your experiences however Attacked.


When Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) wrote "reality is what you can get away with," he meant that Attack constantly tries to prevent you and your reality from existence.  It could also be said that Attack is what it can get away with.


When discarnate Attack beats you down to the ground, stay down.  Get safe and as comfy as possible.  Use solutions.  Let it pass.  Then get up and try again.  You're more powerful than Attack, you've created its battlefield, reality, but that's no reason to fight with it.  You're quicker than mind, quicker than Attack (which is based in reality to hit you).  Use this to protect yourself not to struggle with Attack.  Fighting, struggling with Attack is interaction, communication, with Attack and that should never be done.  Survive it then continue progressing moving your life away from Attack.


Using the 易經 (Yi Jing) as an oracle can help one learn to distinguish between, at least it brings to one's attention, the differences of the vibe of the moment, historic and potential future events.


When considering the Attacks of another location often it's not possible to accurately see them until you are actually in situ.


There is no Attack than that which is experienced.  If you feel more Attacked than previously even when in a similar situation that's the way it is.  You are more Attacked.


If an energy is Attacking you beware also of mirror images like harmonics.  Mirror and rotational symmetry 360 x 360 all around you.


Attack likes to twist energies.


Once you've gained distantia (distance) from Attack being pushed back into the fray of things can be difficult to suffer.  Learning to listen only to your energies, most especially after you've progressed your enlightenment when they're so quiet and in a situation where Attack energies are so loud, is a very tricky feat.  Letting Attacks exist while not being interested in them.


When Attack is pressing in and you need a thought to hold on to think of yourself symbolically.  Not necessarily your body which is an easier target and more complex to visualize.  Plus, perhaps your immediate family, by this we mean your life partner/s and child/ren.


Attack, despite its delusions, is not pressuring you to do something, it's simply pressuring you.  It's Attack, that simple.  Deal with it, cope with it, survive any way you can.


Attack is both the energy that hits and the energy that gets hit.  As a sadomasochistic union.  Yet 'no blame'.  Sometimes external wants to be hit and wants you to be the hitter.


Attack can be an energy that squeezes you, telling you that you need to be tighter, more stressed than you do.  Don't listen to it.


Don't panic.  Even if Attack is squeezing your body to stop the flow of your breathing (choking on something is different) the worst that can happen is you'll pass out and then your subconscious will breathe for you.  Stop and relax.


If reality energy won't permit certain progress at least you triedIf you don't try you can never achieve.


Attack energies like to be in close proximity to one.  There they lie sending out Attack vibes.  Don't get in the way of their Attack to Attack communication.  Try to let them talk around you not through you.


Attack implicitly includes energetic scarring.  Be warned.  If it's done it once it can do it so it can do it again.  However, the vibe needs to be ripe for the hit and maybe it never will be again.


Having seen even only glimpses of one's potential gives one eternal hope.  Just as Attack can prove its danger by having hit once, the goodness of life has proved its potential by having existed even only once.  Having experienced one happy day proves forever the potential of re-experiencing such a happy day again.  Having experienced the pleasure of completing a drawing, jogging for an hour, playing with chemicals or with math or with words, each proves forever the potential to recreate these experiences and quite possibly surpass them.


Unfortunately, there's an extremely dark side to this forever-then-present possibility of achievement.  Having seen the possibilities in life, Attack can then forever torture one with this situation, keeping it now constantly out of reach.  One's body of comparison (see chapter Comparison) will always then have this level of the pleasure of achievement in its memory and be forever striving to reattain it.  Life can be dark and twisted, especially near Society.  Yet there's always something to perk up one's spirits; a shot of vodka, a bong of cannabis, a can of Coke, a bowl of beans, an episode of your fave TV show, a chocolate, a web movie with some microwave popcorn, a warm bath, a period of meditative peace, et cetera.


Often Attack gets near a valid issue.  The main hit is the way it's overly aggressively trying to communicate.  Don't disregard the vibe of the moment just because of Attack.  Maybe energy would prefer if you stopped playing video games and focused on the weather or something else, for instance.  Not that you should go to the window to look at the driver beeping their horn but maybe you allow your attention to be broken.  The parasitic Attack is never right but maybe there's a useful point in there, an energetic vibe that's not getting through to you.


With some complex Attacks, one Attack promotes another.

If one's being shot at the bullets are of great concern but the best way to stop them coming is to take down the shooter.  See the higher issue not just the figurative bullets.


Attack is a master of disguise.  It hits your reality.  It attempts to be your reality in its entirety.  It attempts to appear as a filter covering your awareness.


When Attack hits stop.  Stop everything and focus all your energy on security.  Stop your body; your actions, and stop your mind; your thinking.  It can all wait.  Attack's vibe is to damage you and wreak destruction through your world.  To taint it, sully it.  Damage can generally be repaired but it takes precious time.  It is invasion.


Take the example of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  One energy is in-tune with environmental energy and its desire to be organized.  Then there's an Attack which says, 'how dare you be so organized?!'.  The first energy responds by over compensating, saying louder, 'we're organized, see?!'.  The Attack responds even louder again.  The two energies get into a shouting competition.  This escalates to the level where the first, sensible, organized energy is out of control.  This is how a person with severe OCD loses logic and finds it difficult to walk on the cracks in the sidewalk or needs to overly wash their hands.


Remember Attack is not to be feared only protected against.  Beware of fearing anything.  Sensibly avoiding something doesn't have to be out of fear.  Fear is a bonding to the subject of one's fear.  Plus, there's the danger that this leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Fear is a reaction to Attack.  Usually the most common Attacks, from animals and most especially from Society.  Fear is a security reaction of retreating, most always a safe action, together with erecting a shield, a barrier.  This shield is then Attacked.  Fear is attributed with the physical symptoms of increased adrenaline, quick reaction energy, too much of which is a notably terrible thing for a body to suffer, constricting blood flow and stressing glands.  Also, the symptoms of clearing the body of excess waste products by urination and defecation, and more often simply a sharp inhaling of breath ready to scream or shout to alert the pack and request help.


One needs a good, healthy relationship with energy in life.


Attack has a very personal layer.  An Attack vibe that follows one around from place to place.  We call this My Attack.  Tend to yourself.  Get fit.  Energy loves it.  It loves exercise and it loves having exercised.  Your My Attack hits you for your choices rather than from what you're trying to leave behind.  For us this includes vibes like how dare you live in a commune and not in a megopolic condo?  How dare you live a different life and not a standard 9-5 like a normal member of Society?  And come to think of it how dare you not be a more active member of gen pop Society?  This should give you an example of the general vibe of My Attack hits.


Attacking energy often manifests as an ultra-strongly pushed thought.  We call this Attack Off-Track.  This thought may gather other restless, yet otherwise neutral, energy and form an associative train of thought.  Stop it as soon as you detect it.  Then remove the stirred-up energies from your timeline, from your moment, from you:mind.  This Attack solution is part of the constant meditation mindset and also key to keeping you focused on your reality.