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Keep clean.  They say cleanliness is next to godliness.  Keep yourselves clean.  Especially the highly sweaty & smelly areas of your armpits and ass crack.  This should keep away itches.  Keep your environment clean.  Energy will love you for it!

The world outside your home is dirty.  Microorganisms living in human hosts get spread around it.  When you return home and for any deliveries you should beware and give them a few hours of quarantine to let them die out from dry, hard, non-porous surfaces.

Alcohol is excellent for disinfecting things.  IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or, at a push, liquor.  It's also a non-polar solvent which can clean things.  It's great for keeping your computer keyboard and screen clean (and your hands).

Wearing gloves masks your marital status, giving you distance from this social status, whilst keeping your hands clean.

The Yi Jing preaches 'care of the cow', caring for that which we rely on.  Spend the time and energy to maintain your tools and equipment.

Also energetic cleansing is an important concept.