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Society spotted long ago some major weaknesses in it's members.  Christianity called these the Seven Deadly Sins (7DS).  They are:
• Envy
• Greed
• Wrath
• Lust
• Gluttony
• Pride
• Sloth

These are quite inclusive yet they omit the important concept, thinking for yourselves.  Probably realizing that peoples are easier to control under a system of blind belief where challenges or even questions to the established ruling system are prohibited.

We see most frequently envy & wrath hitting out and attacking goodness.

Every High school up has Lust Bunnies & Studs afflicted by Attack 7DS.

A slothful culture exists that suggests people take an elevator up two floors rather than work off their lunch by walking.

You need look no further than the banking industry for immense greed and it's also everywhere else in megopoli.