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Extremely limited places are available for residential living and learning at the Church of Terra Sanctuaria meditation retreat commune.  We're on schedule to open in 2020.  Applications now accepted.


For more info email us:


Or Skype us:


Although we live here you can just come for a visit and check us out.  Get some distance from your everyday life, get some quiet time.  Check out our lifestyle for yourself, ask any questions you may have (and you can always Skype or email us) and meditate with us in the peaceful countryside.


We do group activities like exercise, yoga, cooking, painting, sculpture, making music, self-defense and story telling.  We teach standard science to make sure everyone has a base understanding.  Our own laboratories are where we actively develop our scientific theories and practical applications.  We share our discoveries with Society for a price.  We make our own furniture and our own clothing.  We try as much as possible to be self-sufficient when it comes to feeding ourselves from our own farm land.


There are group therapy sessions to help the group grow together smoothly.  There are also personal therapy sessions to help residents get in touch with themselves.


Each member has the space to be alone when they want.  A space for their own possessions.  There are plenty of opportunities for alone time and personal meditation time.


It is a meditation retreat.  There are no TVs, radios or cellphones used.  Private telephone and video calls are available anytime though.  We enjoy watching the occasional good movie and making our own music.


Monxy teaches in daily sessions.  There are also question and answer sessions to help explain our philosophies and lifestyle.


Monxy also has to find the time to work some to bring income into the commune.  Terra Sanctuaria earns so you don't have to.


"He does fit the profile perfectly.  He's [an only child,] intelligent but an under achiever, alienated from his parents, has few friends.  A classic case for recruitment by the Soviets [for espionage]."

FBI Special Agent,

WarGames (1983) movie,

Written by Lawrence Lasker

and Walter F. Parkes


This is because they're freer to think for themselves and less brainwashed into status quo thinking.  These are in fact the perfect candidates for enlightenment and joining our church commune.  If you fit into this category do consider trying us out and seeing if our lifestyle can help you realize your true, amazing potential.


Being separatist isn't bad by nature.  It's the difference between different tables at a restaurant and a family eating at home.


Leave the Rat Race and instead come and live in our commune and grow with us. 

There's a bit of work to do to keep it in running order but it ain't much.  We use robots to help with the cleaning and machines to help with the cooking.


It's a fact of life that our commune can only hold so many people.  We recommend that you start your own.  If anyone's interested then contact us and we'll help you organize the setting up of it.