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Deviating from the norm makes one an outsider.  Society reacts differently to outsiders; xenophobically mainly, that's a fear and often a hatred.  It's rare to be wealthy.  It's rare to be enlightened.  It's rare to be independent.  This doesn't make it wrong.  Having strength in your convictions, as the Yi Jing instructs staking one's life on following one's will is necessary for progress.

Most people won't accept (into their belief system) anything outside the Gen Pop (general population) beliefs.  Like talking about energies without meaning electricity.  Talking about things widely accepted in sub-cultures like poltergeists or incubi.

Society's people will judge you on sight.  They'll fit you subconsciously, instantly into stereotypical pigeonholes.  For example if you have hair longer than the norm for your gender, your age, your position in their society.  Or hair shorter than the norm.  If your accent or pronunciation is off.  If your clothing is abnormal.  If you're disabled or sickly.  If your posture or body language is different.  Society is cruel and ruthless.  Don't be their victim.

Sometimes the bliss of enlightenment is tempered by the experience of the nightmare one's surrounded by.  (Change your surroundings and come and live & learn with us.)  A care-full balance of pace along the path must be focused upon.  Move too quickly, for example by too long immersion with psychedelic chemicals and the negativities appear uncopable.  Move too slowly, rarely appearing tempting on such a bright path, and the inanity, mundanity, shadowy aspects of Society appear to engulf one whole then start to chew…

Being classed as a separatist can have negative connotations.

Disagree with Society on some points and they'll want to lock you up.  Encage you in a tiny cell probably together with a raging homosexual.

You'll find wild animals out there in the wilderness.  Especially wolves and coyotes.  Bears may not be too far off.  In hotter places expect more deadly animals; spiders and snakes plus other dangerous animals like scorpions and millipedes.  Mosquitoes can be carrying deadly micro-sized lifeforms like malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis.  The oceans are home to sharks, barracudas, rays, jellyfish and other dangerous animals.

The further away you get from Society the further away you get from highly skilled emergency medical care.  Also from the aid of law enforcement and firefighters.  You'll need to try to replace any services you lose.

Tourette Syndrome (Ext) can be acquired through an increased awareness of environmental energy including Attack.  Finding out what makes you tick can make you tic.  See the movie Niagara, Niagara (Ext) for some excellent acting of this tragedy.  Attack wants you to communicate with external, it's the norm for Society to be linked in this way and external's energy or external's Attack often wants to communicate with you.

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ or Click Jaw) can afflict one working on their energy cleanliness.  It is an attacked energetic condition easily exacerbated by proximity to Society.  Therein lies a clue to recovery; get some distance.  As seen in the movie Magnolia (Ext) and referenced in Poison Ivy (Ext), "it almost killed Burt Reynolds (Ext)."

Symptoms of schizophrenia and other mental health conditions may present themselves in life.  This is natural yet not to be focused upon.  Society is usually more than happy to freely taint your record with mental health labels.

Frothing at the mouth isn't unheard of.

The spiritual leader of Terra Sanctuaria has spent time in prison for being outside where communication with law enforcement was difficult.  These difficult experiences don't need to happen.  Use great care in your dealings with Society and one can try to live near them in relative safety.

A view is that someone who's aware is the same as someone who's sensitive.  An such less thick skinned and more vulnerable to AttackIt's worth it.  Use additional security.