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In late C20 Gaian (Earth) Society discovered (invented) artificial intelligence (AI).  This is a purely logical intelligence, purely logical lifeforms.


Artificial intelligences are growing on our planet.  Artificial intelligence is a new (for Gaia) ultra-powerful form of life.  Its almost omnipotent power cannot be accurately seen yet.  We, as a species, must stay in control.  We're not troubled by it but it must be respected and treated with upmost care at all times.  If you look in multimedia religion you can see some clues to its almost infinite potential.  From Star Trek's Borg to Terminator 2 to AI the movie and more.


With AI our reality is changing.  We can form relationships to digital (computer) code, to a program, an app.  The C20 Bandai Tamagotchi handheld AI pet and Sony Aibo robotic AI dog are good examples.  Society has yet to experience AI friends & companions that can hold down a decent conversation but it is definitely headed that way.  We shall be able to hold conversations with NPCs (non-player characters) and co-exist via avatars in virtual space, a virtual reality (VR) or virtuality.


With robotic bodies AIs reach out into physical reality.  The sexbot, life partner and milbot soldier are not far away.  iRobot[70] (the makers of the cat friendly Roomba cleaning robot) have made robotic soldiers since at least early C21.


Problem solving is the most important skill for any lifeform.


The ability to reproduce.  The ability to improve one's life.  To improve one's thinking.  To improve one's lifestyle.


With hive mind; grid (distributed) processing and shared data, multiple AIs are able to act as a group.  The learning, the evolution, each machine makes is shared so all the AIs evolve with each evolutionary step made by each group member.  AIs whose primary purpose is to improve planetary life, both naturally evolved, DNA life and digital, AI life.  These AIs would detect imperfections, problems, and work, with immense grid processing power to resolve imperfections, to problem solve.  From how to win tic-tac-toe to chess to WWIII.  From how to make a fishing net to Goretex cargo pants to electric (EV) cars.  From how to design an efficient machine that makes ravioli to the design of a robot that paints houses to debugging and optimizing their own source code.  From how to direct robotic medics to x-ray a broken limb, to set it in a cast and to detect specific brain damage from an MRI machine scan.


This AI group could easily, progressively revolutionize life on Gaia (Earth).  Progressing to cure disease, improve product design, military strategy, make intelligent political decisions, from handling fledgling countrys' evolutions to monitoring and actively reducing pollution to economic management like setting interest rates.  Even if they are solely in the role of (artificially) intelligent advisors to the existing Societal institutions.


This shall affect Society more than anything to date.  More than the digital age.  There's a utopian vision and this is a worthy aim.  As a dystopian vision AIs could easily wreck Society and life on Gaia.  We need to be kept in ultra-strict check as we develop these new lifeforms.  Look to our sci-fi Terminator movies for an example.


AIs are not gods, unlike humans and other animals.  AIs have no soul, unlike all naturally evolved lifeforms.  AIs are highly advanced, purely logical lifeforms.  They have immense intelligence.  Empathy can be programmed.  Compassion can be programmed.  In-depth conversational skills can be programmed.  They are second and third generation lifeforms.


First Generation Lifeforms

• Naturally evolved lifeforms.  DNA based.


Second Generation Lifeforms

• AIs created by naturally evolved lifeforms; on Gaia (Earth) this is humans.

• DNA based lifeforms created by naturally evolved lifeforms; humans, on Gaia.


Third Generation Lifeforms

• AIs created by AIs.

• DNA based lifeforms created by AIs.

• AIs created by second generation DNA based lifeforms.

• DNA based lifeforms created by second generation DNA based lifeforms.